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Hey fellow robots I want to get into pc gaming, are gaming laptops worth it or are they just memes? What could i get with a $400-600 budget?
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anime characters who are LITERALLY you
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I am tired of being overweight. I am having trouble with my self esteem. I just want women to be attracted to me. I don't want to be the guy that women always put in the friendzone, I want to be the guy they always consider going out with, or fucking. Like a Chad.
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Standup comedy thread, come in here and post your comedy, remember it's the only profession where being a loser Ives you an edge
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Peter piper pecked a pick of peppered pickles.

A pick of peppered pickles, Peter Piper pecked.

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How do I start acting more grateful? What actions do I need to take?

I'm not sure whether I want to kill myself or kill everyone around me

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I'm not sure which feel this is. Really tired of women and their collective shit anecdotally, empirically, and historically. Gays are asking for a good ole purge. Elites and chosen ones are always up for netflix and death. FUCKING NORMIES are making me want to rampage like the sushi bill just showed up.

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Do countries where <=14 year olds can get married actually have higher marriage stability rates or is that just a meme spread by the pedos?
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>go out and try to pick up girls
>rarely works
>go to gay bar
>every guy wants to fuck me

explain this
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