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So now that it's been scientifically (and statistically) proven that straight men are the ones that ---- on average --- are overwhelmingly the number one consumers of trap/tranny porn and the number one people that seek out relations with traps/trannies.......

.......what's stopping you from doing so?

They're also more likely to understand a robot than other girls.
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>pc just rebooted itself


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My father is extremely smart 6'5 and strong
Has strong masculine features and comes from a good family line
My mother is the opposite normie as fuck "white" dark skinned with blue eyes (obvious NA admixture) clearly average or slightly below average intellect anger problems and 5'8

I fucking hate my father for making me less than what he is. I mean for Christ sake man I can see how frustrating her retard tier shit is she stays at home and still complains about her life constantly.

I turn out to be 5'10 and iq of 113
I guess I should be thankful that I'm not as dumb as my siblings.

Does anybody else have one parent who's very below the other?
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What would you do if you have all the money in the world?

Off the top of my head, I'd probably pay men who look like my father large sums of cash to allow me the privilege of beating them bloody with a baseball bat while they struggle to shout disparaging, emasculating things and give me narrow-minded advice I don't want.
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I just discovered edging

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If you guys haven't tried this yet, you really should! It's a huge aid to the masturbation experience. Before I started, masturbation had gotten so worn out and boring that I almost stopped doing it, but this has put the spring back in my step.

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LiteralIy how do l get a bf?
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Lactation Bread who's thirsty? Anything relevant to the topic is welcome. Discussion porn etc. If you don't have anything to contribute stop by anyway. There's plenty to go around.
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Am I the first person to meme the new club penguin??
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