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>perceive myself as fat
>everybody else tells me I'm skinny

Could I be wrong /r9k/? After all I should know my body better than others
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just imagine all the femanons wearing dirty stinky panties right now


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why do i only like brown cocks robots?
there is just something about how nice and juicy they are i dont know why
especially indian cocks

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Just you watch mum someday i'm going to get rich.
bitcoins address: 19gS9NBQ1vmdD8UcbZxk23V2nPBFDEmNCa
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I fucking hate this cuntry so much

t. Britbong

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>tfw no 150iq bf

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I think I'm going to start collecting elongated pennies as an excuse to get out of the house more and give myself something to do. Do any of you guys have any hobbies that get you out of the house?
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As a white guy, why do I only seem to attract black girls?
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Anyone else giving up videogames permanently?

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>be 23, live at home, ok job in construction spend most my free time on vidya and don't do much else
>brother is 26, multi-millionaire (btc), oxford graduate, phd, married to a 8/10 qt
>comes home looking for a watch he left
>asks me if I've seen it
>just say no and keep playing
>"Jesus fucking christ do you do anything but play fortnite? It's fucking embarassing, no education, no money, a shitty manual job and you spend all your time playing that crap."
>almost start crying, about 30 seconds later say "how is it worse than pubg" thinking he was criticising the game
>"Why are you so fucking autistic, it's nothing about the game, I play pubg for an hour tops when I've got nothing better to do not the whole fucking day. I had enough to retire by your age, absolutely fucking ridiculous" then he walks off

As of today sold my ps4 and all games. Time to be productive.
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I want an anime girlfriend who will love me for who I am. Real women just don't understand what they're missing out on. Anime women are loyal, they care for you AND they're beautiful. If I had an anime girlfriend, I would respect her so hard. Real men like myself don't want a girlfriend just for sex, we want someone to RESPECT, and with an anime girlfriend that would go both ways. If you have a 3D woman as a girlfriend, you obviously don't respect REAL women. Get a life and a REAL girlfriend, idiot.