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You're a 80's Japanese youth delinquent leader what is your
>gang name
>speech pattern
>fly girl/arm candy
>favorite attack
>finish move for rival delinquent leaders
Screaming Frogs
Normal Pompadour
Screeches Everything
The Nervous Quiet Girl Stereotype
Double Arm Punch
Screeching him into submission
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Where do you fall on the chart?
plain, regular old Virgin here.
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What are you looking for in a woman, bots?
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You fags will never know this "feel"
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Who else learning japanese to migrate to futaba?

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Would /r9k/ date a married ethical slut if her husband approved?
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Announcement regarding ages

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I think it's time we established an official series of guidelines regarding what ages are allowed to r9k. The fact is, r9k is for college-aged kids. Older adults don't belong here. I was born January 1999, so I'm prime robot age, but I will gracefully take my leave once I'm too old to post here.

Here's my rough draft template. I'm open to change.

Born 1996-2000: Ideal robot age
Born 1995: I can accept their presence, but will keep a close eye on them to make sure they don't overstay their welcome.
Born 1994: I can tolerate your presence... barely... but I will never like you.
Born 1990 to 1993: Get out.
Born 1986 to 1989: Get the FUCK out.
Born 1985 or before: Calling the cops because you're probably pedos who are only here because you want to taste prime boipussy like mine.

Goodbye /r9k/

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>have suicidal thoughts, very depressed
>tell only person i trust, helps me, tells me to go therapy
>go talk with therapist for months
>things are getting better
>have a crush on cutie
>months pass, have confidence, self-esteem normal, actually feel happy for first time in years
>finally get the courage to ask crush out on a date
>she says yes, tells me we'll set the time and date on messenger
>i message her when she's online asking about the details
>minutes pass
>doesn't even read it
>hours pass
>she goes offline/online every now and then, obviously replying to other messages, but not mine.

Why couldn't she just fucking reject me in person? Why are females such cowards?
That's it for me folks. I hope you have better luck.
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How woke are you?

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Be honest. How aware are you with current affairs?