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Males are obsolete

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Think about it. Males are a disposable mutation with the Y chromosome, whereas femaIes are the real compIete humans. Now that there are machines to do labor that males would do, and there's so much sperm in sperm banks, why should we keep males? They are more violent, rapists, and they start all the wars and are the source of most human suffering.
I think we should get rid of males completely, or if we're going to keep them around we should use genetics to make them small and cute, sort of like pets to own. They'd be much better that way and much more safe.
What do you think femanons? Let's build paradise.
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Been like this for like 1 year.
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>go outside
>normies laugh at me

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Have you ever tricked a girl into sleeping with you?

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Did you have a General Grievous phase?
Did you walk around like him and cough and do the voice? Apparently this is a more common thing for bots than I thought.
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What music can a NEET relate to? usually I don't understand song lyrics because I'm too stupid or something so as a last resort I'd like to hear some NEET fitting songs.
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I remember r9k being way better in 2013-2014. Is that true or am I just remembering wrongly


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How do you feel with not being slav enough to hang with the ruskies and not civilised enough to hang with western countries. Please don't write in polish let's respect other not polan robots

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I'm considering hiring an escort to roleplay as my mother. I'd enter the room and she'd come to me in a nightgown and tell me she doesn't love my father anymore and that she only loves me. We proceed to have passionate sex while I keep telling her "I love you, mother!" (Would an escort be ok with that?) and we end up cuddling.

But I'm afraid that if this ever happens, the emotional release would be so strong I'd end up sobbing and soaking myself with tears. What do anons?
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so I heard apparently this is the female equivalent of /r9k/ and as soon as I click the catalog some of the first threads I saw.
>how do I get a sugar daddy >>>https://crystal.cafe/b/res/2088.html?
>sex work
>communism thread
this is what "fembots" are like, just typical souless, degenerate wymen if not worse then your average roastie.
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