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Traps are/aren't gay discussion thread

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We must have proper discussion about this.
First we must define what gay means. Then we must define what masculinity means and then we must define what femininity means.
That's when we can truly determine this.
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>be ugly and autistic af
>"abstaining from sex is your own choice anon"
>realize that I've never even tried to approach a single girl in my life

What if it's my own fault after all?
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Who do you think was the lucky guy to take her virginity? Do you think he still faps to the memory?
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>going $100,000 in debt and spending 4 of the best years of your life to study a subject that you probably won't enjoy so that you have the chance of making $60,000 a year in a soul crushing white collar job as opposed to making $40,000 in a blue collar job
Is college the ultamate normie meme?
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WHY DID MY BBC MEME THREAD GET DELETED? It was a genuine discussion about how/why seeing other race men with the race of women you like effects you, and how we are all insecure. It wasn't the typical bait war shit.
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You're just a bunch of assholes. I wonder how that makes you feel, being jerks to everyone. Just because you're being ironic doesn't make it okay.
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Help Me

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/r9k/, I am going to lose my virginity tonight. How do I not embarrass myself my cumming in 3 seconds??
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make him a meme

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there are a lot of videos and magazine articles that are like
>10 girl trends that guys LOVE

and it's all clothes and shit

so let's be real here

do you guys actually give a shit what we wear or do you just want to see us naked?
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