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>be a roastie
>body a guy nervous about wanting to date you
>ghost him

wow maybe you guys are right
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>IQ test results came in today
>110, top 1 percentile

Welp, that clears up a lot of experiences in my life. I always felt distant and like I couldn't communicate well with other people. Now that I know I'm hyper intelligent though I guess I couldn't help it. I'd kill for a few less IQ points desu.

also /smartgen/ I guess
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Tell me that she isn't gorgeous.
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Tomorrow is my birthday and I just want to kill myself. All these years I have done nothing that will make me proud. I've come to terms that I will never be rich or popular. I'm just this antisocial introverted mess of a person that is on a constant downward spiral. I dont think there is any recovering from this. This world is no place for people like me. This is just the start of my depression and I know It's going to get worse. The only hope in my life was this one girl I loved but its been 3 years since she's gone and I still cant get over her. I would give away everything I have just to be with her but that's never going to happen because I am this pathetic loser that can't get his life together
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does anybody want a free yung lean ticket for tonight in london my friends all ditched me so i wouldnt mind taking one of u guys
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Rat Rat Rat

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Why do white people celebrate the death of their own race? How does evolution even allow this?


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post anything from wikipedia


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Is this true?

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How is this even possible? How can Jake ever recover from this?