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/psychopath/ general

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post your favourite videos and share stories

Dream scenario

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>wake up
>completely alone
>literally nobody in the world left but you
>all vehicles have stopped in their tracks
>all planes and boats in use have been returned to their previous positions to avoid them falling down or drifting off
>electricity still works like normal
>internet still works but there is no "changes" and no other people but you
>you can still stream movies, watch youtube, download game and stuff etc.
>all stores, warehouses, storages and gas station tanks not in use by you will magically restock every sunday night unless you're there to witness it
>nature still goes it course but manages to keep itself in check (no overgrown roads, no species making another species go extinct etc.)
>if you sustain a serious injury you will automatically heal yourself
>if you die you will wake up in your bed like nothing ever happened

What would you do in a situation like this?

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>crush wants to study with me tomorrow
>can feel a cold coming on

how do I stop sick?

I'm a fucking femboy

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>be me
>a femboy without me realizing it
>friends laught at me because i took home economics and art course
>cooks lunch for family everyday like a tradwife
>try to dress like a woman and people thought im a real women
>my girlfriend said "i have a thing for guys who looks like a girl,it's my fetish"
>always cleans house like a girl
>friends laugh at me for being sucks at sports
>lecturer despise me for always hanging out with women instead of men

How do i stop being a femboy loser?I can't live like this.My mom thinks i'm a queer.My dad thinks im gay.Guys laugh at me.
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Any Crypto robots here?

lets celebrate this strong morning today with a fresh cup of juice and hot plate of tendies
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True Forever Alone

+ no interaction with other people means no drama or arguments
+ no embarrassing moments to cringe at
+ get unlimited time to yourself to do whatever you want

Failed Normie

- have to deal with constant bullshit from other people
- have to turn up to social events and suffer with constant anxiety
- still think somebody you're gonna make it so dealing with failure is a part of life

I wish I'd never left my room and ventured into the real world. Honestly things were better when I had no "friends" or just spent 16 hours a day on the internet.

Post Emotional Songs.

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USA for Africa - We are the World
This is a masterpiece.
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How to stop caring what other humans think of me?
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Why is it that fat people always drink diet cokes but slim people always have it full fat?
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