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Graffiti/Street Art

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I have a pretty solid feeling that I'm not the only one here that dose graffiti.

Artist share your experiences and what you do. Curious anons feel free to ask anything too.

>tfw my regular tag is just "love yourself" because I don't know how to do that.
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>Watching sports show on low volume before going to sleep
>Black guy starts talking
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Bring back Gentleman Robot9000. We need an /r9k/ without the porn and without the perversion.

Robot was always about posting greentext stories and hanging out. We shared feels, much of them due to tfw no gf, but we laughed and we cried and we had a really really good time.

Now look at us. Endless bait, off topic content, really half the threads should be prunes at any given time.

It is time the board took a hiatus, and came back transformed as a blue board. A place where us true robots could hang out, free of those who might oppress us and play upon our fears and woes.

Who's with me?
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/r9k/s favorite films

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I'll start.
I like the film because it shows the possible paths you can take when you're fed up. It's also showcases lonliness and isolation very well, at least as far as fiction goes.
>try to make life happy with a gf, but spills spaghetti, the whole fucking pot
instead of trying someone else
>befriend child prostitute, plan to get her out of the biz
>drastically reform life
>attempts assassination on a presidential candidate, fails
>that same night, drives to prostitute location, kills pimp, bodyguard, and mafia man
>survives a gunshot to his neck and gut
>settles things with ex-gf after recovering

Write a summary of your favorite film in greentext, and highlight what it does well.

how the fuck do you approach girls

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Is it acceptable to just walk over to random girls in a university campus and talk to them? It just doesn't seem feasible for me to talk to random strangers like that, but from a logical viewpoint it seems like most college girls would be open to meeting new people, right?

Also, the hell are you supposed to talk about with girls? I'm thinking about posing philosophical questions seeing as that is my interest anyway and seeing how they react to the situation; or is that way too autistic?
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Yay for Tea

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Does anyone have any inside recs on tea rooms? ^^ In Los Angeles in particuIar?

Also, any picnic blankets you reeeaaaaallllyyy adore ?!?! :) Please recommend or share info! <3

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>tfw a woman will never eat you with her ass and shit you out

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>tfw because of the flooding in queensland I dont have to go to work today
>tfw it was my last day before my days off