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I keep saying I'll remove him tomorrow but I never do.

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How do I get a girl to let me touch her in the areas marked?

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ITT:post memes no one cares about anymore
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>get a vasectomy years ago
>my girls end ups pregnant
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I got a cold :(
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How do I get a girlfriend like lauren southern?
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Being social pisses me off

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Why is it that when I google about having no friends or ask people about it, I get really pissed off when I start reading or hearing solutions?
For some reason everything anyone can say about the subject just pisses me off.

Why do I refuse to talk to people? Why do I refuse to make friends even though I want them?
Why is it that I hear solutions with my ears but witness something completely different with my eyes?
People say the only way to make friends is to get out there yet I'm seeing people who can just stream, never leave their house and they gain all these followers and friends.

Something isn't adding up, I hear one thing then see another. I get told to leave my comfort zone if I want anything to happen, then I look to my right and someone is in their comfort zone making things happen.

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I financed this ugly piece of shit in February this year. I got it for $12k used. It now has 55k miles on it. I don't want it anymore!! I want a car with more room and power and better looks. This cvt slow piece of shit makes me feel I'll. I'm stuck driving it for years and years and years. Hah hahaha!!!
I want a different car. Why can't I just swap it or return it. Fuck being an adult.
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