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gay blackbot here,

why dont white guys want to date me?

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Is everyone racist behind closed doors?
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Can never get a break
every single year its something
2 years back I finally felt free for a long time in my life
Is this life? suffering
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>tfw can't fuck my 9/10 milf cousin
These are bad feelins
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i need to make $20 online asap what do
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tried to fancy up a sandwich today. usually have a ham and cheese on white bread but a local sandwich shop inspired me. hows it going bros?

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Okay /robots/ have i got a story to tell you,
i never post here but imm drunk of my ass and i want to vent.
i had a "girlfiredn" more like a psuedo-girlfriend, we made out many times, all of them resulting in her blaming that she was drunk and she would never do anything like that.
i loved her. i really did, everything about her, her long hugs and her smell, seemed to make my world complete.
she told me a couple of months ago,
"i am not interested in you, but just as a friend"
but this week she told me,
"i push people i love away, because i dont think im worth them"
this week she killed herself, i always wanted to tell her i loved her, i just wanted to know her answer, i didnt even care if it was yes or no.
i just wanted closure, i just wanted to be sure.
but living the rest of my life, in wonder if i ever would have a happy life with my girl.
fuck this.
help me robots

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BiBi and Alai euphoric sex