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>wake up to wagecuck neighbour running their shower, starting their car, etc

God dammit, wagie. Some of us are trying to sleep.

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A new letter thread, because one of you fags will do it anyway.
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Zeemaps Thread
(normal OP is banned)
>mods please read your own rules


find other worthless degenerates in your area and never visit them because you're too socially awkward

add the nearest mtf and get ghosted

look for the nearest fembot near you and realise they live in azerbaijan

this and all manner of other wonderous experiences can be found in the r9k zeemaps

p.s. map admin please remove the marker in benin
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I have my mom help me out sometimes and i feel very awakard at times when she strokes on my penis. Now is that a normal thing to be awakrd haveing your mom help you out masterbating? Also my dad caught me the one time with my mom and he asked what were we doing and my mom told him, so he said she was doing it all wrong and he ended up helping me out and giveing me a few tips. Is there a better possible way of masterbating without my parents help because i have problems my self doing it, i tried even watching porn and getting tips and nothing is working. Please help and give me advice i truly need it bad thank you and i love you guys for the help :-)

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Been doing work for the dole for 1 year and I'm only 22 what went wrong? I'm not motivated to do anything else

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you'r disgusting fuck you
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