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Oi cunts, I'm making a maccas run.
What'dda want?
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I've never had a gf. Vocaroo thread

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>tfw just fucked an 18 year old QT from Argininta.

Feels good man.
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My best friend is getting suspicious

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>roommates with best friend, her boyfriend, and a few friends
>best friend is searching through her room looking flustered
>I ask her what's wrong
>she asks me "If Matt brought home a girl while I wasn't home you would tell me, right?"
>I tell her that I would tell her that her boyfriend was cheating on her because I would want the same from her
>she makes note about how the room looks different from how her and her boyfriend left it and how sometimes it smells funny

The thing is I have been inside the bedroom with her boyfriend while she isn't home. None of our roommates know about it.
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Viking Funeral

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Sorry for the late posting of this, I would have given an action by action update thread as it was happening but some normie mod IP range banned me for 24 hours because the cum undtea thread was "camwhoring". To the mod that did this, go kill yourself.

Unfortunately, when trying to prepare for the Viking Funeral, I slipped and fell onto rocks with barnacles, and had to speed up the funeral process.

Here's the video of the Viking Funeral.
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I was in a search party for a friend of mine from 11pm last night to this morning. I went out before sunrise to look in the mountains where we found his car. I gave up, but on my way back I saw his legs. I got closer to see that he shot himself.

His face haunts me. He'd been there for 2 days and once I found him I just started running and found his dad to show him where his son's body was. This is the most terrifying thing I've ever been through. Don't kill yourselves, anons. It's not worth the trauma it causes when you see a mother get out of the car still the scene and fall down wailing, let alone seeing how fucked up his face was.

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>was told by everyone pussy is the single greatest thing in the world
>kept idolizing pussy for all my life waiting for the glorious moment when i will for the first time in my life see it with my own eyes
>tfw it actually looked like this

i'm off this ride. and FUCK YOU /r9k/.
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Hey zarr I know you are out there

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Jacky I fucked up. I'm sorry. If you ever unblock me please know that I am so sorry and I will always care about you I dont care how stupid and whatever it sounds but I love you and I'm sorry I fucked up please forgive me just tell me what to do to make you happy again

Sister Thread

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What are your sisters like friends?

My little sister wants to hang out with me more and more each week. Physical contact is on the rise. What's going on?
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