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Ok, guys. Here's a quick story and I need some help.
I've been riding the bus everyday lately and I've got a crush on a girl that I saw in the bus. Finally after 2 weeks I found her facebook and sent her a friend request.
If she accepts, what the fuck do i do? What do I say? I have a crush on this girl so bad.
>inb4 wrong board
>inb4 ask her if she wants the d
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Didn't see a 25+ thread up. You hanging in there fellow grampas?

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>my girlfriend stabbed my eyes and blinded me because I looked at other girls. I don't blame her, it's my fault, I should have been more faithful. She's typing this for me now.

I love her so much.
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Anyone knows more titles like this? I mean not obvious slice of life, but something with similar vibes?
>inb4 gtfo to /a/
Nice advertising of your circlejerk

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Comfy game settlements you could settle down in
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I fucking hate family photos.
I'm mixed race so I stick out like a fucking sore thumb
Does anyone else ktf?
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are /biz people brainlets?

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Anyone else made the same observation?

Many /biz people, entrepreneurs economists etc, have a brainlet mindset.
When you look at their fb profiles they always have pictures with quotes like "I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to be".
They all have that everything is possible brainlet syndrome and have no knowledge about themselves and the world. Just little drones who think they will make it kek

And they always act and dress like they are smart kek
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I have answers

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I know a lot and I'm very wise. I have practically all the answers. I'm 26. AMA.

>nature of reality
>nature of the mind
>health / disease reversal
>best things to practice in life
>living life as nature intended
>useful worldviews to hold
>why the world is the way it is
>heavens and hells
>the multidimensional body
>true intelligence

All I ask is not to shit up the thread by being narrow-minded.
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How about a voice thread~?
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