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it is currently 3:16 AM and I want a greentext thread of any kind

ill start

>be me, probably around 9 or 10
>chilling on my bed while mother and father look at shit on the PC
>PC was in my room because it was the only room that could fit it
>at the time i was not aware that your private parts are suppose to be private
>my dick is completely out
>parents didnt notice yet
>randomly get throbbing erection
>literally hurt how much blood pumped to my tiny penis
>call my moms name and say
>"Look mommy! 11 fingers!" while putting both of my hands on opposite sides of my erection
>mix of confusion, disgust and horror overwhelm my mother
>dad laughed
>angrily makes me get dressed
>dont understand why shes mad, just a joke
>she just looked at her 9 yearold sons throbbing cock
>why she mad

pic related

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tfw the older I get the better I get at standing up for myself

I'm 24 and only recently stopped saying sorry when someone bumps into me, I also stopped walking in the road to make way for normies walking towards me

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How do I stop getting turned on by small penis humiliation, cuckolding and NTR?
Does anyone else here enjoy small penis humiliation, cuckolding and NTR?
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Im a black girl and when i was on tinder, i matched with a lot of brads and some chads. I go to a state university so there's a lot of guys here. I'm just confused because none of these guys seem like the type to be into black girls at all, even sexually. Do people like black girls or no?

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>see girl around campus
>every time I see her I catch her staring at me then she looks away
>sometimes she'll look me up and down

What did she mean by this?
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most pathetic and deprived things you've done?
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ITT: Shit you wish you hadn't dropped

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School band.
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>my dick looks exactly like this flaccid

Why the FUCK was I born like this
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Post a drawing which looks like you.
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