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Anyone here /english breakfast/
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Women hate thread

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No women hate thread? wtf? don't let the """fembots""" win!
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tfw fat

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>waffle cut fries for dinner

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Since the other thread is bait like always:
Fembots (male) or gaybots, post info about your ideal bf

> His age
> His height, build,general looks
> His ethnicity and location
> His hobbies/interests
> Why do you want a bf
> What could you offer
> What's the most important thing/trait for your potential bf to have
> Deal breakers
> Quick rundown on yourself. Your age, ethnicity, location, interests.

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Eggmans sister just messaged me
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preggo roasties are so fucking hot
I can't stop jerking off to pregger porn
anyone knows this feel?
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imagine touching this soft skin

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/disabled/ general

Amputees, deaf, mute, mentally and physically handicapped, etc are all welcome.
Come on in and have a chat, share some feels, we're all friends here.

>tfw prosthetic leg
>winter is coming and lasts 6 months here
>basically fucked if i ever slip
>always slip
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I might have found the best hot dog in America and it's not where you'd expect...