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I've been reading about strangulation. It sounds like way to painful and can take up to 20 fucking minutes. Can't do that.

Only have a 22 revolver, probably leave me brain damaged.

Poison...fuck no

Is there a non meme way of ending it without excruciating pain.
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Why don't you rap?
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>be me
>be homeless
>be posting from my college which I haven't paid tuition for
>suck off a bunch of guys in broad daylight on the street
>snort heroin in a park
>drink a homeless guy's piss

I wanted to be a mathematician or a physicist or an engineer or something....

Whose life isn't turning out like they planned?
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post catchphrases you use, especially if you say them aloud when no one is around

i say "we eatin" whenever i'm doing something really comfy, especially if i don't have work the next day
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yer i-ill have a large big Mac meal with s-s-small fries and. Medium coke but without the fries and make the medium coke a small one and add a coke as an extra but also add fries to my meal. Also no drink needed
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How come girls dislike brown eyes so much?
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japan has better culture that anywhere else on the planet currently

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I saw her last seven years ago. She had white hair of the same length as she is now. I was very in love with her, and now I am also in love with her. He does not remember me because we rarely talked to each other.
Rate it.

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Is smoking cool in the US? I'm Korean, and basically if you don't smoke, you are considered a pussy here because everyone smokes during their service in the army. But, what is it like over there?

Beta cringe general

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