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comfy discord channels thread

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This one is especially comfy
Post yours

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>ywn work for bandai namco

Why even live
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What is a healthy butthole supposed to smell like?

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Dillion Harper strikes me as a remarkably unintelligent woman. If she wasn't a whore, she would have absolutely nothing.
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How does your family feel about your NEET lifestyle?
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>turn off lights
>run upstairs really fast
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>gf cheats on me with her ex who she lives with
>break up with her sorry ass on the spot

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A Finnish anime hikikomori found an American girlfriend from online, they became engaged - the fiance got shot in the USA just after few hours of the engagement. The killer sent messages to the hikikomori "I just shot your fiance".

The 21-year-old anime watcher woke up to weird messages that the killer had sent. The messages included "I just killed your fiance", "Rip dude" and "I'll be dead soon". The anime watcher lost all his interest in the life as the girlfriend was all he got in this life and she was violently taken away.

The killer, Tyler Nathan Turner, killed himself afterwards.

I am R9K

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No matter how I look at it I'm just a useless piece of shit.

Like all or most of you, 26, khv, never had any friends or gf.
Even worse.
I can try as hard as I can I just end up making all sorts of spaghetti or awkward discussions when I talk with others.
The way I'm so boring and shallow only make people want to avoid me.

I get so fucking depressed when people tell me it is me who force others to avoid me.

I regret never talking to that one girl who would stare constantly at me during class even trying to play clumsy and drop her pen just to get my attention.

I regret never trying anything with that one who talked to me out of the blue in class and asked me to add her on FB.
The next day she would remove her bag from the seat(she probable saved it for me)...I didn't sit with her...

That last time where a literal 8/10 milf would stare at me without ever stopping, I was so captivated I didn't look away but I could tell she wanted to eat me...
Actually I had this happen to me 3 times, milfs once they look at you they don't let go.

I did nothing.

And so on...I can count only so many many occasions.

Yesterday again, that one hot chick was literally, winking at me and say hi, she was fucking smiling you could tell she wanted my dick.
I looked away, pretend I wasn't interested when I was hard as a bull.

But it don't matter, you know why?
Because no matter what I do or try, I will fail and bore that girl to hell, and end up just disapointed in myself again when I see she loses interest.

Only that time I would not live through it.
I depressed myself enough like this.
Once more and I'm done, I could literally kill myself over it.

I just want to stand a chance.
For people to stop making fun of me all the time.
Being able to handle social interaction without making a fool of myself.

Does God exist? Why does he fate me to remain a robot eternally?

Fuck life fuck earth
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