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Based Wojak fights back against niggers and mudsharks

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> Jackson had a particular deep-seated hatred for black men romantically involved with white women, a police source said.

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>mother upturned the grave of primordial man
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>When your straight friend who doesn't know your gay changes in front of you

Straight guys are like male roasties. Why do you guys do this?
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Whoa... so this is the power of the China man. Stealing white womyn. How can whiteyboi even compete? Get Yerrow'd
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How can i trash my school's Prom?

Let's get some idea's going.

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post your (fucking originally) rare elliots
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>tfw no /fit/ amazonian gf to bully me for being a tiny weak little boy

why even live?
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How to Find Introverted/Shy Girls?

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Where are you supposed to find introverted and/or shy girls? It's a catch-22: I'm shy so I want to meet girls with a similar personality, but we're both shy so we'll never even meet (or talk to) each other. All attempts to contact them has yielded no responses. The best I can do is post my QT chart and hope that one contacts me, but that's antithetical to their nature and has yet to happen. Not sure what to do, am I doomed with this personality trait?

I'll post template below if anyone wants to make their own chart.
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Does anyone want a hamplanet weeaboo bf? I am a virgin but I am not pure
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How long have furries been around?