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Why exactly do normalfags feel the need to put so much time and effort into social media? Why do they feel the need to constantly upload pictures of themselves, their friends and every single irrelevant thing they're doing?
This genuinely baffles me
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Anyone actually had a gf her? How does it feel to kiss someone? Or cuddle with them? Was it a good time? Please tell em anons.
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Rape Music

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What song would /r9k/ rape a Stacy to?
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Tell me convincing reasons why normie society is bad and why the beta uprising needs to happen.
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***Christian General Thread***

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>What is the gospel?
The gospel is the message that Jesus Christ, although existed in the very form of God, did not consider that equality something to be held onto and chose to leave that heavenly place, enter into his own creation and die for the sins of his people. But guess what he rose on the third day because death could not hold it's grip on the blessed son of God and when you are resurrected on the day of judgement the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead will also be the same spirit that raised you on the last day.

>How to enter heaven
One enters into heaven through faith alone, for Christ had already died for our sins and so what could we possibly add on to that? Are we to say that the blood of Christ is not sufficient and we are to add onto that? No, his blood cleansed us of sin and to be cleansed of your sins you first must believe and Christ will do the rest.

I invite Christians, agnostics, atheists and everything in between, that includes people of other faith, to discuss Christianity and learn more about the largest religion in the world. God bless! I the past I have tried to appeal to non-believers by kinda white washing but now, none of that but also be prepared because you might not get the answers you like although they might be true. I have also created a discord server which is mainly for Christians and non-believers looking for a discussion. It's not really meant for discussion, but if you do cause trouble, you will be removed from the server.

Thread: XX

Cont of: >>37794311
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GTA 6 will be set in the city you live in and the surrounding area.

Would it be any good?
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Dumb Roastie needs PUNISHMENT

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You catch this dumb roastie in the act of going through your dirty underwear and furiously masterubating to it. She tells you she's been doing this for months whenever you're not around. Telling you about her crazy stalker tendencies, but also cripplingly shyness which prevented her from ever saying anything.

This stupid roastie came into your house without permission. She's begged and pleaded you not to. She's given you her wallet and all her money.

But you are not swayed by such trinkets, you are a MAN and must be appeased.

What punishments would you dole out to this worthless roastie slut?

Making her walk around in skimpy outfits and servicing you? Maybe tying her up and beating her until she repents for her crimes?

Getting her addicted to your cum till the only thing she knows/remembers is how to please your dick?

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When was the last time someone touched you in a caring way?
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How good are ya at drawing bastard and how can you gain an audience with your doodle
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How could one not have any sympathy for poor lonely fembots such as this femedditor?
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