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Why do they hate aggie so much?
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HELP i'm really into my room mate's gf
I've been in a committed long distance relationship for 5 years but she's so soft and sexy looking and every time he and I are alone he starts telling me how hot her friends are
i just ran out of my room to go sniff her shoes in the hallway what do?
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>tfw no NEET, hikikomori robot guy to make into my personal project

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Are women real? Where do you even find some? I've only seen them on the internet.

Opiates is love

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/r9k/, I fucking love opiates. Currently I've been getting them by raiding medicine cabinets of friends/relatives. I crush them with my knife and snort them. I only have about 7 left, how would I go about getting them in higher numbers and cheaper? I've never used a service like the Silk Road, is that a good option?
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How do I move from a shit small town to Los Angeles? I'm not a hick or retard so please..don't come here and tell me small towns are better than la
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Tfw go to a concert alone
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>get off of my wageslave job a little early
>get home and go to bedroom to get changed
>girlfriend is in bed naked with another girl
>start to get pissed
>girlfriend tells me she's here because she planned a threesome for me
>okay I'm into it
>undress and join the girls
>fuck my girlfriend while she makes out with girl under her
>girl doesn't let me touch her at all
>don't think anything of it
>cum, watch them finish up, go shower
>other girl is gone without a trace

So what's the verdict? She cheated on me and used the "threesome" as an excuse right?