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Why are native Australians so fucking ugly??
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Childhood memories

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Cant stop thinking about those endless summers, life growing up on the block, everyone always had someone to play with, manhunt after dark.

Good old Angela D.

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Do you think that girls like this are happier for their decisions? Or are they circling the drain while setting off "fireworks"?

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girls with short hair
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Personality General

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Hey /r9k/, what's your personality type? Discord server which discusses all personality theories and more:

>For beginners

>More in-depth

>Cognitive functions test

>How your type interacts with other types

>Free test

>Type descriptors

>Birth chart
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I spy with my little eye, a girly I can get cause she don't get too many likes, a curly headed cutie I could turn into my wife.

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I go to a black church.

Ask me something.
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I wish giants were real
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Why do they hate aggie so much?
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