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The great /r9-escape/

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True robots, it seems our board has been taken over by normalfags and /lgbt/ cross-board posters.

The place is lost.
It's time for us to leave.

People who can stay:
Those with gf's or have had a gf.
Those who have lost their virginity.
Sissy and BLACKED posters.
Those with jobs.
Those who have been to university or higher education.

Unending rage

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They don't even care. They sabotaged us and doomed us to hell with either a smile or a look of disgust and WE'RE the bad guys. Now they have the gall to come to our board and claim it was always "for everyone feeling a bit down sometimes" when they have objectively turned this board into a burnt out shithole that might as well post about andy six's logs.

This place now is INDISTINGUISHABLE from /b/. Trap threads, femanon threads, my gf...threads, blackshitposting threads, other varieties of cancer like orbit threads. Why not just go there? soc or b or anywhere else?

Yes this board was made for INCELS not normalfaggotry. Watch you try to defend your points with nonsense and

>just bee yourself and get laid and you'll come over to our method of thinking

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>tfw no lewd bf/gf
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How are you retards? I just made this in a month sitting in a bed smoking weed off my phone heh.

This is just the bulk heh. I have another grand in other accounts heh.
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Episode 1 Hachiman is the most relatable anime character of all time.
I relate so much, even to putting my head down pretending to sleep in class.
>tfw no yui gf

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Rejoice, boy. Your wish will finally come true.
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hobby community for single male virgins of age 21+ who have trouble socialising online. no general chat, no voicechat, no shitposting, no selfies, no nsfw. planned: movie and self improvement events.
code to join - ra9hqcj
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