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Sure is weird how all the girls on craigslist are curvy or BBW.

Anyway, this one is obviously trying to get someone to pull beer for her. Liquor store is closed though.

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i just want to be a lesbian and kiss girls softly and share clothes I want to kms myself

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ironically redundant
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Who here /loser/?

>played video games a lot through youth
>didnt like public schooling so i got to be homeschooled
>mom did an alright enough job but because of life and divorce, we stopped around when i was 16
>never went to college (21 now) cause too stupid
>worked at an okay but shitty paying restaurant washing dishes for 11 months
>got fired because a cook who had been there for less than 6 months didnt like me and the boss found it easier to replace the dishie
>unemployed for a month and a half
>because of the USA having a shitty system i didnt even receive my unemployment checks until a week before i started my new job
>it was only one anyway
>been working at this other restaurant that makes me want to kill myself day in and day out
>also being payed like shit but better than the last place
>at a year now and want to quit since 6 months into it at first
>dont know if any other place will even hire me with such little experience in other fields if any experience

With my situation and with rent and bills being high even with a roommate (gf) I am probs gonna kill myself once she breaks up with me. I really don't enjoy life right now and probably won't ever unless I magically start making more money to make life easier on the mental state.

I am depressed but not at the same time and I hate it. I wish I was never born.

I don't know where else to vent since I don't use normiebook, but whatever.

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What does /r9k/ think of the Blackberry KEYone?
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Could you date a girl who drinks Coca-Cola?
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WTF Thread

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I've tried several times to get a wtf pics and gifs thread started up but it always gets only like three replies. Maybe this time will be different? Post all the weird shit you have guys.

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Yo what day it is?

I forgot if it's a Wednesday or sum can anybody chime in whether it's a weekday or some I gotta go to work ALL DAY but a brother ain't sleepin cuz y'aint got no xanny pills needless to say I'm geeked off the caffeine and nicotine tho holla at ya boy peace.
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