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Anyway to change the shape naturally??? i have the 8 and want to get rid of that bump on my nose.
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Post your doggos.

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I just fapped to a video of someone smiling.

I have reached a new low.
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>baby crying on the bus
>overwhelming urge to kill it

Anyone ever felt this way? I reminded myself it's a baby and babies cry. But the thought of sticking a bayonet through it's heart and raising it in the air like a victory flag made me feel better.
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how did the spaceships of NASA get off the Moon?

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it's made of cheese
the boosters heat would have melted it turning into a goo thus the vehicle sinks
it's 36,200 pounds (16,400 kg) there's no way melted cheddar can hold that amount of weight

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how would you describe your own personality /r9k/?

list 3 good traits and 3 bad traits
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you're being noisy, anon!

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Okay /r9k/. I'm in last year of high school in spain. So a good friend of mine (same high school) broke up with her gf of 3 years and about 2 weeks later she told me she liked me and we started dating in secrecy. A couple days after that I came to school with a massive hickey on my neck and he asked me whether or not it was his ex-gf who made it. I lied to him and said it was some other girl because I didn't want things to go bad between us. Found out later because of my gf that some people had told him to beat me up.
Anyways so fast forward to today (about 1 week after) and the fucking cunt (his ex) just told me that she told my friend about us. She said that he really gave him no option or some shit. Women must be the worst fucking liars in the world.
Anyway what the fuck do I do because tomorrow I'm going to school and my friend is gonna be there of course. And the worst thing is I can't talk to him about it on the phone to soften him up a little as he was grounded and now doesn't have one