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Do fembots like getting filled up by colored cocks?
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Elvis Presley faked his own death edition
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>only the top %20 of men are attractive to women
>even then, they find women more attractive

what hope do we have?
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Anyone else have problems getting hard or keeping an erection? I'm 28 and feel like porn or hentai just doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm thinking of getting viagra, but I don't want to rely on this shit at such a young age.

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Does the fact that people don't see anything wrong with having kids make anyone else sad and angry?

It's like we're stuck in a cycle of fire and misery and the public consensus is that we need to douse the flames with kerosene.

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>enjoyed this vn
>until they started an heroing and had meme creepypasta shit added to it liek hyper realistic eyes and static

is there anything like it besides that one called disability girls or something, didnt care for it
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ITT we say why we're worthless

>28 years old
>still wet the bed sometimes
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who /fujoshit/ here?
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Life would be so much easier if I was born attractive.
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