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>My dad is a 5'3 Filipino and my mom is 5'11 Norwegian
>I'm 6'2
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ITT: MBTI discord plus discuss


>inb4 INTP suicidal
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friend with bigger cock thread

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>watch porn and jack off with friend
>friend has much bigger dick
>dynamic of friendship changes forever

did anyone else go through this experience?
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>2/10 chink grill confessed to me today
>I'm not attracted to her at all and this came out of nowhere
>Don't want my kids to come out ugly and autistic
>Feel sad and guilty about it
Are you supposed to return love in this situation? It's the first time this happens to me and I don't know what to do. I'm not a Chad or anything like that btw, a literal 5/10.
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A female friend of mine told me I have an "interesting voice". I wasn't singing or anything, she's just talking about my normal speaking voice. And there was a pause too. She said "You have an... interesting voice". What does this mean?
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Does anyone else on here get vagina envy?

l don't think l really want to be a woman, but l look at my dick and just wish I had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pleasurable for women it makes me deeply depressed... It feels like biology and my body have betrayed me.
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I just don't get it
What is their end game?
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