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I keep saying I don't know. I don't even know why.

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I'm a 5'9 230lb obese spic manlet who's slept with many white women like pic related AMA
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Why are people mean?

I don't get it I always instinctively am nice to people. I don't get people that are total assholes to everyone all the time. Don't you feel guilty if u bully someone?
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Tell us your story anon, that one moment in your life that changed everything, your doomsday.
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Anyone else read through their medical records?
I just did and I remembered some things.
I found out some things.

Found out I was disowned by my father
Remembered bullying incidents involving teachers assaulting me.
Just reading how fucked I am.

Be warned you may not like what you find.

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>be me
>have a few days off from work
>got my work done for online classes
>friends are all busy
>did nothing all day
>feel really shitty and unaccomplished

How do you neets do nothing and feel content? I just feel really shitty and guilty.

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>one chance at life
>mom hangs the dishcloth on the doorknob, turns the chair around on one leg, and then puts the broom on the bed after sweeping after sundown

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I made some steamed hams for you
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i'm sad, /r9k/
one of my closest childhood friends just passed away in a car accident. i was just eating food watching the news and they showed a picture of the victim's face and it was my friend. how do you cope with stuff like this?
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my gf is a kitty ama

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>convince trap gf to try pet play
>takes her a few days to decide to let me collar her
>fuck her hard and ignore her cries
>really use her
>make her suck me cock for 30+ minutes straight
>by the time im setting her food bowl on the floor she's really into the role
>she seems happier than she has in a while
>i feel closer to her than i have in a while
taking care of her is so intimate and nice, plus she isn't allowed to speak so no more retarded conversations with her i just do whatever i do and she sits or naps near me
she is currently asleep in my lap

why dont you have a human pet? its the best
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