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>university closed a month ago
>still getting rejected by mcdicks and low end wagecuck jobs

any robots find a job for this summer? Im going insane sitting inside all day, maybe ill take some summer classes.
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sup /r9k/

Is it really possible for a person to be really unlikeable?

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How was she not banned for being underage?
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Post here the name of the person you hate the most

If dubs, this person will be dead by tomorrow
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You know the drill. Post your region, what games you play. Maybe find people to play with, maybe make a friend.

Stop making me remind you to do the above.
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how's your sleep patterns looking like?

semester ended and being out of the house for 16 hours a day every day deleted my ability to sleep normally.

I sleep whenever (usually 6 am and above, latest was like 2 pm), and wake up anywhere from 2-14 hours later. Amount of sleep I got last night seems to have no correlation at all with it either. I stayed up for 24 hours once and only got 2 hours of sleep afterwards and such.

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>just broke up with bf of six months
>Depressed as fuck all day
Why am I incapable of finding a decent guy? I feel like I'm destined to become a fembot wizard
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Spending the night at a girls fucking sucks. Woke up twice less than 2 hours can't fall asleep again. Not falling for this meme again, didn't even have sex
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Why aren't you exploiting YouTube for easy millions?
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fidget spinner anime

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>Beyblade creator Takao Aoki has teamed up with past collaborator Madhouse to launch a new project based around the hugely popular toy.