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What do girls that browse 4chan do for a living?
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How should I walk? People pften say I walk weird.
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it tears me to shreds to know pic related and i wouldnt have anything in common and shed probably think im a pathetic fag

but it also sucls ro know there is no chance to meet her

would any robots be interested in chilling in my stream while i just play ps4 and music?

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figured I'd ask
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Is he the new Elliot?
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>parents nag and complain at me to get out of the house and get a job for years on end
>decide to go to psychologist instead
>eventually get diagnosed with severe mental disorder and learning disability
>parents stopped complaining and nagging and are really nice to me now
>parents said they're going to buy me an apartment so I can have a place to live when they pass away
>parents said they're also going to give me a big chunk of the inheritance they get from their own parents when they pass away

Mate, finally getting checked out by the mental health professionals was the best thing I've ever done, finally all my life-long autistic behavior was explained and now I'm no longer expected to just "man up" like my normie siblings are.

If you're suffering and suspect you have a mental disorder stop trying to compete with the normies and just go get checked up, you'll be 1000x better off.

Now I'm NEET without any nagging or bitching at me to get a job. The only downside is I can never own firearms or join the military/police, but I am in Australia, so that's not a big deal anyway.
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Be honest robots, are you more masculine or feminine?
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Convince me to not break my NoFap streak.

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I need some motivation, any.

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>At store getting some food
>White girl is there with her black boyfriend
>They're having an argument and he starts being rough with her and hits her
>Ignore them completely and get my stuff
>Cashier girl just shakes her head at me and says "You're not going to do anything?"
>Give her money for food and say "No. Call the police or do it yourself."
>Start to leave and hear her say "Men are disgusting." before I'm gone
Why does she expect me to do something? I don't know that woman.
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>Wannabe Stacey
>Average slutty girl
>ugly girls
>truly ugly girls

All these girls are usually competing for chad. What you want is an alpha female. She doesn't really go on the hierarchy.

She's usually above average looking, looks clean but not trendy and has more to offer than just her looks. She's smart, career oriented, has hobbies and usually single bc she's career oriented with a low partner count. Well rounded and doesn't compete for Chad. This is what you should be aiming for.

Pictured: an ugly tumblr whore