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ITT retired actresses you miss

why is everyday the same

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>smoke cigarette
>try not to think about it
>go to work
>smoke cigarette
>try not to think about it
>come home smoke cigarette
>try not to think about it
>think about it
>false hope
>smoke cigarette
>take natural sleep aid
>if she ever comes back you don't want to be a loser do you? you can't drink your sorrows away.
>if she comes back you'll wanna be the best you can be.
>if she comes back... .... comes back
>try not to think about it
>smoke cigarette
>maybe if you aren't a loser she will
>smoke a cigarette
>can't cry
>try not to think about it
>smoke a cigarette
>force sleep

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What is the ultimate brainlet litmus test?

My suggestion: Having ever been outsmarted by a female.

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Tell us your story anon, that one moment in your life that changed everything, your doomsday.
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My college is on lockdown due to a suspected shooter AMA

If you could break Stacy's heart, would you?

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Say you could snap your fingers and a Stacy of your choice would experience a horrific broken heart and some X length period of loneliness similar in intensity to your own. Would you do it?

Stipulation: you don't get to date her. You don't get to touch her. Her heart's not broken because she was with you and you left. It's just broken using finger-snap magic. So there's no direct upside for you at all - just downside for her.

Would you do it?
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Autism power go

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>Be me
>Small town so things are slow, people generally get to know each other quickly
>/fit/ but Tuesday is cheat day
>Alternate between weekly cheat day snack
>Don't put on weight from fast food so whatever
>Maccas one week, Oporto the next
>At each of these restaurants I always do something differently
>At Maccas, I speak in a different accent each time I go
>First I was Australian, then British, German, Russian, American, Canadian, South African, African...
>At Oporto I give a different name for my order
>First I was Andrew, then Jack, Michael, Tom, Brad, Jason, James and last week Max
>Both stores have 8/10s working at the counter at the time and day I come in
>They start to notice and get interested
>Both of them think it's funny
>Both of them call me cute
>I'm meeting with one for a drink tonight
>And the other in a weeks time

>tl:dr I got 2 dates by being a retard in fast food restaurants.

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Anyone know any comfy chill minecraft servers that are like casual building or fantasy (with mods)? Preferably ones without a lot of little kids?

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I caught my bf jerking off to porn the other day for the first time and its not like I wouldnt allow him to do stuff like that, he is a man after all and its something I have to respect but its just.. idk I feel so much more insecure about myself now and I cant stop thinking about it

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