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/uni/ general

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Discuss anything related to uni/college in this thread.

How are classes going? Have you withdrawn from any yet? Are you trying to frantically bring your grades up? Are you having roommate/suitemate drama? Do you fall in love with every attractive person you walk by on the way to class?

Talk about it all here.
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Any former criminals on here?
Give me your stories
Pic unrelated
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This thread is completely and uterly original
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What is your favorite movie /r9k?

Pic related is mine, watching it was a boarder-line life changing experience for me.
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>you will never be a cute lesbian
why live
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"that kid" thread

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>that kid who sucked himself off on camera and showed everyone at school
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If you buy a girl a drink are you entitled to sex?

mbti thread

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What is the best mbti and why is it ENTP?
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Asian robot thread

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Here we go again, Asian robot thread. Lets discuss our asian problems here.

Being a minority sucks.
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