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Why do women find dark hair and dark eyes more attractive than light hair and light eyes?
The famous saying goes
>I like my men Tall, Dark and Handsome
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>He ACTUALLY fantasises about playing piano in the city centre, in front of a small crowd of people in the city centre whilst he provides funny and witty commentary in between songs
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Hey anon-kyun! So are you having fun at our sleepover? See, nothing gay about 2 bois having a slumber party, now let's play some Super Smash Bucci!

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Why is this board such shit?

It really didn't use to be like this
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Can we use cum to power space ships?
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>Uncle Anon, my parents don't want me to talk to you anymore.
>Why is that?
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What are some drugs i can get easily that will dull my emotional pain? Weed, dxm and alcohol don't cut it any more.
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Greentext trying to fuck this nice girl!
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Which one do you want?

Chose one to be yours and the other lives a life happily ever after with Chad.
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