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Anyone else here got those extreme voice insecurities?
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Late Night Music Thread 11

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How's your day been bots?

Come share some music in your local meme bar

Here's some Charles Manson to start us off

greatest fears

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the ones that keep you up if you dont keep them down

doesnt matter what kind

>getting tortured
>being alone for the rest of my life
>permanent financial struggles
>my dog dying
>losing limbs
>really any kind of death besides in my sleep due to natural causes
>the prospect of there being nothing after death
>going blind
>going deaf
>being sentenced to prison for over 2 years

Toronto Rentcucks

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>looking for a new place
>see this literal closet
>$1400 canadabux
Jesus fucking christ

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any robots watching ice piss?

25 +

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Its that time of day again; our daily 25+ thread.
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Is it legally okay to have sex with a girl who is mentally retarded?

I know a girl who was taken advantage of and she's very retarded (can't talk levels of retard.)

Is it okay to have sex with her?
She wouldn't resist, and actually thinks it's fun.

Is this against the Law?
I won't do it if it's illegal.
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Looking for a fembot and pamper and spoil with gifts

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I'm looking for a fembot to date (even edate through discord). I want a gf to pamper spoil with gifts and kisses also to suck her toes and eat out her pussy and make her become a pervert nudist if you're interested contact me on discord at Salaryman#0032 I really want to meet someone and strike up a relationship. NOT LOOKING FOR AN EGIRL ORBITER RELATIONSHIP. LOOKING FOR A GIRL WHO ACTUALLY WANTS A BF

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>tfw 21
>already have midlife crisis
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