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/r9krinkle/ teasing and buttpats edition

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You peed yourself AGAIN? Oh my gosh Anon, you're such a baby sometimes...
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Why some men dislike the idea of marrying a woman just because she is not a virgin?.

I would date her in a second, I do nott want someone who is inexperienced. I amm getting to old for all of the training BS so I would take an expert over a dumb rookie any day.
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Does anyone else feel like their body isn't really their own? I feel like I'm playing a video game or something. Like any moment I could zoom out and look away from the "screen". I feel trapped in my own head, like I'm piloting some kind of fleshy mech.

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Why can't I have Charles Bonnet syndrome to have a bf? If I can't get a real one, then hallucination will do.
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Most white women prefer black men.
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Please recommend me some anime

What I'm looking for:
>"lads in a high school" genre
>more towards comedy rather than drama/melodrama
>romcoms are fine
>no lesbians

Hit me up with those suggestions
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Avicii died by suicide, his family confirm

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What would drive a multimillionaire into suicide?
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>25 years of age
>have had intercourse, even had something akin to a 'sex life'
>have never had a relationship
>unable to form meaningful connections with women, default to turning all interactions sexual because it makes me feel safer
>treating women like disposable fuck toys makes me feel safer
>enormously jealous and insecure, hate myself
>every moment of my life is defined by shame and guilt
>every day I feel like I am living in an elaborate lie, a joke at my expense
>try to find a relationship, make something work
>try to change myself
>always ruin it
>realize I need to just give up
I'm not meant to be happy. Even here everyone fucking despises me because I'm not a virgin. I don't fucking belong anywhere. I just want to be happy. Fuck why is that so hard.