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Do you think you will ever just give up?
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What's your excuse for not having a cute gf? Even this disabled guy has managed it, all you gotta do is be yourself.
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The Beta Uprising! It's Happening!!!

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>The Department of Education is investigating Title IX complaints from men who say universities discriminate against them in supporting female students.


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>be high on meth
>find dead rat in mouse trap
>warm it up in my oven for 5 minutes
>cut a slit on the end
>start fucking it
>so creamy and soft
>feels good man

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On messenger trying so hard not to type like a anime girl.

Patrice O'Neal can help you get women.

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Having watched his specials and appearances on Comedy Central before and shortly after his passing, I've always enjoyed his stand-up. I was recommended excerpts from his mid-2000's radio show, and these are filled with great advice on dealing with women, along with being pure comedy gold.

Just heard this clip, and it almost had me in tears from laughter: https://youtu.be/UW34jF1wbvI

Full source channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY3UwuyJeL_JjDk7TNhkaMg
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you drinking again?
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The Goth Rebel Dream Girl

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Why are men drawn to the Goth Rebel Dream Girl?

You would have much better luck with a more basic woman.
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>be wagie
>love job
>dating qt coworker
>have tons of disposable income for vidya and other forms of media
>life has a point
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