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I want to sail around the world with a crew of good mates and a handful of whores. That'd be the life. Eating fish everyday, getting drunk every night. Fuck.


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I'm curious. Is she hot? I have a thing for hot mommies. Please tell me all about your mother. I'm very curious (asking for a friend)
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am i a bad person because i value being right over being kind?
i limit myself to only criticizing when it's actually constructive and the things that i'm pointing out that if changed would make them better in that area and i want people to do the same to me
i definitely come off as abrasive but that's how you get a gemstone, by having it interact with abrasive stuff

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What are some things you do to save your NEET/autismbux? heres some of mine
>on foodstamps and NEETbux
>have grown accustomed to using baking soda and apple cider vinegar for a multitude of things
>replaced shampoos and conditioners with baking soda and apple cidar vinegar(hair has actually never been better no dandruff like i used to ironically)
>clean house by scrubbing baking soda for tough stains and vinegar and lemon juice spray for counter tops and surface cleaning
>laundry soap got too expensive one day so used 2 tbsp dawn and 1/2cup baking soda for laundry never switched because dont see a problem with it and its much much cheaper
and of course bulk beans, rice flour(for bread making) eggs. Another trick I learned is ground pork and hamburger combined together taste good and give you a lot of meat to last you for a variety of dishes like hamburgers, meatloaf, chili, taco meat, ect

lets take a moment to share ways to save up our money, even the wagee could benefit from this thread
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Today between spending 5 hours riding buses and trains, I actually went for a nightwalk in Calabasas and Woodland Hills. I passed by many of the places that Elliot mentioned going to like Sagebrush Cantina, Val Surf, and of course, The Commons mall. I bought lotter tickets at the Ralph's in Woodland Hills and the one at The Commons, one of which was where Elliot bought his first lottery ticket, and they still have the original draw-games-only vending machines there, so one of those was at the exact same vending machine actually. Didn't check my numbers yet but nobody won the Mega Millions or Fantasy 5 today. Of course, what I really, really want most of all is to win the Powerball Jackpot tomorrow though. Its been a long journey of faith, hope and shitposting, and my determination to win the lottery has only ever increased.
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Who else here has fetishes that can't be performed by real women?

Meta Tinder Thread

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The idea of this thread is not to have the typical "How do I get matches?", "What do I say to sluts?", etc. but rather a discussion about the App itself: it's dynamic, the way it influences the modern dating market and society itself.
Experience reports are welcome but keep it somewhat sophisticated and not just "yeah, I matched this chick and banged her".

To kick it off:

I had a few somewhat honest conversations with girls who actually admitted to use the app for nothing else but to push their self-esteem. They reported many of their female friends to do the same thing. Of course this doesn't take away the chance of them actually hooking up with Chad, yet it puts some perspecitve on the whole "chicks don't respond/convo goes nowhere" thing.

Gonna try and dig out some data about Tinder, will keep this thread bumped.
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Power level thread! Reveal your power levels, anons.
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Is this robot food? Cheeseburgers with just ketchup.

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alright anon ...
time to prove you're as smart as you claim to be :-)
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