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The fuck is going on with my scalp

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>he still uses Facebook
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Why are you so attracted to men who resemble women?
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#metoo male edition

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Males have unwanted sexual experiences too. Lets share our stories. Me first
When I was 8, a girl who was also 8 wrestled me to the ground and kissed me on the lips. I didn't want that at all at the time, and was weirded out by girls for a bit after that. When I was 10, I had a female friend that would hang out with me in the summer. One day she got naked and asked to see my penis. We got naked and jumped on the bed and that was it, but I was so curious and confused about vaginas after that. I thought we could do it again and showed her my penis one day hoping to see her vagina again but she got weirded out and stopped hanging out with me. it made me sad because I liked her but didn't know how to show it. When I was 16, my male friend's middle aged down syndrome uncle wrestled me to the ground and forcibly made my hand touch his erect penis through his pants. It made me feel so uncomfortable that I stopped hanging out with that friend and was weirded out by people with down syndrome ever since.

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this is an email I sent to a girl I don't even like. Pretending to be a secret admirer just for fun, idk man just fun, like if this is the way people are, may as well throw things around and make fun of this nonsense. Then watch them cry and moan when they find out they've truly defeated the very thing they've so heedlessly trod upon.

Just Be Yourself Works

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It's meant to filter out any friend or love not meant for you. If you just be yourself it means that anyone incompatible with you is automatically filtered out and you are left with what is genuine

Did your parents honestly tell you that being yourself would make everyone like you?

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I know you browse here in a desperate attempt to lure in betas via using this board's terms and shouting "reee" in class for everyone to hear. Feeding off their attention and going out of your way to be a dipshit to normans just try to and prove to yourself and your crop of faggots that you aren't one of them. You're a plague and a failed stacy. Also why the fuck are you wearing an ankh?

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Has anyone actually cum from prostate stimulation?

Be honest, it isn't actually possible is it?

Is it just a dumb meme to encourage boys to let people fuck their asses?
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What the fuck is "rape culture?" No rapist in the United States genuinely thinks justified in raping anyone. It's all willed evil. This only has relevance in fucking rural Uganda.
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