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I just don't get it
What is their end game?
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Elliot Rodger Information Release

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The release is now here. Enjoy reading all the rare info
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what does r9k smoke?

pall mall specials all day every day because i hate myself

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Is slitting your wrist an efficient suicide method?

Am I a bad roommate? /uni/ feels

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I never had an argument with my roommate or something,but we are so different. He and his friend are basically Chads that act like very horny refugees,he invites his friend and gf without telling me and never says what he will do.
I am a very chill person,I just sit here playing video games, rarely saying anything cuz I am an INTP and he is my opposite.But from what I understand he hates me cuz I never go out,but how could I,since I don't have too many friends,and those that I do are just like me.

Also,I dont feel like I could really talk to since I am really into history,geography,politics etc.,and meanwhile he said I only know "weird and pointless stuff" and made fun of me for buying a book.

/What2do/ ?
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How is it possible that women are easier than at any other point in history yet more and more young "men" are virgins?
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Post three reasons you don't have a gf.
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>Rejecting women who have taken 100 dicks is sexist and demeaning
>Rejecting men who occasionally play video games and aren't hellbent on becoming corporate titans is normal and encouraged
Why aren't men allowed to have standards? Is it because it would decrease women's sexual market value?
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