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>gf calls her dog her "other boyfriend"

what does she mean by this?
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>Do "tfw no GF" in friend group discord server
>BF replies telling me that apparently 3 of my female friends from secondary school liked me
How blind are you anons?

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>tfw 54m50n is gone
this board has truly gone to shit. when even one of the most dedicated trips has left, there is nothing worth salvaging


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I was just looking out onto the street, and i noticed a teenage ( i assume) girl holding her farthers hand. what is that all about? is a daughter like a gf you can't have sex with? seems kind of unusual to me

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What are the types of guys you hate? Why do you hate them? How can we get them to change? Here's my list:
>beta permavirgins
>anyone who can't grow a beard
>anyone named Vlad
>people that complain about women on the internet because they're sexist.

Just don't fuck these losers and they'll die out eventually.
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>Jessi Slaughter was 7 years ago

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Is this prank call kino? Also who was in the wrong here?

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>he's a digitaI "artist" who produces digital "art"
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