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Is falling in love with someone unattainable degenerate?

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>be having sleep paralysis
>see the same faggy shadow-ghost thing staring at me across the room
>tfw not scared
>unparalyze my muscles with my sheer will power and charge at it
>take it to the ground and whip out my dick
>"bring me that ass"
>start raping while beating the shit out of it
>suddenly wake up
>tfw never have sleep paralysis again
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>tfw no belly gf

why live??
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You think that just because there's bad people out there that's there's no good one's either?
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goodnight chaotic sweet dreams

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How aesthetic is my cat?

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Hug your sister or brother or mother or someone and tell them you love them, and post results.
No incest posting please.
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You ever take a huge poop and realize that could've been a giant BBC stretching you out and impregnating your boipussy?
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How exactly does someone like this come into being. By all accounts he was literally serial-killer tier perverted, but he never actually killed someone, so we're left with an example of someone whose perversions are on the level of homicidal maniacs but without BEING a homicidal maniac. Is it just a matter of him being caught before he could graduate to bigger crimes?