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How would your life change if you were born attractive?

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>tfw you will never be pretty enough to be a /r9k/ waifu
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how cringe were you at your edgiest?
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ITT /NightWalk

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Why would you go outside in the day?
>hot and humid
>crowded with other people
>no Privacy
>constant judgement
>seeing old people you recognise
Night time
>calm and chill
>Air is cold and chilly
>you can do whatever you want and sit anywhere
>nobody to harass you
>no judgement and nobody else in the area
Any Night time/walking stories?
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Secret brand

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I was reading the gulag archipelago recently when I came across this line.
> that a ramrod heated over a primus stove would be thrust up their anal canal (the "secret brand")
When I read this, I thought a few things. 1. Fucking ow. 2. Pic related. 3. How fucked in the mind, horny, and gay would you have to be to think this shit up?

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Hey guys, it be birbday. 0 happy birbdays yet besides from family

How's your day going
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>inhaler has 8 puffs left
>Can't afford a new one

I have a week to live
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Any robots here really into this guy's stuff?
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Anybody here used heroin before and not an addict?
What was it like?
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Do you guys like Star Wars?
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