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I come from two straight generations of incest. Should I sudoku?
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more of trap please
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Late Night Military Thread

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Any robots that are planning on enlisting, are serving now, or have served want to share their stories/experiences?

For those planning on enlisting, what branch?

Thinking of looking into Navy OCS after college myself
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>Staying in Brazil
>See homeless children all the time
>Cute little girls are homeless begging for food
>Want to take one home and cuddle with them
>Want to take one home and adopt them
>Want a little brown daughteru
How do I block these thoughts?
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Fembots, how would you feel if a boy took you to get fast food on your first date?
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>be me
>ERP'ing with some guy on Discord
>he asks me if I want to listen to him while I type
>I say sure cause why not, let's try new things
>holy shit its so uncomfortable
>he sounds nothing like what I thought and its all just fapping noises and the camera getting knocked back and forth
>we also clearly have 2 very different things we're trying to fap to
>ask him if we can stop
>he does and gets super pissed that I blue balled him

How is erotic roleplaying fun again? Ever since I got into it, it has been nothing but misery and painful experiences.
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>be popular on youtube
>have 8 year legacy
>move across the country from connecticut to the state of washington with full time gf
>get engaged
>everyone starts to hate me because they're jealous of how good i am at video games
>and that i make money from streaming it
>out of fucking nowhere
>old friends start exposing me for being an asshole
>sons of kojima is born, get more views than me when all they do is repost my shit basically
>gf leaves me
>start gaining weight

ok i'm not dead but i fucking swear to god i wish i was