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She doesn't like you.

No I should rephrase that. No one ever likes you. No girl will ever even come close to thinking of you as anything more than just that weird nice guy. You're nothing and no one. You deserve to just sit there and rot alone with no one to ever love you. If she flirts with you, she was just being friendly. If she seeks you out she just wants attention. If she hangs out with you it's because she wants entertainment.

You can't fill that role because you're undesirable. You can't be more because no one wants you. Give up, you're only hurting yourself by holding out hope. No one wants you. No one thinks of you as anything special, you should just lie down and die, but you can't, can you? Because then they'll all feel bad, they'll pity you and that's probably worse than having them barely tolerate you.

So you sit there and you wait. And you hope you die some natural way, some way that can cut this life sentence of yours short. And at the end of each day you're just a little more tired, and you've gotten just a little more worn down. But no one can see because they're barely looking at you, they don't care that your mask is cracking, as long as it doesn't crack in front of them.

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Why the fuck does my mom have a problem with marijuana? It's as common as drinking alcohol for young people and it's way less harmful. It makes me able to relax and forget about being so pathetic and alone, even if only for a few hours at a time.

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I want to be a girl anons.
Help me out pls, how can I fix myself without being a freak, I dont want to go to /lgbt/ it's full of normalfags :(
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Who's the most famous person to post on /r9k/?
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Alright robots what would it be like to date you?
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Prostate milking

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Does anyone have any tips or techniques to give a prostate massage. I want to be able to make my gf (male) cum from one if possible and before people say "just use your dick", it's nice to be able to do both.
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How much do you guys tip your barber?
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Woman hate thread

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THIS IS THE LAST STRAW! What should we do about the woman problem?
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Why are native Australians so fucking ugly??
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