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Have you ever held hands with a girl?
Was it weird?
Was it awkward to walk around with your hands locked together?
Did you get a boner?
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Can anyone give me a rundown of eggman's life or point me to some place where I can read/watch one? I've never understood the fascination /r9k/ has with this guy, but after years of looking at his appreciation threads and watching everyone discuss his antics, like being homeless or trying to fuck some tranny, I really want to know what this guy's about.
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Arranged marriage

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Can you still be a robot if you're a khv and your parents are conservative and traditional and arrange for you to marry someone?
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>just been diagnosed with late stages of liver failure
>6 months to live
>don't even care

When I was 10 I said to someone that I don't fear death, he laughed at me

well guess who's laughing now bitchboi!
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Obsessive gf

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>be me
>met a guy that I fell in love with
>start dating
>one month passes
>my anxiety impacts on the relationship
>I can see he is finding it hard to handle me
>he's sick this week so he can't hangout with me
>I get anxious because I really want to see him
>mind you he stole my first kiss and whatnot
>he says he can hangout in the morning, then he says later on he can't cause he's sick again
>I panic and call him
>we talk about how obsessive I am and how he thinks I need to take up a hobby, he told me how he tries to make me happy but he thinks he is failing.
>he considered breaking up with me
>he doesn't and says he loves me and whatnot
>everything seems resolved but I'm still sad and upset, I asked if we can hangout during the week and he says I hope so
>he thought that I didn't truly love him either and thinks I'm just infatuated
>I cry as I write this
I just wish he loved me back
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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day


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>ywn get stuck on an island with a cute girl
why live?


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Everyone, rate how good you look out of 10, and the lowest rating on a girl you would go for
>Me 3/10
>6 kilos overweight, just 6 feet tall, also biracial
>I would go for 2/10 for the lowest
>I wouldnt date any morbidly obese people, super-liberals or some people with terrible personalities, also I wouldn't date any sandnigs, nigs or aboriginal Australians

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>tfw stinky neet puss
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I'm broke and homeless /r9k/
Will i be able to get Neet dollars