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Looking for a fembot and pamper and spoil with gifts

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I'm looking for a fembot to date (even edate through discord). I want a gf to pamper spoil with gifts and kisses also to suck her toes and eat out her pussy and make her become a pervert nudist if you're interested contact me on discord at Salaryman#0032 I really want to meet someone and strike up a relationship. NOT LOOKING FOR AN EGIRL ORBITER RELATIONSHIP. LOOKING FOR A GIRL WHO ACTUALLY WANTS A BF

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>tfw 21
>already have midlife crisis
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Evens: jack off
Odds: work out
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How do I learn to find Asian women attractive? I am Asian and my best chance at getting a gf is an Asian girl but goddamn I find 99.99% of them ugly as fuck. How can I cure myself of this curse?
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Forced Bi

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Bianon here, was just wondering for some advice from other robots. Should I pay a Dominatrix for a forced bi scene to live out my wildest fantasy? Why or why not? Do any robots have any prior experiences partaking in this activity?

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Should I pay $5000 to have my brown eyes surgically changed to blue by lasers?
I would have to travel to LA as well
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is here any chubby girl that would like to lose weight with me
maybe we will like each other, maybe you will introduce me to one of your friends

come on

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What does /r9k/ think of my new gf?
I'll post more picture of her if you want.

She's robot-worthy and has only had 1 boyfriend in her entire lifetime. I'm her 2nd.
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Psychological Support

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Taking turns addition

Talk to and help each other and try to make ourselves feel better.

Name in name field makes communication easier
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