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I want to know what love feels like. FOR JUST A FUCKING MINUTE.
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Anyone else /ghoster/? I've ghosted pretty much all of my friends throughout the years, and I don't regret a thing
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/r9k/ can we have a discussion on human vulvas? I'm willing to talk about my perspective on them. I was a robot, in my early 20s, willing to talk about my experience with them.

Pic related; a normal vulva, featuring the clitoris, urethra, the labia and vagina (the vagina is the actual part you have sex in) and an abnormal vagina with a fused labia (scrotum), penile urethra, and enlarged clitoris.
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>tfw your actually a complete normie but everyone you've ever associated with in life were completely robot tier and it rubbed off on you

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whats so bad about meth again?

the pros literally out weigh the cons

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tfw no yandere bf who stalks me
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my Birthday

Wat do?

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Why do women like to call me "daddy" when I'm fucking them?
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so there's this girl i absolutely adore, and we have a fwb relationship.

two weekends ago i was in bed with her and doing pillow talk after having sex (or maybe it was before, or in between, i can't remember exactly), and i was running my hands over her body because i'm normally that starved for physical affection that i make the most of every moment when it happens.

my hands eventually met hers and we held hands for a while, and i asked her "if we were in public, would you hold my hand?", and she replied "no, because then people might think we were together".

i didn't let it bother me at the time but it kind of hurt in retrospect, and i haven't even really spoken to her since...

i don't think i'm cut out for this kind of relationship, it sucks that she sees other people aside from me and comments like only make it harder. but at the same time i don't see the point in me cutting her off entirely cos then i'm just going to be alone again

has anyone else been in this situation? what should i do?
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Does it bother anyone else that other people care about things? Why care about anything? Why can't we live in complete anarchy? We're all gonna die someday anyway.