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Death by amoeba

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I think I'm actually dying robots.
I went to a state park with my weeb friend yesterday and I shot some of the spring water into my nose while swimming. Either I'm seriously ill mentally, but I have symptoms of having naegleria fowleri, a brain eating amoeba.
I may actually die in 5 days. I woke up this morning unable to count to 6 without trying at least 8 times. And other symptoms like smell and taste seem to have manifested as well.
The disease actually has 95% mortality rate, and the 4 cases of people who have lived got treatment right away.
wat do?
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Is nostalgia a happy or sad feeling for you?

For me it's a bit of both
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im going for a haircut today when i come home from work

my hair currently is pretty much pic related (not a photo of me)

what should i ask for and why?
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ITT: how autism changed you

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the metal gear series has changed my political and moral beliefs
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What happened to metal music?

I've noticed that very FEW kiddos these days, ages ranging from 14-22, no longer like metal music? What happened? I remember when metal was HUGE on MySpace. The fuck happened? Metal, even the most meme metal bands, gives you a taste of testosterone. Suddenly, everyone is a faggot and getting blown up at Ariana Grande concerts.

What happened???
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Why don't you just get a bf?

You'd be way better off that way.

You'd love it, Anon.
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Let us embrace these hours, the high IQ hours, the hours in which the cockroaches are still fast asleep. This is the only time of the day in which we, the other 53.3% of this site may be on this site without the other 46.7% ruining everything for us.

Let us join as one at last: the europeans, middle easterns, africans and asians and vibrate our IQ cells together to shoot an IQ beam that will destroy the americans so that this site quality will finally rise up in quality more than ever before and eliminate the brainlets forever. IKUZO!
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What did you guys do the last time this painfully awkward situation has come up?

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>wake up


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People on 4chan are generally smart
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