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The story that btfo CREEPS everywhere

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>jerked off into my underwear
>didnt bother to clean up becuase I didn't want my family to hear me early in the morning
>an hour goes by and I regret not cleaning up, huge cum patch
>dab it with tissues and wear it back to bed

>I don't want to do this anymore...

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How do robots feel about the worrying trend of more and more waifus spreading their legs for The BBC?
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>your brother is famous and rich because hes goodlooking and you are a ugly manlet incel
really makes me think lol

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>'' Boipussy'(not a real word) can be cleaned with an enema
Do you wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap? Yes you do. A mans anus will never be clean.

Sorry to burst your bubble faggots.
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what is the correct response if a girl asks me if she is beautiful? (she is not)

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>Calls himself a man
>Doesn't drink scotch
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So I took a bunch of adderall thinking it could help with school. I have two classes today and I didn't go to either because I was unable to pull myself away from masturbating through both of them. I also have a paper due tomorrow which will require willpower of divine intervention or the rest of the adderall to get done.
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Going undercover as Chad and I've convinced this Nubian queen to let me sketch her naked.

What should I do lads? Never thought it would work
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Feels Music Thread

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ITT: Post some of your personal favorites when it comes to sad music. It could be from an anime when a character dies, it could be the last song you listened to with someone who you never saw again, or it could just be nostalgia inducing of a time when you thought life was good.
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