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If this picture describes you i am going to hunt every single one of you down and crucify you upside down on a burning cross while i slice your eyes and urethra open then ill slice your eyes open slowly on the burning cross and put maggots in there extinguish the burning upside down cross with piss and shit then let you to be eaten alive and scalded by maggots. I will shove burninh needles into your urethra. Then ill keep your skull as a trophy and add it to my throne

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>okay robots i need some help
>a friend of mine got their steam account hacked
>heres the IP
>if you can help us at all that would be great

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>tfw 5'8

Why does god punish his own creations
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Be me
Be Mexican
Trying to cross the border between USA and mexico
Suddenly get hit from behind
Fall asleep
Wake up
My hands are tied
Look behind
Todd Howards is running naked in the forest
"Hey you , you were caught crossing the border right ?
Mfw I'm in Skyrim

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Reminder: if all you want is a qt gf you will never make it.
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>fap to straight porn (self insert as sub, usually female)
>people say it's gay

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god I wish I was a NEET

Posting nofap counter every day untill I get a gf

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Day 19, neighbours had loud sex yesterday. For some reason I let that bother me. How are you feeling anon?

pls help anons

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This qt3.14 keeps staring at me and getting near me. What do anons? We're near each other a lot at school and she always seems to be near me no matter what
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