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to the femanons

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https://desuarchive. org/r9k/thread/2685539/#2686907
Look at that r9k thread from 2012. Actual, tangible proof.

>long posts, in depth
>open about feelings
>women posting openly as females
>talking at length about their bfs
>maybe even about bad things they did, as humans do

But you'll notice
>no roastie ree
>no "fucking women ruined the board"
>no accusations of reddit spacing, or posters actively seeking out differences so they can accuse others of not belonging there

It's like the posters from around 2016 have decided to manufacture this past utopia of how r9k "used to be", but it's a FUCKING lie. They're LIARS. And they do it so consistently I wonder if they actually believe their own shit.

Is there any hope that r9k will go back to how it was, or is it too late?
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What do hot sorority girls do after graduating college?
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Name 5 autistic things that you do/about you

>scared of dogs to the point screaming whenever i see one
>like traps
>scared to talk to people irl
>shake my head for no reason
>be diagnose with autism

What about you robots

Am I fucked?

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My mom found my stash of her, my older sister, and my younger sister's panties. She didn't say anything but they're all gone and she was the only one home while I was at lecture. There were like 20 pairs so I can't just play it off as them forgetting it in my room fuck fuck fuck
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any of you work from home

whats it like

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i fucked your waifu nigga


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filling out for the normal anon since i don't see his posts anymore - edition

anon, why are you still fat when the glorious option of FASTing is available to you?

simply stop stuffing your snout with food and you're good!
It's simple and the fastest way to lose weight. you don't even need to leave the house or do sport!

drink water only, coffee or tea without milk, cream or sugar are allowed. no food. no sweet beverages, they have calories in them.

If you're doing less than 5 days you're good to go, if not please visit /fit/'s /FAST/ general to learn about the risks involved.
hunger goes away after day 1/2!

happy weight loss!