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why do Millennials love traveling so much?
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Fuck lads, what ever happened to that zest for life i had when i was 19? shit's gone and it's consumed by dread. I however do enjoy the small things of life like a small peach and a good rest more than ever though. Time seems more precious when I'm with my parents because i know their time is limited now more than ever. When i was 19, i couldn't comprehend them being gone,now I'm coming to terms with the inevitable. it's going to suck to come home and have something inserting to say but no one to tell it too.
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>Finally work up courage to start talking with girls at uni
>Social recluse for the most part, have never asked a girl out
>Am able to make friends with this one girl who is a movie buff
>Know she is single
>Have never asked a girl out for fear of rejection
>Trying to work up the courage to ask her out, feel like this could be a turning point in my life
> "You have that list of movies you wanna watch right, do you wanna see one together sometime?"
>Can't muster the strength to press enter

Should I do it bots, she is not a oneitis or anything so I wouldn't be heartbroken if she said no, but I feel like it could still get to me. Should I revise my message. Pls help
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10/10 games that normies can't stand

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I never want to work again! I admire The Wagecuck for enduring such hell, I admire his will to live, imagine how strong his motivation is. I was not born to slave my ass and die, I want more in life!

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How do you robots make the pain go away? For me? Percs and weed.
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Minorities of /r9k/

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What do honestly think about white people?
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Maintaining eye contact is important for many social situations. Weakness and insecurity is revealed when you can't do such a basic task.
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>had sex today with a girl for hours
>half the time raw
>fingered her to orgasm 3 times and fucked her to orgasm another 3
>just messaged me saying how she had a lot of fun and she's sore everywhere

We're all gonna make it guys

Don't give up
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