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>ywn get a woman pregnant
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How does being ugly feel like?

t. handsome as fuck

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>w-wanna make a game with me, anon?

Wat do?

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Who here is actively planning their suicide?

What's your schedule?
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>The sad robot goes REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
>As Chad fills her cunt with glee
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Baffle plates edition
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>you come home one
>twist the key in the lock
>open the door
>OHIYO ANON! I'm your government assigned girlfriend!
>Let's do something!
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I really want to breed with a black woman. Anyone else feel this way?
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Why do you hate sexual freedom? Freedom is a good thing. You must be some kind of Nazi.
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uni feels: jerking off instead of studying edition

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Let's discuss our last week of the semester
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