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Fucking bald headed white trash redneck pigskin stole fucking packages off of my porch
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Not showerd since XX days

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Guys the last time i wash myself was Monday.

whats your record?

My pants are wet....my penis smell like dead fish
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>4chan pass expired
>hiro turned off credit card purchases
>can only buy a pass with shitcoins now

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I'm on a date but she looks kind of board.

What do I say?
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>be in Dallas
>wake up and turn on the news
>pic related is giving me the reports on traffic in the area
You wish you could wake up to this you fucking trafficlets lmao
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>have spontaneous motivation to change life
>have no idea where to start


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Doctors can never give me a straight diagnosis. They say im on the autism spectrum but dont know for sure what kind. They say I have depression but it doesnt fit any normal kind of depression. They say im suffering some kind of psychosis but arent sure if its schizophrenia or something else because it doesnt fit anything specific either. Wtf am I? Wtf is wrong with me? Am I even human?

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>in graduate school
>just got my first girlfriend
>just bought a car
>not a virgin anymore

life is good robots

you boys got me through many years of sorrow, but alas I am on the other side

God Speed