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is loli going mainstream?


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Why are men so terrible?

War. Sickness. Degeneracy. Death. I could go on, but you know all of this already.

So why? I know robots hate men, too.
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You know you shouldn't still be alive. You are a worthless piece of shit that contributes nothing to the world and the world would be better off without you. Hurry up and pull the trigger, hang yourself, jump off a bridge, etc.
Don't deflect with "Careful with that edge" or some stupid shit. This isn't edge, this is what you need to do and you know it. Kill yourself now.
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>ITT: worst injury youve sustained
pic is me. this is what happens when you accidentally kick a brick wall. yes, they reattached it
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Thanks to all the smoke in the air from the CA wildfires, I finally have a good excuse for staying inside the house day after day. There's a reason for everything.
If this is how things are going to be now, I say global warming is welcome and comfy.
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The vast majority of mass shootings have been straight white men because they are the only ones getting shit on enough to break. Imagine having your society do a complete 180 and treat you like labor generating husk while shitting on you, calling open season on you only, and engaging in all kinds of lunacy to promote groups that aren't you from invading your workplace, the nuclear family, all the way down to your hobbies. Intentionally attacking you, torturing you especially if you are in the lower 20% of status men telling you to do your whitemans fucking burden and then fuck off and die. Then you try and escape on the internet only for that to fall to the same shit a decade latter. This world makes every opportunity to snuff out straight white men, then cries when their flight turns into fight and the honkey gives it back. White male suicide rates are high for the same reason, and trending higher. I can't wait for the next debt collapse because the amount of pressure building up since the 60s is going to release all at once. Electing trump was an effort to redirect this sentiment into a useless release valve, kinda like cows being able to choose which path to go to slaughter so they all don't freeze up in the system. Most people didn't fall for it.

Furry porn sucks unless you're a breast partialist, the last release valve has failed. And that's why mass shootings happen, it's true.
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NoFap November

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How are you motherfuckers doing so far?

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RAWRR!! ^w^


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The Bar

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Evening, gents (and fembots, too)! Hope all are doing well. Pull up a seat at the bar and lets talk. Or just drown your sorrows and vent out your frustrations here. You're among friends at the bar. Come as you are. It's merely a coincidence that those last two sentences kinda rhymed.
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