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How common is it for girls to have sexual fantasies involving animals?

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>Meet nice 7/10 girl who can cook, clean, is smart and isn't a normie
>she doesn't like me

What am I supposed to do now lads?

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what does it mean when a gril tells you you're mysterious? is she saying im autistic?
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Fapfics featuring Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3

Check them out please:

You can post reviews without an account necessary so I'd appreciate it if you did so. (You can also just leave a Kudos if you don't want to comment)

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Why does the fembot myth still exist? This shit should have ending in 2011

Disgusting normies thread

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> normies calling a PM "inboxing"
> normies taking video in portrait
> normies happily watching video shot in portrait being reduced to a 5th of the screen space when played back in landscape.
> normies openly taking thousands of pictures of their face, even in public, without a hint of shame for their narcissism
> normies posting a picture of their face at every opportunity while writing about matters completely unrelated to their face
> normies not sharing a link, just writing a friends name in the comments

inb4 "using facebook". I use for private messaging (with people who wouldn't communicate with me otherwise) and organising a boardgames club, which it works well for and is free.


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Can any of you robots rate my girlfriend? I think she's a perfect 10/10 for me, I love you Cindy.
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>people keep on telling me guys like this are unattractive and gross

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>not having zippers on all your pants pockets
its not autistic, its a practical necessity to not lose things falling out of your pocket
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Kitty wuvs me :3
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