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How to stop caring what other humans think of me?
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Why is it that fat people always drink diet cokes but slim people always have it full fat?
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Its just mind blowing how many ugly, nerdy, skinny, etc dudes have hot girlfriends with perfect body and face. And i am 27 years old, been lifting for 10 years, have low bodyfat drive nice car. And never had a gf, just because i can't talk to girls, i get terrible panic attacks when they start talking to me.

Ech... I just realised. If you can talk to girls you can pretty much get any girl you want even if you look like shit. If you can't talk to them, you are screwed.

I hate seing ugly dude with hot girl. Not because he is banging that fine peace of ass, but because he had an audacity to approach that girl and make her his gf.

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Just failed a MAC1101 final, AMA

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Honestly, it's gayer if you WOULDN'T fuck these two.
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What are nightmares that wake you up at night?
>be having a fun adventure dream with my little sister with magic and shit
>after the adventure we go back to our guild's house in the village
>see lions, hyenas and vampires everywhere
>everyone is panicking
>hurry to our guild house
>lions and hyenas are tearing people in half, blood everywhere
>vampire caught my sister
>turns her into a vampire while she's crying
>becomes a zombie vampire with tears flowing
>I become frozen because i couldn't protect
>lions bite off my arms and start eating me while i'm staring at them
>wake up
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"Are you cartoons over now? We saved you a chair, Anon."
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/r9gay/ turn-ons

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What little non-sexual things are massive turn ons for you?
What about sexual things?
Be cute and be specific if need be. No answer is a wrong answer!
Traps please go away this is gayboys only.
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What are some comfy timesink MMOs
Don't really have any good vidya that I play regularly, and would like something to just hang around in
Bonus points if runs on a toaster