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filling out for the normal anon since i don't see his posts anymore - edition

anon, why are you still fat when the glorious option of FASTing is available to you?

simply stop stuffing your snout with food and you're good!
It's simple and the fastest way to lose weight. you don't even need to leave the house or do sport!

drink water only, coffee or tea without milk, cream or sugar are allowed. no food. no sweet beverages, they have calories in them.

If you're doing less than 5 days you're good to go, if not please visit /fit/'s /FAST/ general to learn about the risks involved.
hunger goes away after day 1/2!

happy weight loss!

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Tried to be a normie and hang out with people offline and i'm not gonna lie, basically my nightmare scenario come to life:
>trying to get out more after being a shutin for most of my life
>made one friend and tried to befriend their friends
>made it to advanced drinking group
>go out to a bar
>drunk girl called me weak and told me if i cant handle life, i shouldn't be out living it
>i wasnt whining about life or anything, she just didnt like me
>that my mom was going to die
>used the fact that she was raped as a kid as ammo against me that her life is harder

I didnt handle it well either and cried in the bathroom. I know this sounds like a larp, but it's unfortunately true. Well i basically lost that friend group, so I'm back to being alone.
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>be me 24
>lonely alcoholic
>get black out drunk
>keep waking up on this small grassy hill a half mile from my house after binge drinking
>this has happened 3 times now
what the fuck? i guess i need to stop

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I should have taken Differntial Equations, Calculus and Calc 2
Life gave me a foreshadowing
I took Algebra for 3 years

my gf is a kitty ama

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>convince trap gf to try pet play
>takes her a few days to decide to let me collar her
>fuck her hard and ignore her cries
>really use her
>make her suck me cock for 30+ minutes straight
>by the time im setting her food bowl on the floor she's really into the role
>she seems happier than she has in a while
>i feel closer to her than i have in a while
taking care of her is so intimate and nice, plus she isn't allowed to speak so no more retarded conversations with her i just do whatever i do and she sits or naps near me
she is currently asleep in my lap

why dont you have a human pet? its the best
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>wahhhh i'm socially awkward/depressed
You could resolve every ''''issue'''' in your life by taking MDMA a few times. What's your excuse?
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I keep saying I don't know. I don't even know why.
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What kind of fantasies did you have as a kid?
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I had a dream where every one was telling me all my faults. Comparing me to better people. How everything I do is wrong. The worst part is knowing that this is really just how I feel about myself. I try my best when I'm awake to be kind and considerate to others. To plan and work to advance myself.

It's so hard to wake up to the constant barrage of these dreams. During the waking hours my thoughts will also come and yell at me. I can't seem to find real peace.

Can you please write me personal words of comfort addressed to me. My name is Mike.

I know it's a lot to ask. I just don't want to feel alone with all the yelling.
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Why does everyone hate america? Is it jealousy?
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