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Time for your dose
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Hey retard. If you don't want to be single go scout out a church. It's like fish in a barrel. Stop complaining about being an incel and go get some Christian poon.
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*yawn* Yes it is quite a rather splendid bucket eh wagecuck?
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Oh hey, anon. Mike's hard lemonade? My favorite. Why don't you just have a seat over there and we'll chat for a bit
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What's your type?

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What sort of girl are you in to, and what are your chances of obtaining them?

Do you think girls that look a particular way are often attracted to similar sorts of men?

I'm really into chubby girls who carry most of their weight in their legs. Ideally brunette with an average face, and kind and hard working. I really like chubby girls who are built well - thick bones, thick ankles, thick wrists and big forearms in addition to their powerful legs.

I'm sort of like this, except male. I have thick joints (big knees, wrists, wide shoulders) and powerlift, and I also carry a decent amount of fat on me. I wonder if the sort of girls I'm into are into men like me? Or do they want someone quite different from them, like a small, skinny man? I've heard that 'thicker' girls are into black guys (I'm white) and I've seen a lot of them with black guys but I don't know if that's true at all.
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Holy fuck

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>be me
>go to clubhouse for mentally ill people
>stop going
>card arrives from them on valentine's day saying they miss me
>go back today
>qt girl who works there is eating with me
>she keeps looking at the other worker and smiling
>she talks to me
>says did you get that card
>say yeah
>she says "did it arrive on valentine's day, anon?"
>I say yeah
>she says "that's crazy isn't it?" and smiles
I don't think I'm overanalysing this when I say I think she likes me. I think it's mostly because of my smile though.
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Robot fap thread

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Robots you need to know the feel of a 7 inch curved dildo.Feels amazing for fapping

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Before I begin my post, let me apologise, /r9k/, I didn't listen.
Now that I've got that out of the way, let me tell you what just happened to me.
>be chatting with ugly nigress from kenya who was probably using me for a green card
>asks me to be her boyfriend, is super clingy and sends me messages about missing me every time I don't respond within an hour
>She set multiple rules like no cheating, lying etc.
>Every time I asked for lewds she made excuses like "im at a friends" or "im on my period"
>At the gym she asks me for a picture (She's seen multiple cherry picked pictures of me already)
>Send her one, even at my worst I look 10 times above what she should be able to land
>She says "cute" and then blocks me

I went for the bottom of the fucking barrel and still got ghosted, I have a job, I'm in good shape, I have hobbies and a sense of humour and still I got ghosted by some ugly nigger who could barely write.
I'm honestly just about done with life, every day I suffer, and with nothing to strive for. We exist to reproduce, if it's impossible for me to do so why bother? Why should I go earn pennies for while some greedy jew sits on his ass with his bank worth millions
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