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Why don't girls like penises?
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Suicide Fuel

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post them

this guy situation made me so angry. PUAs should be criminalized.

anything goes, videos, photos, articles, greentexts
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Still up? Need a (You) or human interaction? Then get in here. I'll respond to everyone as long as you post a picture of some sort. We can talk about anything, like how your day went, school, career aspects, vidya, etc.
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>bought my gf a 800 buck laptop just so we can play games

did I fuck up anons?
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Can people without depression truly understand?
I'm so sick of hearing "just snap out of it bro" and "just think positively bro" or "just dont think about bad stuff" or "just go outside". It isn't that fucking easy if it was that easy I wouldn't be here. I think people who say this have only ever experinced sadness. I want to choke them. I cant do it anymore.
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Rate my no ban policy discord anon bae :D

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25+ General

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How are all my oldbots out there doing? Escapism is failing me, finally. I've literally been staring at my wall for about the past 10 hours
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>"Hey little boy, do you wanna come here sleep with mommy? We can cuddle and kiss all night long."
I'd literally melt. What would you do anon?
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post tards

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Fembots leave your contact info im fit and love helping others through a hard time and ive got no damn standards