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>saw cute girl working at the shopping centre
>start to go there every day to see her
>she started to notice my habits and commented on it
>'I'm only 17 you know ;)'

This has gone too far.
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>tfw spent over $29,000 on cosmetic surgeries and beauty treatments
>didn't go overboard with any of it, remained level and reasonable with my expectations and got extremely natural results
>am officially beautiful

And I'm still a miserable NEET. The depression is chronic, it's not linked to any external factors, there's something inside of me that's broken and it doesn't matter how much information I consume, how much I develop as a person nor how beautiful I become, I'm always going to be like this aren't I?

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This is you after no fap
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How the fuck am I supposed to tell the first girl I'll ever fuck that I'm a 22 yo virgin bc I was addicted to porn and wasn't sure about my sexuality?
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ITT: characters that you wish to emulate in one way or another.

For me, it's Dio Brando. I'd love to adopt his supreme confidence and alpha male demeanor.
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This is a story about how I lost my virginity.

>Be 17 years old, homeschooled, and extremely sheltered.

>After years of begging to go to school with kids my age my parents finally agree to let me attend the local high school.

>They buy me one of those Jitterbug phones with parental controls set so I can only call or text them.

>Be my first day, my parents let me see Spiderman 2, I liked it so much she bought me a Spiderman backpack.

>I make it through the first half of the day without a problem, nothing more than a few stares. Pretty sure it's at my sick backpack.

>Be Lunch period

>I'm in the lunch room when a group of guys walk over. I look up from the sack lunch of carrots and vegan bologna my mom made me.

>"Hey guys, you're welcome to sit here." I say smiling.

>"hEy GuYs, YoU'rE wElCoMe To SiT hErE." Says one of the boys, mocking me. I would later found out his name was literally "Chadwick."

>They all laugh then Chadwick grabs my sandwiches squashing it in his hand. Pieces of my vegan bologna fell on the ground as the boys all started to laugh.

>Hear shouting, I didn't quite understand the words, but they were loud and powerful, the boys stopped and looked behind them and as they separated I saw a blond angel approaching.

>The angel's fist was raised high in the air as she shouted.

>The boys laughed.

>Her fist came crashing down on Chadwick's head.

>"She thit me!" He shouted, blood dripping from his mouth, he had bitten his tongue and was now talking with an audible impediment.

>The boys walked away looking offended.

>The angel started to speak. She also had a speech impediment, much like Chadwicks, and I saw a hearing aid in her ear.

>She's deaf.

>"Hi, my name is Debbie!" She shouted and thrust her hand out at me. I shook it, and she crushed my hand with the strength of her handshake.

>We start dating.
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What was your taste of the good life, /r9k/?

>Daily reminder you will never live the good life

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Do women rely on sex appeal because they have nothing else?
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would quitting the internet solve our problems

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I've been in Japan for 7 months now.

I figure you guys might want to have some questions answered about the country. Go ahead, I have some time to spare.
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