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the girl i like

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i need some advice...
there is a girl in my class whom i really like, we have been friends in the past... like 13 years ago.

i have always had feelings for her. yesterday i talked to her and i have even gotten her phone number. i texted her a bunch of times but she does not reply...
what should i do???

pic unrelated

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>Staying at Grandmas house
>Go to take a piss
>Walk by little 1o year cousins bed
>Shes watching a youtube video
>Waves me over
>Go over
>She grabs my hand and makes me feel her up
>Pull back
>About to kill myself
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Don't throw poop at the computer.
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Rate this roastie thread any and all criticism appreciated
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fembots, if you absolutely had to eat ass for some reason, would you rather eat the ass of an old geezer, an underage boys ass or the ass of a girl?
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Tell stories of times you had a girl like you but completely fucked it up.

>senior in high school
>taking physics class, getting straight A's
>popular bubbly Stacy starts talking to me
>asks me to help her study for next test
>say no
>she tells me she'll buy me food
>agree, meet up at cafe
>we study and talk a lot, she opens up to me
>has all sorts of insecurities and issues
>think she's only doing this so I'll keep helping her with physics
>but after that day she never wants to study again
>just wants to hang out a couple of times
>assume I have no chance with her and just be myself
>school year ends, summer begins
>she texts me one night at 1 AM asking to hang out
>the Chad within me kicked in and I tell her to come over to "watch Netflix"
>she does and we cuddle in my bed
>I make out with her
>me, a robot, kissing a Stacy
>she leaves in the morning
>I am still in disbelief
>hang out twice more after that
>then tell her I want to be just friends because I'm insecure of all the Chads that hit on her
>she seems hurt but I ignore it
>she goes off to college
>I block her on all social media
>never see her again
And to this day, she's the only girl that ever showed interest in me. A fucking Stacy. I'm still a virgin to this day, but I'm not kissless. Oh well, maybe life just gives you one shot sometimes and I fucked it up.
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>goes to Stanford
>Parents are loaded

Why did he rape that girl? He could easily get a gf or have sex on tinder.
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What is the most bizarre/unique (but not illegal) fetish you have? Mine is 2-4 couples having sex in the same room. Not an orgy, the couples are having sex exclusively with their respective partner. But they're all in the same room.
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No paying attention
Start drooling

Why does this happen to me?

How did you spend St. Elliott's Day?

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I read his manifesto and bought a vanilla latte, as I do every year. How about you?
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