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>mom had me at 35
>i didnt talk until i was 2 years old
>im a 19yo kv now
d-do i have autism?
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How do you folks drown out unwanted thoughts. I need help urgently plz
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>NEET, failed normie as fuck
>life going nowhere blah blah
>one day I'm alone in the house
>decide to jerk it
>repeat 4 times
>on the fifth time i can barely get a boner.
>need to piss badly also
>decide to go for an orgasm despite this
>somehow cum with a literal softy can feel all my jizzz shoot somewhere in me.
>nothing came out
>since then have never been able to shoot a full load (only some dribbles out and then I get an urge to piss badly)

Has any other anon experienced something similar?
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Haven't fapped for 2 days,i can already feel the good progress


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Ive been eating avocados for months now. Nothing but avocados. All day and all night. Ive consumed all the avocados at my local grocery store and now I have to spend my days driving back and forth between stores in other towns. Im eating still more avocados as I drive.
Ive thought about trying to buy an avocado farm but I cant communicate with the owners because my mouth is so full of avocados. Im so full of positive avocado energy that Im always smiling around a mouthful of avocado. My avocados keep the sadness and misery at bay. People are amazed and jealous of how happy and energetic I look with my smiling face smeared with green pulp.
If youre feeling down be like me and start eating avocados. All you can find. But hurry because at this rate Ill have all those magical green boys to myself and there wont be any left for anyone else. Then Ill be the only happy one in all the land and all of you will bask in my aura of pure bliss as I ascend to avoGodhood.

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Gum would be perfection.

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Let's discuss Elliot Rodger.

Do you believe someone can be "broken from the moment of conception" like roastie Dale Launer claims?
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This is how girls treat loser boys. The make them do stupid things and than hurt them. Then they will laugh and fuck a dumb bodybuilding guy.
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What does my dream mean r9k?
This is copied from my dream journal

I finally got the chance to be with REDACTED,(yeah I know I'm a bit of a cuck) but all I had to do was this photo shoot and it was successful but afterwards we were in the office of the Japanese photo company and in the sort of waiting room/work area was this dude that she had done this before with, and even though we had gotten along before he was obviously upset that she was with someone else and proceeded to attack me with a knife, I got cut a couple times but I took it from him and smashed it in the back of his head. So in return for the photoshoot they gave her the severed head of a cyberman from doctor who, which is apparently what she is always after for some reason (It's a kind of otherworldly deal) and it shrinks down and there's this pov shot where she puts it in her vag and then the next thing I know we're in bed and we apparently have sex but it's a fade to black type deal

And before all that we were at a party and I was doing dumb shit to impress her and there were a lot of dead mice in the grass outside the house we were in front of (the mice thing was because I had a conversation yesterday about what animal you'd want to be a nd I picked an owl, but then I was a little concerned about having to eat mice)

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>kicked him out
>now wants his money
Why are women so cruel?
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