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F*d up childhood memories

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>mom and dad are away
>they ask neighbor to look over us
>she is nice as long as parents are there
>as soon as they leave she tell us to behave or she'll lock us inside the bathroom
>she call some guy over
>they drink beer and laugh about parents wedding pictures
Never told any of them about it but it really fucked me up.
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Have you ever had feelings for a nice girl?
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>tfw no belly gf thread

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>tfw no fat femanon gf to cuddle on the couch while her gut hangs out of her clothes.
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Why do asian girls look so fertile. If I tried to have sex with this girl she could probably breed 12 children in her lifetime.

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What's the most autistic thing you have ever done in a public place?
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What the fuck do normies talk about? How do I successfully engage in conversation with them?

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Who else looking forward to the little things to get you through the next day?

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I'm so depressed and upset im literally cringing in pain all the time

I feel like im on the verge of crying all the time, every minute of every day, I'm so fucking angry and sad, I hate everything.

I've been taking benzodiazapines to manage it but its not working, i dont even give a fuck how frequently im taking them or if im taking too much, i just dont want to feel this way anymore.

I try to be nice, I try to make friends, I try to be friendly, nothing works, i dont get it, im left out of everything, Im so fucking sad i just want to die
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How is your behavior socially and personally with other people?

I rarely laugh, I'm a cold person. Few spontaneous facial expressions. But I often feel anxiety.
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>the hair I want is falling out
>the part of my hair that hangs down and looks like shit and pokes the inside of my ear won't go bald
>literally only lose what I want

Fuck you god. Fuck you. I will have my revenge I promise you. I'll be 300x worse than Elliot I can promise you that