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What do they call a carbonated beverage where you're from? We call it a Soda where I'm from.
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>tfw will never be a tall Chad

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You guys want some chewing gum?
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How do we stop Chads from ruining their lives over some porn they saw once?
Pic related is an 8/10 dude who fell for the "ANYONE CAN BE A GURL" meme, got a shit-ton of face surgery and fake boobs, and now lives as a social reject among his 'friends' who let him make his life-ruining transition in the first place.

Is there anything we can do to bring these people back to reality or should we just let them eventually kill themselves?
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how is your covert schizoid disorder today anon?

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via wiki

>The 'secret schizoid'

>Many schizoid individuals display an engaging, interactive personality contradicting the observable characteristic emphasized by the DSM-5 and ICD-10 definitions of the schizoid personality. Klein classifies these individuals as "secret schizoids", who behave with socially available, interested, engaged, and involved interaction yet remain emotionally withdrawn and sequestered within the safety of the internal world.

>Frequently, a schizoid individual's social functioning improves, sometimes dramatically, when the individual knows he or she is an anonymous participant in a real-time conversation or correspondence, e.g. in an online chat-room or message-board. Indeed, it is often the case the individual's online correspondent will report nothing amiss in the individual's engagement and affect.

>Withdrawal or detachment from the outer world is a characteristic feature of schizoid pathology, but may appear either in "classic" or in "secret" form. When classic, it matches the typical description of the schizoid personality offered in the DSM-5. It is "just as often" a hidden internal state: that which meets the objective eye may not match the subjective, internal world of the patient. Klein cautions one should not miss identifying the schizoid person because one cannot see the person's withdrawal through the patient's defensive, compensatory interaction with external reality. He suggests one ask the person what his or her subjective experience is to detect the presence of the schizoid refusal of emotional intimacy.

you ain't crazy?
you are hiding it!
very origami indeed

mere mental masturbation here
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femanon with questions

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femanon here, I'd like to ask the males here for some of their opinions about dating and sex:
-is sex important to you?
-why or why not? like what is the meaning of sex to you, what do you get from it?
-if you had a girlfriend, how likely is it that you would get 'bored' of having sex with her? if likely, how long would it take to get there/how often would the sex need to be to reach that point of boredom?
-assuming that a girl is in a forever-relationship with a guy, would you recommend that she withhold sex to a decent degree even if he wants it all the time... to prevent eventual boredom from him (or for any other reason)? or do you think it's in the relationship's best interest for her to have sex with him whenever he wants it as long as she wants it too

-how much do looks in a relationship matter? what if a girl is 'pretty' but spends a lot of time in lazy clothing? like would it disturb you to see her without makeup? do you always want her to look her best?

-any other thoughts?

thank you
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ITT: steal a future anon's original line
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Do you tip McDonald's servers?

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My local McDonald's now has a waitress who hovers around the computer screen that you can order food from. She makes it her business to bring you your food, get you a refill, get you ketchup, et cetera. I find this very unnecessary as this is not the kind of service I expect or even want from a fast food restaurant.

She works hard and deserves a tip as much as any other waitress who works on her feet all day, taking care of customers. At the same time, I don't want to tip her because the whole point of a fast food dive like McDonald's is that it's fast and cheap. If you add twenty percent to the cost of a meal, it's no longer cheap.

In short, tipping makes me uncomfortable but so does not tipping. I don't know what the solution is, so I just don't eat there anymore.

/Japanese/ general

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What are your motivations, how long have you been studying and whats your kanji/tango count? (I hope you're not RTKfags).

> i am a NEET with endless free time, and i was bored, so i thought to pick up a language that provided a decent challenge (so no european language), also japanese entertainment (video game anime etc) is top tier
> since September 2017
> 550 kanji about 2000 words

It's fun
I just wish I had more going in life lmao
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prostate cum

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Why haven't you tried it, robots?
It's a totally unique experience and feels absolutely amazing. You wouldn't regret it even if you gave up halfway!
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