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It's a lie

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Even if you get laid, you'll still feel as hollow on the inside
>tinder hook-up
>time to do the deed
>realize how pointless and meaningless it is
>can't get it up
>go down on her instead
>leave feeling disgusted
It's about finding a person you connect to on a personal level. Without that, you're better off jerking off to whatever you people watch.
>pic related is me right now
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Just a reminder that if you're as attractive as Daddy O Five or lower you have to settle for hamplanets

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>tfw you lose your wallet right after tou cash your $500 paycheck
Why even live?
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Did the victims of the Manchester Attack deserve it?
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I have to turn in a 6-8 page research paper in 10 hours and I only have the intro done. How fucked am I guys? I am on the verge of giving up and being a complete shut-in NEET like I've always been in high school, it's tempting.
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Septum piercings

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Why do girls get those, it looks fucking disgusting. Looks like snot hanging out of the nostrils.

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has anyone here lied about their work experience on a job application and gotten away with it?

assume its just a minimum wage job like a grocery store or fast food

t. permaNEET who wants to work but potential employers take one look at my application and throw it away
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