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You're only allowed to post ITT if you've had sex within the past 24 hours.
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How did your parents react when they found out you were a faggot (gay, bi, lebian, trans...)? If they don't know, how would your parents react if they found out you were a faggot (gay, bi, lebian, trans...)?

>inb4 my parents are dead
How would/did they react?
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I'm out of feckin rollies edition
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>in college working with qt gay lab partner
>he asks if i'm single
>say yes
>"i know the PERFECT person for you, anon! i'll introduce you after the lab."
>we walk to the cafe
>"that's rebecca over there in green"
>"i'm not a lesbian"
>he looks me up and down taking in my outfit
>"oh... sweetheart" he says frowning
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So uhh

is universal basic income just a meme or will it be a thing
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Intresting question

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If a man loses his virginity but then gets into accident where his entire penis is cut off then gets surgery and recives a bionic penis. Is that man a virgin again?

Eastern European feels

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>tfw no matter what you do women will always find a Western more attractive by the simple fact he's from the West
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how often does r9k brush their teeth?
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Do you like this work of art?
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Will he get re-elected
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