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Do any robots like to use the word henceforth when they communicate with people? I do it and no one really likes it.
Is this why I have no friends?

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>tfw only child who was homeschooled
>tfw only socialise with mom
>tfw go to college

I was never ready for women. I want to go home to mommy. I genuinely think if I ask her she'd be my gf.

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so let me get this straight

if a girl has a vagina and lots of casual sex she is a whore

but if a girl has a penis and has lots of casual sex she is a qt trap?

Thanks robots, have some advice

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A little about myself first, I deal with problems a little weird and I look at people worse off than me to be better than them. Friend got a bad grade? Get a better one than him. See someone fat? Eat healthier that day. I've also taken a lot of advice from some redpill/self-improvement threads and it's been good for me. I figure I should share some advice with you.

first, this
also, don't walk like a retard

Exercise for an hour for 4+ days a week. 5-10 minutes cardio, then do 30 minutes of exercises in different sets (e.g. plank for 20 seconds twice). In the final 20 minutes, do passive activity or play a physical sport. If you got a basketball court nearby, head there and play a game. If you're bad, play by yourself first.
Lifting is optional, but recommended.

Stop masturbating and severely reduce vidya. If you can't do either, only wank once a week (or go longer), and restrict yourself to well-written, hardcore, or open-ended games e.g. Deus Ex 2000, STALKER Call of Chernobyl, Metro, No More Room in Hell, etc...

Find a hobby. It can be anything as long as it's cool to talk about around normies, and something you can show off. Drawing, music, sports, ANYTHING.

Eat healthier. You don't have to go full vegetard. More apples, sandwiches, less microwave food. Cook food. If you find healthy food tasteless, add some sauce or spice.

Lower your standards for girls.

Friends that want to stay friends don't talk politics or religion.

Sort your clothing into different outfits.

ITT: Ask questions about improving yourself

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>decide to go to sleep early and get into a normal sleep cycle
>gets to 11pm, feel pretty tired, go to bed
>think i'll browse 4chan for a little while before i go to sleep
>end up staying awake shitposting for literally the next 6 hours
why am i such a fucking retard

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>see this
>feel the urge to pick a healer

Why am I so easy to influence?

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Welp reddit is down :(, So what do you guys do here for fun? I'm with my pro-life open-relationship girlfriend and we're discussing how much trump sucks and BLM and how transgenders should be able to use any washroom they want. How's your guys dating life?
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>it's another "you convinced a girl you're a sociopath and now can't understand her continued infatuation on top of starting to get annoyed by it" episode
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