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Looking for e-gf to erp as my little sister.

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What do yall think of my custom samurai warrior
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So robots, when was it that YOU realized that uncutfags are the male equivalent of roasties?

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If foot fetish a normy fetish?
I was at work today and overheard chad talking about how "feet are kinda hot" and brad agreeing.
I also feel like most people online have a footfetish
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Im white how hard is it to get a non white gf

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Im white, 6'0, fit, average looks, not autistic but i do have anxiety how hard is it to get a non white gf?
(Pic not related i just think shes cute)
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>Females are gauging there romance options on whether men like certain movies
Should I fucking kill myself? I'll never be with a women, and if I do which I could I'm so volatile it'd never last. All I want is a relationship, not fucking sex WHY THE FUCK DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO IMPORTANT IN EVERY RELATIONSHIP
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Post happy things

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Hey fellas, feeling a bit low right now for the first time in a while. I could use some happy shit to cheer me up. Post things that make you happy, or that cheer you up, or just stuff that you think would do the same for somebody else. It would be much appreciated

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Anybody also really into this magical, incredible wonder drug?
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D-Do girls like guys with large hips?
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Has anybody ever done group therapy? Will it be full of only normies sad that their gf broke up with them. I'm trying to force a change at this point

One on one therapy did not work for me