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Tell me about the most annoying person you know, ill start:

>is fat
>is childish
>is cringy (says lewl or lelz out loud)
>goes to the gym and plays games on his phone instead of working out
>does annoying things to others but when you do the same thing to him you can actually hear he is close to crying
>follows other people around like a dog thinking they're his friends
>always whining about everything and never shuts up about it

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who /bpd/ here?
the loss of identity and not knowing who youbreally are is really fucking me over and i don't know what to do
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ITT: Books that other people haven't really heard of that deserve more recognition

This book, The Hungry Mouth, is actually a collection of short stories. They almost all read like weird-but overall good-dreams. Only 500 copies exist but you can occasionally find one on eBay.

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Why do even people who are absolutely ugly, look more like a deviant rat and are very very stupid have friends and I don't? Why is the world so fucking unfair that I have to put up with this? This is beneath me and I'm entitled to better. Nobody in this world has to suffer like I do. I'm attractive, intelligently funny and surrounded by idiots.

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I have found the winning formula for tinder. I fucked 3 girls this year using this (good for me since im fugly):
>start off sexual but in a funny way
>ask them about their tinder exploits and encourage how much of a dumb roastie slut she is
>meet them irl and fuck
>either be fwb or ghost them depending on if they want to meet again
I did have one as a gf but she cheated so maybe dont gf them, good luck incels DONT drive into pedestrians just do this!!

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He has more confidence than me to take a picture of himself.
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Do you have an arch nemesis? Want to tell us about it ?

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>perceive myself as fat
>everybody else tells me I'm skinny

Could I be wrong /r9k/? After all I should know my body better than others
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just imagine all the femanons wearing dirty stinky panties right now


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why do i only like brown cocks robots?
there is just something about how nice and juicy they are i dont know why
especially indian cocks