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how do anti depressants feel do you just suddenly feel happy one day
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Who you calling white boy, bitch ass nigger?
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>do gay porn
>most of my fans of female

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>I smell pot in your room anon
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Post a pic about how you feel in this exact moment
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Drugs? I used to do a lot of drugs when I was younger but I cleaned up and now nobody can imagine me as being the type of person to do anything hardcore

here's my list

>Various anti-depressants
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Anyone else here have constant invasive thoughts tearing them apart and putting them on edge most of their day?
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Imagine if you had this feel once in your life. Even more depressing is you'll die and there will be no new life for you after this to be a Chad.
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the other day i noticed a group of about 15 teens washing cars by hand outside my local walmart

i decided to just ignore it and drive past without even glancing over in fear of looking like a creep.

then i got home and i realized the offer i had voluntarily passed up on..

it just got me thinking. how is this socially acceptable? having a bunch of 15 year olds in short shorts and wet tank tops bending over in front of you cleaning your car. its too good to be true. who actually has the balls to pay for this sort of thing?

i feel like they set it up just to see if anyone would fall for the bait.

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Hey, anon, if you were a girl a would date you
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