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Why havent you taken the black pill yet
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/comfy thread/

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Time to start a comfy thread and hope this one gets decent number of replies.
I miss the old times when comfy threads were based here on r9k, I'm trying to rebuild this tradition.
As always, post comfiness, share comfiness, steal comfiness, do whatever you like.
I'll start.
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/r9k/ posters you recognize

>that robot who makes all the black women love white dicks threads
>that robot who makes all the black men are gay sissys for white cock threads
>that robot who makes all the white women love bbc threads
>that robot who makes all the Asian men taking white women threads
>that robot who makes the why arent you sucking cocks already threads
>that robot who makes the school/mass shooting threads
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Is /r9k/ dying?

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I'm not a regular.
I just come here sometimes.
I just noticed that the highest reply count thread is only 169.
I used to see threads reaching 300-400 replies by 90-110 IP's.
Did something happen or is it just random?
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>been lurking/posting /r9k/ for a few hours
>like 15 drug threads
>couple are mine

What brought out all the fellow druggies tonight?
>pic not related
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Heres a retarded fucking story I just remembered from when I was little.

>be me
>probably like 9-10 at the time
>have my own computer (shitty E-machines)
>play hella runescape and club penguin, all the good shit
>i was also fucking retarded
>never properly wiped my ass after taking a shit
>scratched my ass crack with bare hands and ended up getting shit on them
>wipe it on the underside of the desk I used
>this continues for about a year
>one day the stench becomes almost unbearable and mom comes into room thinking some rat died in the walls or some shit
>looks around my room
>looks under desk

> mom sees a massive layer of dried, crusted over shit on the underside of my desk
>desk gets fucking thrown out
>grounded for a month

I was fucking disgusting, if you are interested I have a couple other disgusting stories about 9 year old anon (and my horrifying masturbation discovery)

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What is the best drug and why?
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guys what the fuck, she stopped replying after this, how the fuck do i salvage

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its right this will never happen to me
the howling loneliness of my life will never ebb
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