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Not even Chad can satisfy them anymore.

I have a friend, about my age, was a real Chad 15 years ago, was in a band, always had 7 or 8 begging for his attention, he didn't give a fuck about them, just banged them. Now, the guy is still in a band, still looks muscular, tall, well groomed etc. I was shocked to find out he is now in debt with a ugly whale who complains all the time, he even had a kid with her... How could he settle for such pittance?

Simple... Since the rise of social media women have become more and more entitled so much so that now even Chad doesn't cut it.

Talked to an ex of mine was real Pollack Qt when I met her... Now she is fat. Her excuse? I'm married now I don't care, I'm sorted.

An Asian friend of mine with very average looks but fun personality regularly gets with MILFs. Problem for him? They don't want to settle and just want to fuck, eventually they go BPD on him. You'd think at 40 something they'd be thrilled to have a relationship with a younger guy? Nah they just wanna keep riding the carousel...

Same in my case. Lots of MILFs. All somewhat psycho. No women my age, all taken. Younger women, sometimes get to fuck one... But often regret it. Princesses who think that real life sex = porn and otherwise too preoccupied with lining up other guys on social media.

Truly the dating market has gone waaaay down the drain. It has reached epic levels of retard.

Fellow robots don't feel bad. The quality really has gone down. Let them ride you if you get a chance otherwise mgtow... Treat them how they secretly want to be treated, disposable cock sleeves, don't expect more. It is a game that has gotten so bad it's not worth playing...

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You can go back in time and talk to yourself when you were 12 years old for exactly 10 minutes

What do you tell yourself?
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>tfw have handsome enough face to get responses on tinder
>tfw short and afraid that a girl will reject me immediately once she sees me irl
How can I avoid this? How can I casually mention my height before we meet without sounding too hung up about it?
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Westernized asian girls are so trashy and they look like they're acting a persona, not being their own self
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Serious question

how the fuck do people go days, even years without brushing their teeth. Its fucking disgusting. I cant stand the taste of my own mouth if i forget to brush my teeth for a little less than an hour let alone MONTHS. why and how the fuck do people do it /r9k/?

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post your mental illnesses or suspected mental illnesses

anxiety:i get panic attacks where i feel like im dying

binge eating disorder: i've had spells where i've eaten up to 7000 calories all because i couldnt force myself to stop

borderline personality disorder: extreme trust issues and extreme rage for no discernable reason

bipolar mania: sometimes for no reason i will totally sperg out and start stomping the ground, yelling gibberish, and laughing uncontrollably

i also think i may be a psychopath
still havent gone to a therapist. no insurance, 23 years old, didnt graduate school, never had a job etc etc

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Why are Latin males so alpha?
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I just realised that 4chan is an addiction. It's like slot machines. The (You)s are like getting three 7s or something.
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