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>"why don't you come over here and cuddle with me, anon? i'll make you feel loved"
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What are your fighting skills like /r9k?
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What the fuck is going on. Why are egg man and laci green hanging out? Who is pulling the strings here?
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Remember, you're anonymous.

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>he doesn't shave his legs
Wew how disgusting, no wonder girls despise you.
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Would you rather work in retail, fast food, or an office job?
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what was their names again?

origi commente
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Do females really like how dicks look? It looks like a deformed appendage. And what's the appeal of big dicks? "Wow that looks like it's really going to hurt oh boy"

I don't get it. Boobs and butts look nice and soft, and are an allusion to the vagina, which feels nice.
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*sniff sniff*

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"Jeez, what smells like dog shit? Heh. Anyway, that'll be 25 dollars. Plus tip."

What do you do, anon?
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>work 60 hours last week
>boss calls me at 4
>night guy called out and i either come in or i'm canned
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