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People on 4chan are generally smart
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how long has it been since you went outside, robots? what's your record?
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>tfw you orgasm but a wave of sadness overtakes you halfway through and ruins it

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What happened to scenes like emo, goth, punk, pop-punk, skater?

It seems everyone is cookie cutter as fuck nowadays, merely following every latest trend and listening to all the same shitty music.
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guys, I'm a Muslim in Europe and scared
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>tfw horrible at arguing/debating
>always think opposing argument is more convincing
>lose focus of structure and have long awkward pauses
>notes seem blurry
>take forever to think of what to say next
>just end up embarrassing myself

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Write a letter or something using predictive text

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Could you ever have a child/children with a non-white woman?