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If you're an F or a J type, I don't like you
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carnists BTFO haha
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>Yeah honey, it's going to be an all-girl night, talk to you later!

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How many here are underemployed?
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>w-wanna make a game with me, anon?

Wat do?

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Only I am allowed to post in this thread. Post and expect your jimmies rustled.
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"I will make you mine Anon. I've already told your family we're dating. I've already hacked into your computer and found all your dirty little secrets. I know what a filthy little pervert you are. What a desperate and lonely little monkey you are. I promise I'll fulfill all your twisted fantasies, and the best part is I won't tell a soul. On the outside we'll be a perfectly normal little couple. But if you ever cheat on me or if I find out some roastie is putting the moves on you.. I'll make sure they never find her body. I love you Anon, I'll never leave you. I will bleed for you, I will die for you. But more than anything I want to start a nice little family with you and bear your children."
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I really want to breed with a black woman. Anyone else feel this way?
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