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30+ thread

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>Be 30+ year old boomer who is still stuck at my parents and unemployed for 5 years.
>Literal 18-25 year old Incels on this board complaining about how they wasted their lives and now moving the goal posts that because they didn't fuck at 16 their lives are over.

What the fuck is wrong with you zoomers? I wish I could go back in time and have my 20s again and actually try to change myself, now I'm stuck doing it in my 30s and while things are slowly changing, i'm in my fucking 30s and everyone expects me to already be established and my career prospects are basically fucking nil. The only person holding you back is yourself. I lost my 20s to anxiety and this toxic shithole, you shouldn't as well.

Also 30+ thread.
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This board changed hard

Damn, this is like this board for relationship advice now

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>average fembot pussy
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How do I get a fembot gf in Australia?
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If he can do it, why can you not?
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for real how hard is it to get welfare in America? I have severe legit OCD so that helps my chances, but on the other hand I have had two jobs in the past. Is it worth a try at least?

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>tfw you 11 year old sister is already growing into a basic thot
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I see banter as a deadly offense.

Anyone else like this?

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Got a toothache lads. Help me.
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why don't you dress better, /r9k/? girls like fashion
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