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ITT: Actual unfixable problems that makes you truly want to kys

No "waa i can't talk to girls" bullshit
I'll start: severe erectile dysfunction. That means even if I manage to get a gf I won't keep it, I won't have a family, i'm doomed to be alone forever, also 99.9% of people your age don't have this issue, so you can't relate to anyone
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>Be me
>Want to play Cs:Go
>Everyone has it but me
>Get a message on Discord
>''Hey, do you want my steam account? i have Cs:Go, Rainbow 6, Watch Dogs 2, and more games that are super cool''
>He want my Blizzard account
>Argue with him for 2 days about not giving my account
>Changes my Blizzard password
>Give him my login informations
>He gave me his login informations
>Got in, no SteamGuard
>Share all his Steam games with my main account
>Log off
>Tell him its taking too long so i won't give him my Authenticator code
>Now i can play Cs:Go when i want

How do you like that hackerman?

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Anon why dont you settle for a 7/10? Your standards are too high
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Why do normalfags LIKE to fake that they have social anxiety or have a hard life?
What exactly is cool about it?
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8/10 Japanese girl is married to a 6/10 black doctor

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I cut the baby's face cause this site is filled with sick miserable people.

The girl is an engineer but damn that guy fished out of his league
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"The One Who Got Away" edition.
tell us about him. greentexts preferable.
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Why haven't you killed yourself yet?

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What keeps you alive, /r9k/?
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BLACKED discussion

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Can we have a discussion about BLACKED and interracial porn in general?
What are your opinions about it? And no /pol/tards please.
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Post your greentexts, greentexts you've seen once, make up some greentexts, it doesn't matter. Just post some greentexts.
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This is the kind of computer I have to settle for because building one is too expensive. I hope that this isn't a scam . I hope it works okay.
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