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BPD general

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Ohayou everyone, bpd-chan here.
Yet another girl with bpd, which doesn't make me special at all, but i'll answer any questions you have, no matter how rude or mean.

Anyone else with bpd is welcome in this thread especially guys, i'd love to hear about your lives

I used to post here a while back and i wonder if anyone remembers me
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My best friend friend finally got a bf who cares about him and respects him for the first time in his life.
>tells me his boyfriend is kinky
>eventually leads up to saying he wants to do gay stuff with me because I'm his closest friend
>my best friend's boyfriend wants to be cucked by ME
I want to make him happy because we've known eachother for our entire lives but I don't know what to say

I Have An Important Question

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Is it a bad idea for me to have children? I am most likely going to stop being a robot by getting cosmetic surgery. I also have been on anti-depressants and would have killed myself were it not for them.
When I finally get married do you think there is a good chance my kids will be fuckups?
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Fapping Friends

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Do you want a friend to fap with on discord? I want a friend to fap with over discord. Or just to talk with other lewd anons in general.
How horny are you today anon?
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help me get a date

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>Have new neighbors
>2 brothers and a sister
>bros are 20, 17
>grill is around 15-16, but really qt
> I am 25 year old virgin, but otherwise well adjusted socially, have friends and generally get along with people

Am I too old? She looks shy and not like the outgoing type. I want to ask a girl out and at least get rejected, fuck it I want to try. What do I say?

ITT: we figure out mysteries

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Why do women use multiple y's in there messages

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How do you think you are going to die?
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Should I go to college to follow my passions and study what I love, even if the job openings are few and the pay may not be great. Or should I become a wage cuck. Study what I don't want to and end up in a job I don't like but have mad shekels?
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>put yourself out there

holy shit this is gold
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