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Spanish fags

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Hilo para hispanorobots

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Why did you delude yourself into thinking that being shorter is worse?
There are no perks of being tall, other than not being "more attractive" to empty stacies.
Unless you play basketball, of course.
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is it okay to help people purchase the metaphorical ticket to crazy town?

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What is "wasting your youth"?
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That kid thread? i start
>that kid who tried to buy a gold medal from his friend
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Schizoid dating BPD thread

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> I'm diagd SPD dating girl with BPD.

Apparently I found out that this is super common.
Anyone wanna share their stories?
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Robots, why don't you just settle for an 8/10?

Women hate thread

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Since when have women been encouraged too be ""pycho bad bitches""

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When will trannies learn that no matter how much makeup they wear or how much money they spend on girls' clothes or even surgery, they'll never compare to an actual girl and obviously stand out?
This is why trannies choose to hang out with other trannies. They can't stand their lives when they have to stand next to biological girls. These same trapposters make anti-women threads for the same reason: seething jealousy.
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