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Why is it so satisfying? I love walking home pressing hard on my ingrown toenails knowing I'm going to have a good explosion of pus come from my nails when I take my shoes off.
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What are some tiny youtube channels that you subscribe to?

protip: 100,000 subscribers is not tiny
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>you will never be a cute lesbian
why live
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How can I find a fujioshi gf who's okay with me being a femboy who likes to trap?

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>political ideology

>virgin? y/n
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/nefarious/ thread

>go to mcdonalds
>ask for extra pickles on my burger
>don't like pickles
>pick them out of my burger and throw them away when I get home
>forced mcdonalds to waste $0.003 of ingredients for nothing

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>Be me
>horrible self esteem
>severe inferiority complex
>no confidence in myself at all
>no friends
>today at work
>one of my coworkers says to me "Not gonna lie, you come off as a fucking asshole, if I didn't know you I would think you hated me, but I know that's just how you are."

Is this why I have no friends and girls don't like me?
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Is anyone watching My 600lb Life right now? This guy is a goddamn meme factory

>fat as fuck (800lbs)
>piss bottles
>eats 6 pizzas a day
>makes fun of wagies
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BPD thread (male)

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Oh shit guys. I just realized I fit the bill for BPD. Used to think it was primarily other disorders but I'm pretty sure I'm like a textbook asshole who doesn't deserve nice things.

Also general BPD thread.
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>Attempt to OD
>Wake up anyways
Fuck this shit.

Is it possible to chug cleaning chemicals or does the body panic and stop you?

Don't tell me to get helium. I literally have no money anymore. I got a month before I'm evicted.
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