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i'm a girl with a boyfriend and i post on r9k extensively. i also make most of the regular threads here
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If you were a sexy black female with no friends, how would you be spending your Saturday?

I'm thinking about going to an upscale mall and wearing something tight and slightly see through. Do you think I'd be bored or would some rich white daddies come hit on me? I don't want to get raped or kidnapped though. It has almost happened once by these two niggers waiting for me in their SUV, but I was able to get some help.

I want to flash random men and get some to take creepshots of taken of me and posted online, but I'm not trying to have sex or get physically hurt. Haha

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I miss him so much bros
I wish I could have been his friend and helped him self improve and work out to become the ultimate thot destroyer
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ITT: Worst things people have said to your face

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>anon, you have dead eyes
>I feel like you're an NPC
>there's just something "off" about you
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is /r9k/ brainwashed?
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/drugfeels/ Friday Night Edition

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It's Friday night and you're home all alone yet again with no friends and no gf to do things with, so why not alleviate the suffering for a little while and get ridiculously high?

I've got 3mg of ativan in my system to potentiate all this weed I'm about to smoke. Rolled up a 1g joint, and also have a bowl in my vaporizer just in case it's not enough, even though I don't smoke as much as I used to and have a low tolerance. Thinking about going for a nightwalk rather than smoking it at home browsing 4chan as I usually do.

What substances are my fellow robots getting high on? Let's get high together.
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This story proves that relationships are first and foremost about physical attraction, and _NOT_ about unconditional love.

Not only is that deeply depressing in and of itself, but it is also compounded by our hypocrisy in pretending that things are otherwise.

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Will 4channel be the new reddit?

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I still can't believe he does it for free

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Why do some people enjoy watching their waifus suffer or find it hot? Why would you hurt someone you love?
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