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>tfw 23 yo neet
>no drive
>no passion for anything
>no skills
>only thing keeping me alive is 47yo bf

I am at the complete mercy of someone who could pass as my dad.

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>eggman is literally, actually transitioning
>is 100% passable

How the fuck did this happen? Why does everyone that comes into contact with /r9k/ become a tranny?
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Waifu thread

Multiple waifus aren't allowed.
Constant waifu switching is not allowed.
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>tfw dad comes inside you

depression vent threat

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a thread dedicated to talking about whatever makes you feel down or just outright angry
leave it here and move on, or stick around for awhile

after the last one a while back went relatively well, and with the holidays still looming on the horizon, i thought i would make another one

official thread song
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hey old fags what decisions would you redo and what advice can you give us
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What does ass taste like?
Is it tasty?
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Anon walked in on me in the bathroom!

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"It doesn't matter if anon sees you naked. I don't even think he knows what a vagina is or what sex is. Yeah, he's definitely a virgin, LOL!"
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Why are men so terrible?

War. Sickness. Degeneracy. Death. I could go on, but you know all of this already.

So why? I know robots hate men, too.
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You know you shouldn't still be alive. You are a worthless piece of shit that contributes nothing to the world and the world would be better off without you. Hurry up and pull the trigger, hang yourself, jump off a bridge, etc.
Don't deflect with "Careful with that edge" or some stupid shit. This isn't edge, this is what you need to do and you know it. Kill yourself now.
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