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Fembots, how old are you? What do you do for a living? Why are you such a loser? How many bfs have you had?
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lonely fridays edition

Oldtimers it is yet again a time, as it is almost every wake second looking how often these gens are posted time to post with your older bretheren.

What are you looking forward too? For me, it is the fact that i am actually moving to my own place. A tiny apartment in a bad neighborhood, also Mount and Blade: Bonerlord is a reality within a near future. How about you?
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We need to induce transexuality at an early age within human beings in order to create a gender ratio of sixty to fourty and increase the chances of young males to find a girlfriend.
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sainsbury's cookies on offer edition
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Question for nostalgiafags: Which era of things did you primarily grow up in?
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>mom found and burned my loli doujins while I was at work.

Dead. I want her dead.
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>the feel when happiness is the absence of striving for happiness

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Don't trust anyone
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