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How do I stop being such a fucking introvert? I'm convinced it's actually a character flaw.

I can't help it I feel like there is something fundamentally wrong with me. I really want to connect with people but I can't.

Jesus Christ why can't I be normal please god end this pain I don't want to live anymore
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prove to me that hebephilia isn't normal

i bet half the reason so many young men are dropping out of relationships entirely is because it's unlawful to court a girl of 12 to try to make her your virginal bride, and dating less attractive women of 20-30 just isn't worth the effort by comparison

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if sex and relationships are supposed to be so awesome, then why are people talking so casually about it?

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would you say its imorall to pierce a little hole in a condom to get a women "acidently" pregnent if you are a in a relationship with her? and you dont want her to leave you?
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Uni/college dare

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I dare you, anon, to go to the next 10/10 girl you see at your school and tell her
>"hey, I'm anon"
>offer handshake
>if she takes your hand says "hi" or "hi I'm xx"
>you say "nice to meet you"/"nice to meet you xx"
>followed by a "see you around"

Why do that?
First, it's a dare, second, for you to gain experience of talking to girls without setting any expectations.
Don't talk to ugly girls, because if they fall for you, you gotta get rid of them, and you're not experienced enough to go for the "ugly girl with a hot friend who will want me after seeing what a nice guy I am"

10/10 won't hate you, won't harm you, if you see them again, so what you just said hi, they don't know any reasons, you just introduced yourself.

Also: daily reminder to take care of your hygene and looks, no girl will ever want you if you're not taking care of your appearance and neither would you want a girl who's butt fucking ugly.

Because if you're after whats on the inside you'd have already talked to girls and not be blinded by how they look (e.g. be intimidated to ask them for something or talk to them)

Now go ahead and do it, anon.
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>retards can have a gun in the US

No wonder why America is fucked.

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School greentext thread. Share stories boys
>be me
>around 7 years old
>maths teacher talking about estimating
>tells the class that there's 100 buttons on the desk, and she wants us to use estimation to make a guess as to how many buttons there are
>we all line up to the desk and answer
>kids in front of me saying dumb shit like "97, 85, 109"
>I get up and say 100
>told I'm wrong because I didn't estimate
>say I know there's 100 buttons so there's no need to estimate
>told I'm not playing by the rules and I have to estimate
>say my guess is 100 and guessing a rounded up number like 100 makes way more sense than something like 102
>told I'm wrong again and estimating means being almost right
>give up and say 99
>go back to my seat confused
>when everyone has guessed, the teacher says to the class "see nobody got 100, but you all got close just by estimating, this is a really important skill in life"
>she ends the class and we all go to the yard for a break
>all the kids are making a game trying to find who guessed the closest number, as if the teacher never explicitly said there was 100 buttons beforehand
I've literally been thinking about this for decades. What the fuck was she on about? I'm convinced I read her mind and found out there was 100 buttons, it's the only thing that makes sense
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last straw then ill just kms

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How many times have you guys talked about Antarctica today?

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Why the hell would I want to start a family if Chad and Stacey are having kids like this?
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