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Sentences That Still Ring In Your Head

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>"it's such a shame anon looks the way he does because he's really smart and funny"
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Your dole dippers, madam.
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Daddy fetish

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can someone please explain the "daddy" fetish to me?

what the fuck is that all about
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>tfw you will never be in a survival situation like pubg IRL and outplay your opponents and chads IRL using military tactics you learned from cod and pubg
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Are you strong enough to live like Potatoman?
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Someone give me a list of onion sites

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I need a list of interesting or educational tor browser urls that cannot be accessed on any other browser.


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Keyrah is back everyone. I hope you're fine Keyrah. I love you
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>he doesn't use the objectively better pornsite spankbang
>He uses pornhub/xvideos exclusively
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