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Game Journalists literally want cu-ck shit in kingdom come.

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>"We know of African kings in Constantinople on pilgrimage to Spain; we know of black Moors in Spain; we know of extensive travel of Jews from the courts of Cordoba and Damascus; we also know of black people in large cities in Germany," the historian, Sean Miller, tells me. Czech cities Olomouc and Prague were on the famous Silk Road which facilitated the trade of goods all over the world. If you plot a line between them, it runs directly through the area recreated in Kingdom Come. "You just can't know nobody got sick and stayed a longer time," he says. "What if a group of black Africans came through and stayed at an inn and someone got pregnant? Even one night is enough for a pregnancy."
>"What if a group of black Africans came through and stayed at an inn and someone got pregnant? Even one night is enough for a pregnancy."

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post waifus

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>tfw using explosion magic
poor megu..
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>Normals decide for you to die a virgin
>Proceed to mock you routinely for being a virgin

"Humans are inherently good"

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Lads you ever discover that your friends and shit might be massive fucking autists?

>Be at college
>Meet girl through a friend
>Really quiet but a real ct3.14 (In an actual 8/10 way not some rancid scene girl some of you degenerates like)
>Talk to her and find out we're really similar, like the same movies/music etc.
>Months go by
>Get bored sometimes and I google friends usernames from like newgrounds and shit to see if they have any hidden lols on old forums
>search hers
>Slash fiction on fucking weird websites of her and Alex Turner
>Date Written: 2017
>Mouth drops and just start laughing

I honestly believe everybody should do this because you can get massive lols or actually improve your self esteem knowing how autistic some people you know are

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>tfw brainlet
>tfw smart in the way I have thought about so many things and philosophized so much that it has made me depressed.

>tfw that minus the high iq part.
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If your life were a novel and you the hero, how do you think people would receive it?
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I really hope you autists realize that hating on trannies so much and telling them to just be their birth gender just creates more competition for you. We should encourage transgenderism, it provides with more of a chance.
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oh no!

Tyrone has cornered you in an alley
How can you escape from this situation with your precious butthole intact?
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I am a human being.
Even if you don't want to treat me like one...
Even if you hate me...
Even if you want me to die...
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