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Sad Pic Thread

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Show us your pics of absolute dread :
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Is this what men have come to /r9k/?
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>on first date with oneitus
>Decided to follow friends advice and go to an arcade
>Blow $50 and spend the next 2 hours fucking around with her
>Snuggle on the bus
>Walk her home and kiss at the door
>[Spoilers]she said it was the best date she ever had
>She wants to meet tommorow for lunch

This is the happiest I've ever been in my life

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pretty girls make me nervous

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if you want a girlfriend so much why not just lower your standards?

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>be me
>senior fag in highschool
>18 y/o
>go to school
>in math class
>put in retarded math class bc of credits fucked up
>when suddenly
> look out of class window sees people being arrested for weed i assume
>10 mins later hear the announcements
>"please excuse this interruption the school is on lockdown do not let the students out of class until you hear my voice again"
>nigger classmates freak out
>stays calm
>SROs (student recourse officers) frisk everyone for bulletproof vests on them
>shit i have one in my backpack bc of over protective dad
>didnt check my bag
>tell people just in case there is a shooter to empty their bags and load 3-4 textbooks to stop any handgun, or shotgun bullet
>everything turns out to be fine
>be in social studies
>doesnt drop guard
>get teased
>gets angry
>people say im gonna shoot up the school
>gets patted down by SROs in front of class
>even backpack
>finds vest
>tell then its legal to have it
>they know it is
>explain why i have it
>"my dad has me carry it around because of recent shootings"
>class calls me bulletproof boy now
>gets isolated from class
someone help I dont know what to do

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>tfw no really submissive gf
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Is there anything worse than being an ugly girl? Knowing that you will never be anyones first choice?
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I am uncircumcised and will have my son circumcised

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I'm uncircumcised and there is nothing good about it. When I was a young kid I had inflammation on my foreskin and I can actually remember my parents putting cream on it and it hurting like hell.
That was just a fleeting thing, but in general having a foreskin is not a good thing at all.
Until a few years ago I suffered from a somewhat tight frenulum which prevented the glans from fully retracting. My dick wadnt unusual.
When you see pictures of "normal" foreskins, they all have it. I tied my frenulum off which was the best thing I ever did for my dick. I'm still uncut but my dick now functions more like a cut dick. So to avoid all this hassle I will certainly have my son circumcised. I basically destroyed my frenulum (it went from being a thick ridge to virtually invisible line) and sex is better and more pleasureable than ever, no sensations lost.
Get cut guys. Or at least tie your frenulums off. Follow the steps on a site called male initiation... it has pictures too and you can see how neat and great it looks.
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>Why haven't you seen Black Panther yet, Anon? You're not racist, are you?
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