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make him a meme

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there are a lot of videos and magazine articles that are like
>10 girl trends that guys LOVE

and it's all clothes and shit

so let's be real here

do you guys actually give a shit what we wear or do you just want to see us naked?
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>Be me three years ago
>My sister and I go to this summer camp
>It's some shit for autists
BTW my sister was diagnosed when she was 3
>I ask
>"Why did you pay for me, I'm not autistic?"
>My dad says
>"They have a buy one get one free deal here"
>go to some group with all blue shirts
>One named Todd, really chill, doesn't seem autistic at all
>Another in the corner named Abram, extroverted, don't bother him and you'll be fine
>according to my calculations, he's an aspie
>a fat kid, from the deepest backwoods of the South, he's funny as all hell, let's call him Jethro
>one in a helmet and diaper named Rudy
>has the hand up to his chest all the time, communicates by what seems like English but honks out the syllables
>Rudy must have read my mind, and gets angry the first two minutes I'm there
>Charges me
>Fight or flight
>Looks like I'm flying
>Abram says in the most monotone voice
>R U D Y I S E N R A G E D
>Rudy charges headfirst into a brick wall
>Two seconds later he gets back up
>goes in to a ready stance
>knees bent, arms like a velociraptor
>screeches like a banshee
>gradually crescendos
>it reaches its maximum pitch and volume
>Todd gets up and sprays the room with Glade
>Abram is all scared
>Jethro recorded the whole thing
>mfw Rudy charges me
>mfw Rudy starts screaming
>mfw Rudy unleashes the great mighty Poo

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Steam friends thread for robots.
Come in and post your steam to meet new friends

Forgive my profile new friends

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>Live with parents
>Parents leave for 3 days to do something who is in college a couple of states away
>First time truly alone
>Decide to learn how to edit videos
>Sweep up the house
>Mop the house
>Do the dishes
>Take out the trash
>Clean up my room
>Start a cooking/agricultural journal
>Look at available jobs

What the fuck is going on robots? I usually just sit on my ass and play video games all day but now that my parents are gone, I have the motive to be more productive.
I have always hated when people would compliment/praise/thank me for doing things, so idk if it's the fact that nobody is around to do those things that I now do them.
Anybody else experience a similar thing?
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Is this a good show for babies?

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>don't want to work
>don't want to starve to death as homeless
>no easy way of suiciding
>if you go NEET normies will hate you
>they will won't help you kill yourself

I want to get off this ride

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Please post funny pictures of cats or something. Feeling really really really terrible tonight and need something to cheer me up.

A question

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Who was the first robot?
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Alright anons tell me about all the embarrassing shit that happened to you as a kid, I will start.
>Be me
>4th grade
>live in a small town
>don't have many friends but never had a problem entertaining myself at school
>pull a wet wipes container out of the garbage and shove a pencil through it
>run around and pretend its a time machine
>my teacher tells me its ok for me to leave it in my desk over the weekend
>get back to school monday and go to play with it but its not in my desk where I put it, but on top
>dont think anything of it and start playing
>I start to notice that kids in my class were acting weird around me (more than usual)
>one of my friends tells me that another kid from my class had took the box and put it in the bathroom toilet and peed on it
>think he is just kidding and ignore him and keep playing with the box
>for the rest of my time in elementary school I remember kids saying that I play with toilet water and piss and other stuff
>skip forward a few years, now in high school
>everyone has either forgotten about it or don't care enough about me to bring it up anymore
>the kid who everyone said did it suddenly comes to me and apologizes and confesses that he did actually put it in the toilet and piss on it
>he goes on and says he is sorry that because of him I got made fun of
>all I can manage to say is "its ok"
>suddenly few months before graduation people start acting weird and mentioning stuff about piss or wet wipes around me and an obvious mocking way
>this continues till graduation, almost daily
>find out that after the dude had brought it up to a group of his friends, which is why the rumors started up again

Not really sure why the guy felt the need to act like he was genuinely sorry,
and then go around and joke about the fact that he pissed all over some makeshift toy I used to play with in elementary school.