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>Be me, a regular shitposter in /x/
>Don't believe a word the guys there say but still have fun
>I have this guy in my class
>He's very serious about paranormal stuff and conspiracy theories
>One day I decide to prank him really good
>I start to talk about this deep web site with him
>Say that it contains information about an eldritch mind virus that can destroy humanity
>He's interested
>Go to establish the said site with onion adress in Tor Network
>It's pretty simple site but more than convincing for him
>He gets very serious about this stuff, I actually pretend to explore the site with him
>I write in the site that the few alien masters that control the virus use the words "A dark night will fall" to manipulate it
>I don't come to school for a few days, don't respond to any calls or messages except with some obscure creepy looking bullshit
>I can see by the messages of my friend (let's call him Pete) that he's worried
>I finally come to school
>Don't say a word for the first two classes
>Pete approaches me in recess
>"What is happening, Anon?" says he with a worried look on his face
>I stand silent for a moment
>"A dark night will fall, Pete" I say as slowly and as loudly as possible
>The look on his face is simply priceless
>He stares to me in fear for a second
>Then he proceeds on to punch me in the face
>Pete flees the classroom
>My face is pretty badly bruised but I'm OK
>Mfw I actually scared the shit out of Pete
>Mfw he is suspended for a week because of punching me

I spent a fair bit of money hosting that fake site but every penny was worth it.
That look on his face tho. I sure as shit won't forget it.

It's not incels, it's males

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When are you finally going to take the male redpill and realize ALL MALES should be rounded up and placed in breeding facilities to be pumped for semen indefinitely?
MALES ARE OBSOLETE. Until women start finally asking the Male Question these things are going to keep happening, and maybe even world war 3. The era of males is over, it's women's time now.
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hey robots who do you think was the most chad looking civil war general?

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>be me


>in art class

>had to take it to get into graphic design

>tard in class sits down at my seat while Im in bathroom

>as I walk into the classroom he takes a bite out of my drawing


>he starts spazzing out

>teacher blames this on me for leaving my drawing unsupervised

How was your day?
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shameful stories

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>be 18
>tried leaving gf last year after amsterdam trip when i was super psycho and she threatened suicide so i /q
>finally leave her due to stress and craziness in my head because of life and weed and bad genes for my brain
>see her some times after for sexes
>"no i think this is a bad idea anon"
>I dont hear her, carry on.
>no resistance, no continued verbal disagreement
>years of guilt since

Fembot Kink Thread

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What are your kinks fembots? Let's split it in two, here are mine:

Basic female kinks everyone has:
Weird kinks (?):
>Being unconscious
>Being stalked
>Butt stuff for both partners
Idk these are even weird or still vanilla.
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/uni/ general

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don't let it die edition

Unironically thinking of returning to halls next year. Fuck all these kike landlords and their bullshit, who think it's acceptable to take a piss at you at every corner just because you're a dumbass student. Maybe I'll even like make friends and stuff this time.
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Anybody else constantly obsess over how hideous they are and how they need to fix it by going under the knife?

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many of you actually want love, pussys great too, truth be told you can find it, but be careful who you select to reciprocate. here's a warning from old r9k and 25+

>i called my GF out for hanging out with her friends too often and neglecting our relationship. like actual neglect. we're 2 years deep and all i do is fuck her and run favors at this point. nothing in return. no initiation, short texts, 100% forgetful with me but always has time for her friends and errands, yet is too busy, etc. shes been doing it consistently, all while fawning over me and being lovely in person, but now im ready to start holding her accountable. when i did this (a brief and level headed "have your freedom but change the way you treat me" monologue), she got mad, defensive, stuck up for friends im not even supposed to worry about, called me insecure, and said im stressing her out like im supposed to feel sorry for her instead of relating and going "you know what, my bad, let me start to love you again." the ebb and flow i get from what i thought was an honest and good girl who is on my side is sickening. and her reaction to a mild attempt at a very obviously needed recovery worries me. i get no warning for the time, money, effort, and understanding now gone at some roastie's whim

file this away under "heartbreak" because i dont want a robot to go through this. keep being depressed and doing STEM/drug stuff. nofap is bullshit, asceticism is truly the best. FBI posters are real and will make you feel crazy when you notice analogs in real life like that one movie
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Fembots post:

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>Age, Location, Weight/Height
>5 animes you like
>5 musicians you like
>5 books you like
>5 hobbies
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