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I fucked up really bad. I'm not sure how to live with myself.
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>be at friend's beach house
>we go out to a beach club thing
>waiting outside kind of excited since I've never been to a nightclub before
>qt girls everywhere
>normalfags all having a good time
>get a dollar beer and start getting drunk enough to talk to girls
>feel self-conscious and keep holding off
>get drunker
>realize it's just going to be like every other party I've ever been to except more expensive
>sit in corner by myself and smoke cigarettes to pass the time, on the verge of tears
>my friend and another guy want to leave, rest of friends stay there
>I leave with them
>on our way out three roasties getting their bikes are right by us
>start yelling "Keep on walkin' keep on walkin'" and other annoying shit
>one roastie says "Ew you're ugly anyway"
>not sure who it was directed at, but I was drunk and already had a bad time so I took it personally and called her a dumb cunt
>roastie starts freaking out and yelling "UMMMM EXCUSE ME???" while following me
>I just call her a dumb slut and a stupid whore and keep walking
>she goes up to police officer on bike
>"um excuse me those guys are like, calling us cunts for no reason"
>we just keep walking away
>I sit in my car and cry before going to bed
>tfw I had a shitty day at work and just wanted to enjoy myself, then had a shitty time at the club and wanted to go home, yet women just can't resist kicking me when I'm down
I've never been mean to a woman in my entire life yet they consistently lie to me, betray me, insult me and waste my fucking time. Then, even worse, when I finally stand up for my self they just cry and play victim and make me out to be the asshole. I don't even know why I bother trying anymore.

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ITT: MBTI themed thread.

Largest and most active r9k MBTI themed server: jNYBDdx

>inb4 INTP depression
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Lonely feels

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Waiting on that anon edition
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Have you ever taken anyone's virginity? What was it like?
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BBC owner here. How come you don't have a sissy white boy as your bf?

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Are there any cool and simple discord servers I can join.
I want to be comfy after all this bad shit I'm dealing with.
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Anyone else have an obsession with fucking a big, soft pair of breasts? I bet it feels heavenly.
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