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robot server, expect to be banned for being normalfag, quality>quantity is what I say
culture still forming /WnJW2a

good server no griefers
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How many of you sad fucks did she scam so far?When will you learn that no fucking e-girl wants anything from you,besides your fucking money?
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Nigs Only

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Blackanon thread, where my niggas at? Discuss your experiences with women, 4chan, and the internet as a black person.
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>help robots, i want to die

I see this a lot here. If you are actually going to kys, here is some advice:

>Consider turning into a vigilante/hero and guard the streets. Someone will eventually shoot you down
>Try to take out the gangs in the hood/mafia. If you dont die then consider yourself the son of John Wick and Spike
>go to the house of the person you hate the most, break in and blow your brains out inside
>Go to a school and punch the fuck out of bullies. If the police comes for you, then pull your gun and kys
>turn into a trap, travel the streets at night, wait for someone to try to rape you then shot him until he cant move
>Anything you feel its heroic enough that also puts your life on risk

If you are going to die, die knowing you did something good. At least you helped everybody by giving us a better future

cheapest types of shotguns to get the job done?

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tried to find someone that loved me, realize that they tried to fuck ewhores
i'm done trying now.
can you please tell me how to exit this bad dream?
don't worry about recommending good shotguns. i wouldn't want to take anyone with me in the first place
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posting stats
post your stats
post your feels
post your stats mostly
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What happened to hipsters? Have they all been replaced by these faggot mac demarco arthoe zoomers now?
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I've lost everything. I can't do anything about it. I have no outlet. Nothing. I'm stuck. My only idea is relapsing into cutting. I won't go easy. I cross my fingers on striking an artery. If that occurs, I'll get into a warm bath. I know it'll probably take several minutes to bleed until unconsciousness, and it will likely be painful as fuck, but I can't wait any longer. I'm done with this sick, cruel life. It was fun being here with you guys, but it's never truly going to get better. Even when it seems to, eventually something new comes up.

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i thought they were gonna release a new season this year

what happened? all my favourate animes end like this

AnimeBaths.Wikia.com is being killed

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Nov 14 death notice https://animebaths.wikia.com/wiki/?diff=119753 day of execution: November 30. Over six thousand articles about anime waifus taking baths about to be annihilated...

I'm getting very stuck on the https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Exporting_all_the_files_of_a_wiki process and was wondering if anyone here might be able to help walk me through it.
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