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Women pity thread

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Anyone feel bad for most women?
None of them get to date, have recreational, or procreation sex with me. I'm practically perfect so I imagine that's all quite difficult for most of them.
Then when you look at their actual dating choices it's like some of you weird fuckos. If you guys were a female you'd probably fucking off yourself before dating a guy like you.
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/uni/ general

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Friday night edition
What are you doing tonight friends? Any plans for the weekend? Talk to any girls lately?
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>tfw no qt artist bf/gf

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>go to small Chinese restaurant in city
>order chow mein, fried rice, kung pao tofu, etc
>after finishing meal, open fortune cookie
>it says "You Will Die Soon "


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U got, u got it bad
When you're on /r9k/
hitting F5 all day and night
U got, u got it bad
if you go a day without a (you)
Your whole life's off track
You know you got it bad when every post you make
ends up going 404
It's all you think about
U got it bad when you're watching some porn
But you keep on thinkin' bout somebody else
U got it bad

Autism QnA

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Those diagnosed with autism, what is it like?
(And not that shitty need autism that everyone on the fucking board has.)

What's school like?
Do you him / flap?
Do people have trouble understanding / judge you?

I have a sibling with asper, but she would not be able to answer my questions.
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You're lonely, aren't you anon? Nobody is meant to go through life alone. Come to the Church, you'll always have a place here. You don't have to say anything, just watch.
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