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Have you ever rejected a girl? How did you feel about it and how did they act?

I've rejected 3

>one morbidly obese girl that asked me out with cupcakes, I ate the cake and said no
>one fat slag at uni, she tried to suck my dick once but I pushed her away
>one actually hot girl just because I could

I'm no Chad but it is just satisfying turning girls down. It will make it all the better when the right girl comes along
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/letters/ thread

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Write a letter to someone who might read it. Include initials to let them know.
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how're you guys doing tonight?

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who here /selfcheckoutGOD/?
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This is my steam account, i dont really play anything anymore but i would love to have someone to talk to when im high.

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>when you touch her testicles for the first time

Hug your imouto

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It's that time again.
Go hug your imouto and post results.

Make sure to tell her how much you love her too! Now go!

Be a good aniki edition.
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Lonely Sad

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Can I get invited into a discord or something. I don't know if I want to talk, I don't think I want to. I just wanted to listen to people talk. I can't sleep and I feel lonely and vacant, just want to hear people have conversations.

Would someone be willing to set something up or give me their discord server so I can just take a break from solitude.

Thanks in advance.
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>tfw 24
>no job experience
>no degree
Am I fucked?
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>There are women out there that think that their vagina feels better than a onahole
It must suck being replaced by a peice of rubber, being you never do anything else nowadays and are not worth the risk.
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