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Hello /r9k/ my old friends...
I've come to shitpost with you again....

Been 2 years since I have been here, AMA

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When did you start to realize that you can't fit into society and interact with other human beings?
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>tfw attractive and not autistic but don't get out and meet girls

why is meeting girls so hard? i barely even have anyone to go out with.

>tfw its weird in your culture to go out alone
>tfw therefore stuck in shitty cycle

How do I continue being NEET for another year?

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I got to be a NEET this whole year but my parents are forcing me to enroll into college next year, how do I escape this curse?
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>Tfw can't talk to gf anymore because of depression and it's taking it's toll on our relationship
>Tfw smokes two packs a day as an excuse to step away from people
>Tfw if my anxiety gets worse I won't be able to talk to anyone or go outside even

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My circumcision is bothering me. Should I kill myself?
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What's better - weeb girls, /cgl/, stacies, or femanons?
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>open up 7 tabs of porn you're genuinely interested in
>cum on the second
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Who is your youtube gf bros? ;_;
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Are there any colleges in America that aren't Alt-Left brainwashing facilities?
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