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Tinder Love

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Boast 'em bros, I know you took screenshots of the girl you think might be the one. Tell me your online dating stories.
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Besides r9k

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What other websites/forums do you visit
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>tfw recently went through my songs from my old computer that i used to listen about 15 years ago
>they're all melancholic and sad as fuck
>realize i've been depressed all my life

anyone else know that feel?

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We all know that Reddit is bad, but why exactly?
Aren't there lots of interest groups there, so one can stay under like minded people?
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Why do atheists exist when:

A) Something can't come from nothing
B) An illustrated, indexed book couldn't write itself in a billion years yet DNA can because "evolution"
C) The current global year solely represents how long ago our Saviour died

Why is this?
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What is your MBTI personality? Just trying to get to know /r9k/

I got ISTP -T and it fits me pretty well.
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Are you a sociopath? Hint: Yes
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>Wear a thin hoodie when it's freezing outside
>Take awkward shortcuts
>Carry around bags of chips
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