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how do we eliminate bureaucracy while still maintaining efficient base guidelines, revamp the educational system to maximize work experience, personal projects and social interaction and networking, and implement universal basic income minus any form of communism and restriction like gulags, and improve free speech while simultaneously getting rid of this gender bullshit?


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>dogs nails aren't clipped
>wake up nightly from it tapping on the wooden floor
>finally snap
>grip him by the collar
>slam him into the back of my car
>he's visibly shaking
>drive out to the middle of nowhere
>kick him out
>he scampers back
>slam door in his face
>drive off with a smile
>look back
>he gives chase
>slows down and stops from being so old
>watches me drive off
>his silhouette disappears in the dark

Feels fucking good
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>tfw about to lose virginity
>his dick isn't cut
i didn't do it, it was too gross. why do parents not circumcise their kids? :(
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/Uni General/ Fuck the endless bureaucracy Edition
How's uni holding up for you lads?
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What was the last movie you watched anon?
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Spread your hole for massa darkie.