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>22 year old NEET
>never accomplished really anything in life except selling my bitcoin I bought years before for 4.7 million in 2017
>still havent told them yet because too lazy to do anything with it
>only thing i've bought is a like 30k in total on mega rig computer and runescape gold/csgo knifes with, chaturbate tokens and money to donate to roasties i orbit
>usually spend entire day watching anime, smoking weed, and playing autistic virgin games like runescape so nothing to really spend it on
Don't want a house because im already comfy here, don't want a car because I don't even have a license (took online school from JR high +), like why does everyone always think they want a lot of money so badly? I would spend this if I had anything to spend it on but being rich really hasn't changed me at all
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Hey anon, ready to watch some classic kino?
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What did pornhub mean by this?
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Should all women be anal only?

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Well robots, who's hitting the strip club tonight?

I went last night it was comfy as fuck.
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This idea is very freeing.
I realized I've been constantly comparing my experience to the experiences of others which I've only understood in narrativized form.
No wonder mine doesn't measure up. If I made a book or a play or a movie or even a podcast or something about my tedious robot life, it would surely seem worth living if I could do it well enough

is she cheating on me?

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> khv until 25
> get qt chubby gf at 26
> dating for 1.5 years now
> no longer khv
> lost job recently
> went to a course today towards getting a better or at least new job
> finished course early
> tell gf
> come home
> she has makeup on that he didn't before
> but same clothes
> didn't think about it
> don't officially have facebook
> have a "Joe Dane" stalker account
> check her fb
> new whore fb profile pic with a specific smiley as the tag
> one her and her ex bf of six years always used
> he's chad and in a band
> he used the same smiley as a comment on her new profile picture
> she's wearing whore clothes in it
> wasn't wearing them when i left
> wasn't wearing them when i came home
> but the fb picture was taken and posted in that time
> lump in my throat
> spent all my betabucks on her
> i know what's coming but i can't accept it
> might actually swallow a bullet this year lads
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>tfw chad even steals retard gfs
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What do you do for a job /r9k/? How bad is it? Would you recommend it to others?
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is loli going mainstream?