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Can someone give me the facts on the jews? What evidence is there that they're intentionally trying to destroy the white man with leftist policies?

I've been watching MOONMAN videos and they're funny and everything, but why do jew haters believe such things about the jews that lead to this kind of narrative? I don't buy it because unless jews are actually some kind of alien race, I don't understand how anyone could think there's a race wide conspiracy of this magnitude and subtlety when in the real world the government can't even cover up the president fucking an intern. I worked at a private jewish school and I've met a handful of jews, and my best friend in a jew. They're all just regular people, and my best friend makes jokes about how he's glad he's off anti-depressants which is jew doctor prescribed him and shit like that all the time.

MOONMAN video in question:
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Well robots? Who gets it?
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Fembots, why are you single and lonely?
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If you could fuck a fast food mascot, which one would it be, and why would it be the Wendy's mascot?
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>tfw my wisdom teeth is coming out
it's such an unbearable pain
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Write a letter

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To someone who may or may not ever read it
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Post whatever you want and I will give everyone a (you)
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who here is borderline normal/can fake being normal but has robot quirks or has a second life as a robot?
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Purest love, weekend edition

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It's that time again! Show your siblings or parents some love. Give them a hug, perhaps hold their hand for a while, maybe even a kiss. Even something as small as Vidya or going out for ice cream. Show them that family love is the purest love.

Post results
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Do any of you know any robots IRL? What are they like?
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