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There seems to be 2 general thoughts here. Both are contradictory. So I'm wondering which is the closest to be being true.

Opinion 1
>Girls only want Chad. 80/20 rule. Normies only got gf's cause they are wallets. Women dont like anyone that isn't at least an 8/10.


Opinion 2
>There's something fundamentally different about us. We're losers. Even normies have something good about them that attracts women. But we sucks, it's our fault.

I'm just wondering your opinion. Is it really the whole women are only attracted to Chads? Or is that overblown? And we're just losers?

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Does anyone have updates on what happened to this guy?

how bad is it ?

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Any chance to change it to ternary ?

public void withdrawal(String withdrawalAmmount){

BigDecimal bdAccountBalance;
bdAccountBalance = new BigDecimal(this.accountBalance);
BigDecimal bdwithdrawalAmmount = new BigDecimal(withdrawalAmmount);
if (BooleanUtils.toBoolean(BigDecimal.ZERO.compareTo(bdAccountBalance))) {
bdAccountBalance = bdAccountBalance.subtract(bdwithdrawalAmmount);
else errorThrow(1);
this.accountBalance = bdAccountBalance.toString();

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Colours aren't as real as you would like them to be.
Just focus on it. You will stop seeing them.

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I put in an order to the empire to send me a shitload of badasses and pillage-hungry murder machines. Instead all I got was you cupcake cockclowns and a side order of fucknuggets. I can tell at a glance that at least 50% of you are cocksuckers, and the other 50% are cocksuckers who've never been told to believe in themselves. I'm going to shove my boot so far and fast up your assholes it'll trigger a geological event.
You all reek of poverty and animal abuse. Every breath you take is a stunning endorsement of abortion.You shitstains are a collective masterpiece of failure. You cockgoblins circle jerk each other to exhaustion every night. You signed up to get pounded by the Titans and probably cried like sissies when you realized they actually don't have dicks. Your sensitive pussies cry so many tears you could float away on a river of douche canoes.
You glitter-toed, cock-wrangling fairytinkle fagpuffin fuckpuppets are gonna get your collective anal cavities stretched so far apart you'll think you were getting double-fisted by the Colossal Titan himself! I will reorganize the failure that is all of your lives. I will FUCKSTART your souls.
I'll make you mongoloid rock-chomping thundercunts scream harder than your mothers after her fourth failed coathanger abortion. I'm going to chop off your shriveled balls, put them where your eyes should be, put a sombrero on your head and beat you like a pinata. Hell I'll make you shit so many bricks you'll put the Mexicans out of buisness. But fear NOT. Because in three years, I will turn you cock monarchs into fuckmasters of galactic destruction

favorite things

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post yours and rate others.
orginialo comment and thread
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Why do girls keep making such shit choices, especially when it comes to partners?

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>gf is only into being dominant during sex and won't let me tie her up and tease her with toys
I hate this feel

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>it's another sperg out massively and alienate everyone i know episode
I'm getting tired of this one