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Why are women okay with be used and abused and tossed around by attractive guys and Chads, but absolutely despise it to the point of claiming rape and assault and purposefully embarrassing or socially destroying average or ugly guys who try the same?

I mean like actually why? What makes them like it from attractive guys? Why are they not only okay with it, they fucking actively enjoy it and seek it? What makes it so enjoyable for them they're willing to do it, love it, talk about it to friends, and let Chads take pics/videos like pic related?

If it's a submission thing, shouldn't they enjoy it from basically any dominant guy? Why only attractive guys? I don't get it...
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Got a toothache lads. Help me.
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What is the ultimate brainlet litmus test?

My suggestion: Having ever been outsmarted by a female.

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All hail St Elliot. The true alpha male.

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Can anyone be my father figure, i dont even shower im just a worthless neet girl who plays mmorpgs all day.
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Name 5 autistic things that you do/about you

>scared of dogs to the point screaming whenever i see one
>like traps
>scared to talk to people irl
>shake my head for no reason
>be diagnose with autism

What about you robots
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my life is so god damn bad

>born poor as fuck
>parents born out in the middle of nowhere
>nothing near me like 2 towns that are 10-30 miles away with no way to get to them
>parents never bought me a car while I was in school or after graduating
>manage to get a fucking dui in high school over a hit of weed
>have no license still going into college because too poor to pay back fines
>nothing in my town like one gas station thats shutting down and have like 2-3 people in my town my own age
>everyone around me is a degenerate and the people here are literally brain dead
>go to college and have jobs in between classes and shit
>still cant have a car because parents are poor as fuck
>my house is broken down as fuck embarassing to bring people over
>give up on life decide im going to run away to the big city and be homeless
>too much of a pussy just spend years in my room drinking and smoking doing nothing
>finally get a way to get a shit load of money
>black out by accidentally overdosing on a pill
>get another dui
>get a fucking long ass probation time
>cant move cant do anything cant drive AGAIN

my life is totally FUCKED. the only thing i have a chance at is being a semi loser thats like 30 that missed out on life and is a bumpkin and god will STILL find a fucking way to trap me in this shit town no matter what happens because im just meant to be trapped in this shit hole and be a god damn fucking bumpkin no matter what i do

FUCK *kicks shit over*
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Anyone else wanna throat fuck the shit out of these girls?

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Normally I don't give a shit about this, but recently a friend casually brought up in a conversation he is Bi-sexual.
I feel absolutely disgusted and angry about this.
Known the person for almost 5 years, and was never brought up.

how the fuck do you become more accepting of this shit? Or am I right to be disgusted about this shit