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What snacks do you like?

I like pickles.
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Hello r9k I'm your therapist

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Just lay all of your problems on me and maybe I can shit out some advice.
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Things you hate about people in general
>People who doesn't know basic etiquette, like walking on the right side of the street.
>People who address you informally, are generally too familiar and too up-close.
>People who exclusively wear sneakers.
>People who wear sweatpants in broad daylight.

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Can a sandnigger be a robot?
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PSA: fembots list 3 instant deal breakers

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ill start

> height starts with 5
> cock less than 7
> virgin
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What are you lolicon and shotacon going to do when others find out about your shameful secret?
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>meet girl on tinder
>talk for a couple days
>things go well
>we can hold conversation well
>she's a qt
>asks if she can add me on facebook
>i say yes
>check out her profile
>it's full of UNILAD, LADbible, and twitter 'memes'
this is a cruel world we live in, robots.

>inb4 what did you expect
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How is it going with you anon? You feeling alright. I just want to have a comfy thread talking to some anons and them talking to each other.
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Anyone here ever been arrested? For what?