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>4 days into keto
It can't be this easy, I must've fucked up and eaten a turkey in my sleep?
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Hey r9k, give lowlife fags like me reasons to kill ourselves

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>it's an "asian girl who complains about how yellow fever is racist but exclusive dates white guys" episode
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Just had my weekly shower. Feeling fresh as fuck, lads. How about you?
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NoFap attempts

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>be me
>NoFapped for five days after masturbating at least twice daily for months
>so horny i have an almost permanent boner
>at the kitchen pouring myself some juice
>suddenly notice a bag of donuts
>take the bag and go to the bathroom
>pull out my dick and take one of the donuts out of the bag
>start aggresively humping the donut
>feels nice, decide to add one more for more realistic feeling
>one more donut will do the trick
>holding the three donuts with both my hands while fucking them like a dog
>best orgasm I've ever had
>mfw i lost my virginity to a bunch of donuts

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Why does the thought of getting a girlfriend and having sex consume my life so much? I almost feel like if I keep ignoring this urge it will go away, but it just gets stronger as the years go on. There was a time when I was consumed with video games and TV. I wasn't even thinking about girls or sex. Little did I know that around that time people were having their first bf/gf and having sex. I heard stories but it was like the thought that I should be doing that stuff too didn't even cross my mind. I my early 20's i tried to find girls but it didn't work out. I'm 30 now.

I just want the sex drive to go away. Why can't I see a beautiful woman like a sports car? It would be nice to have but I'm not gonna snap if I don't get it. It's simply a luxury I can't afford. Seeing sex and relationships as a luxury, I tried getting fit and buying decent clothes, etc to earn it...couldn't find a gf. I asked good ol mom for advice and her answer was....

>Why do you put yourself through that? Why do you even try?

Ive talked to her many times about this but she thinks its not a big deal and I should find something else to focus on if I can't get a woman.

I try to do other shit but I think about porn constantly and fantasize about beautiful women like a teenager...I truly am turning into a weirdo. The older I get the more fucked up it is that I'm a virgin and the more fucked my head gets from it.

>inb4 escorts

Escorts are illegal.
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Stop being a sperg 101

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How does one overcome his inner autism and gain the ability to carry a conversation past 2 sentences and be more talkative?
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Today I paid a virtual hooker $20 to make fun of me on secondlife. It's my 20th birthday.

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Do you respect any women?

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>Wake up
>Look at the mirror
>See this

What would you do? Be honest.
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