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Hi guys. My puppy keeps on getting food stuck to the roof of her mouth and ends up chewing endlessly with a big wad of food glued to the top of her mouth. I've tried soft puppy food, kibble and chopped up chicken breast, it all ends the same way. One hour of smacking her mouth trying to get the food in with a big mess all over.

Any advice on how I can stop this from happening? Is this common in puppies or is she genetically defective?

Pic related
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The difference between my mans and you ;D

Man up.

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Is cocaine useful for talking to girls?

>Be me a few days ago 18 senior in hs
>Sitting on the single seat on the bus
>Forgot my headphones
>Bus is empty
>qt asks me if she can sit next to me
>Assume she meant the seat in front of be because there's no room here
>inform her that there's someone who usually sits there
>She looks disappointed and sits elsewhere

I sat next to her today on the bus and her leg and arm touched me the whole time and she's really soft.

I think I actually could attract qts if I had the confidence, and I've heard coke is good for that. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I know someone who offered me some recently.

I actually got really close to talking to this girl I orbited for 2 years without saying a single word to her while on 80-120mg of Vyvanse.

Any advice on how to proceed?
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How the hell do I break my computer addiction without boring myself to death?
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Fembot Thread

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Fembots, what exactly would convince you that a man who had cheated on you was truly sorry?

A nice new dress? New jewelry? A weekend getaway someway nice to a nice 5* hotel?
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F*d up childhood memories

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>mom and dad are away
>they ask neighbor to look over us
>she is nice as long as parents are there
>as soon as they leave she tell us to behave or she'll lock us inside the bathroom
>she call some guy over
>they drink beer and laugh about parents wedding pictures
Never told any of them about it but it really fucked me up.
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Have you ever had feelings for a nice girl?
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>tfw no belly gf thread

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>tfw no fat femanon gf to cuddle on the couch while her gut hangs out of her clothes.
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Why do asian girls look so fertile. If I tried to have sex with this girl she could probably breed 12 children in her lifetime.

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What's the most autistic thing you have ever done in a public place?
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