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You have aboslutely no excuse for not having a girlfriend..

just man the fuck up and ask a girl out you faggot.
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Hows it feel to be like this guy? Is the women hatred really worth it when you realize youre in the same mental boat as Elliot Rodger or Alek Minassian?

Get some counseling and medical help before you start murdering people you incels
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>tfw images are broken on Clover after the shutdown yesterday
>can't phonelurk anymore
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Things you simply do not understand from normies

>revenge porn is a form of assault
So you give me images that are know my property because you gave them to me and if we break up and share said images that is considered bad how...
How can people claim slut pride on one hand and in the other say revenge porn is bad
>being a slut ok
>pointing out she is a slut not ok

and if they were so private in the first place then do not send them in the first place
maybe am to autistic to understand this shit

be me

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be me
have a crush on a 15/10 qt3.14
literally the most perfect girl i have ever seen
it took me years to beccome a half chad
trying to hide it but i know that really im an autist
ff today
end of the school (for today)
some of my classmates are going to get an icecream with a latin teacher (they are learning it on a plus lesson)
decide to go with them a while maybe i can speak a little with my crush
they go to the other way
nevermind i can go alone
my crush says she cant go that way
so hse comes with me
intantly block down
walk in awkward silence for a while
we reach a corner (we turn the same direction)but she took a shortcut
then i go alone
she stops and quickly tries to tie her shoes
i walk past by her and say by (only could say this to second try as well)
she looks at me stunned and stops for a sec and doesnt say anything (i think she knows that i have a crush on her)
mfw when instant regret but no turning back i walked away
mfw i would anything to be with her
mfw i realized that she wanted to wait me thats why she took the shortcut
IM so autistic
tomorrow i will go into the scholl and see that some other chad flirting with her

Race mix with black women

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>not race mixing with black women

Why are you not race mixing with black women fellow robots?
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