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/ept/ Elliot Prevention Thread #2: Virgin Killer Edition

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See what happens when you are virgin for too long?

So how many women did you approach today?
Are you trying to improve your looks?
>Reminder that even your face can be fixed with plastic surgery.

Are you too ugly and inexperianced?
Consider using a prostitute, but don't forget to put on the condom.

Remember Elliotism is a preventable disease, don't wait till it gets to the final stage.

If you need any advice just ask :D
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Virgins or incels who haven't had sex in a long time please share your age and why you can't find a woman.
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has any fembot here had their cervix hit by a guy? how did it feel did it hurt?
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2007 oldfag here. I saw most of the stuff this board has been through. From chanology to reiko's recent ""Raid"", and I never saw this board become as degrading as this.
I'm quitting this board and probably this chan aswell, the degeneracy here is getting unbearable, there are no longer actual robots here, and most, if not all of you are either failed normals or normals pretending to be robots, or even worse, roasties. I could turn a blind eye to that, but they don't even try to make good enough threads, and now this is just a shitposting hell. I could turn a blind eye to that too, but with the recent influx of ""tourists"", SJWs and roasties, soon enough this site is going to lose its free speech. Don't fool yourself, you're probably one of those trying to act ""cool"" and edgy. On one year this will be /b/ 2.0 or NSFW /lgbt/, unfortunately, and this is not something I want to see.
Now, for the tourists and normals that are lurking, this site has nothing to offer to anyone, there is no quality content here you cannot get elsewhere faster and more efficiently, this is an addiction which reduces productivity, attention span and free time. You're becoming bitter, narrow minded, haughty and old. Leave now. There is nothing here but slow, lonely, helpless suicide.
People do not have arguments here, posters do not engage one another on key points, they nitpick with greentext and mock each other. Nobody is interested in the truth, people are battling for the fleeting moment of superiority. Active posters are loud jackasses who stumble into one internet fighters theanother, anxiously keeping ten tabs open to ensure they have the last word on all of them.

ITT We laugh at females

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They cant even raid us properly edition
How many times do we need to do this?
>I have rights, I'm human too, and-
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25+ Thread

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25+ Thread last of the robots Edition

I'm 95% sure that we are the last social outcasts. Right now, with every subculture and niche (fringe fandoms included) being absorbed into the monoculture, with youtube instructional videos on every conceivable thing, meetups (4chan meetups are mostly dead but outside it's more lively), etc, to fuck up *now* would mean you would have to be actively fucking yourself over OR you are severely mentally ill.

You can argue about the exact cutoff year (it's '92) but I feel this is pretty much true.
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Hi bros and gals. I come from f
rom Reddit but can not find

an answer. I only smoke for a

year and I already have a

tolerance to a 20% THC

strain what should I do also see the Jews responsible for making weed not get u high like alcohol?
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>roasties on talk show talking about toronto and about "incels"
>says parents didn't teach incels enough empathy so they end up hating women
>says her child is gender fluid and plays with barbies so he's not an incel
>says incels are scared of women having power
>literally says incels are terrorists against women
>young men are a threat to society, compares incels to ISIS
a-all I wanted was a gf, why did it have to come to this?
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