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why do most of my friends after a while randomly block me on discord and steam? :(
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>stats are randomly generated
>tutorial lasts 18 years
>after that you have to grind 8 hours a day, 5 days a week just to not die
>pvp can get you suspended or even banned
>OP CHA boost to female sex
>get weaker as you level up
>can't load previous saves
>graphics are great but the art direction is irredeemable shit

Why the FUCK would anyone willingly play this garbage? I got to level 22 and there's fucking nothing to do besides grinding, not to mention that I have to grind twice as hard as everyone else because my low CHA build. Uninstalling as we speak, gonna put up a negative review on metacritic later. Can't believe I wasted 60 dollars on this shit.
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>"So, what bringu you to Japan, anon-san?
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How much of pic related applies to you anon? Are you a doomer?
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My step-son fucking keeps searching for cream pie porn.

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>He is 12 years old.
>I hate the fat little fuck.
>He keeps searching for cream pie porn, but he thinks he is sneaky and will search for "blueberry pie" and "cherry pie" before it and shit.
>He has seriously given me 3 fucking viruses in the past month. I don't even know how you get viruses anymore.
>I fucking already caught him jerking off once and fucking nearly had my wife call the cops on me because I pushed him back in the chair which tipped it over and the fat piece of shit hit his head on the book case.

Seriously, I said don't fucking jerk off. No porn on my computer.
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what has happened to this website where i cant even post a picture of an anime girl without getting hate.
can i not like the one of the 2 thing that makes me happy in life anymore?
pic related
talking to my 2 discord frens makes me happy too

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Is anybody here an actual racist?
And why?
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Hello anons
>tfw issues because of depression and lack of talent on occultism