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>family reunion
>all my younger cousins are doing better than me

Yep Im done fuck this
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ITT: Wincest

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Wincest thread. Post stories and talk. Ever had sex with a relative? Would you like to have sex with a relative? Have you ever gotten close to sex (touching, flirting, etc.)? Let's talk.

I have a story, 100% true. You are free to be a cunt and not believe me.

Here it goes:

>live in 2nd world-tier country in Europe
>cousin, 4 years younger than me lives abroad
>moved when she was a kid
>comes here like every other summer
>grew up pretty fucking hot
>skinny, tall, pretty face, round ass, small tits, 8/10 (sort of looks like picrelated)
>neither of us feel like we're actually cousins because we don't really know each other properly and see each other rarely + she can't really speak my language properly
>2 summers ago she came here again, her parents have a house at the edge of my city, pretty nice
>go there to hang out, in her room because that's where all their bags are stored and I'm supposed to help move them downstairs because they want to unpack and give presents to everyone
>she steps out the room for a moment
>her laptop is on, chrome minimized
>click on chrome
>it's her tumblr blog with daddy stuff on it
>light bulb goes off in my autistic head (I love, love, love submissive girls)
>I was 22 at the time and she was 18, thought of her as a kid but suddenly realizing she's a filthy little slut into daddy porn
>this made me look at her differently
>all this going through my mind as she walks into the room and catches me redhanded
>literally stare at each other for what seemed like 5 minutes but was more like 20 seconds realistically speaking
>she marches towards the laptop, shuts it
>"a friend sent me a link, the fucking cow, i'm sorry"

Side note: I've been a KHV until the age of 19, attempted suicide and turned my life around shortly afterwards, have fucked multiple women (22 at the time of this green text) but my inner autism still sometimes shines through.
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i suck

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>washing laundry
>whites clothes come off black from washing machine
>"fuck, its the 45th time this happens already"
So... after that I just threatened my mother, by saying i will turn into a dealer unless my father buys me a nice car and helps me change apartments

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Litearally litearlly literally why live?
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Why does it feel so good to get (you)'s?
Is this why normies are texting all day?

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I would like to request to the mods here to please delete all discord threads and ban all those who make them.
To the autistic orbiters who post on those threads, please kill yourselves, thank you.
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How much do you drink robots ? i've been counting all alcohol i've drank since 1st of january, and i have over 450 beers and over 7 liters of vodka/whisky. all because of the sadness.

bonus: do other people see your sadness ? or telling you about your problem with booze ?
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Bang bang, another thread killed

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>younger brother has a masters degree in engineering, chad tier personality
>older sister is married and owns a house, works at a hospital
>I drive a forklift

Who else /family fuckup/ here?
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