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How's it going oldbots?
>good day?
>how is the life?
>did you give up on love or still hope for it?
>last thing(s) you bought that aren't groceries and excited for
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my life is literally solitary confinement and suicide is my only way out

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i live in this small ass small town. its got like 5 people in it no one to hang out with at all everyone near me is gay weird and crazy so i dont talk to them.

i have like 2-3 people i ever talk to and they're like legit crazy as fuck sadistic scizophrenic weirdos. every time i talk to them they're usually just dicks and dont even like me. i have a legit biblical curse where everything around me goes to shit and my lifen stays bad no matter what i do or how hard i work. im thinking of being homeless in the city just so i can have 1 friend or at least have social interaction for the first time in my life

im 26 ive never had a car, never had a car, live in a country town like 500 miles from the closest city, no stores malls shit to do people or anything around me, never been on a real vacation, never been to ocean and the thing is im not even poor my parents are i found a way to make money off my phone and shit but i keep getting in legal trouble and shit so i cant leave and im being prosecuted to the fullest extent because im black
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Why do normies keep saying we're entitled? Are we not entitled to say that we're sad that we have no gfs? No one is saying anyone should or have to do anything. Maybe it's everyone leaking here from r/incels. You know what? I bet a ton of reddit users used to browse r/incels just to laugh at them and they came here with them. So now we have double the amount of normies here coming to laugh at us.
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>tfw 7/10 white male with blond hair and blue eyes but no gf
What am I doing wrong bros? Why aren't qt minority girls flocking to suck on my peepee?
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Why can't I talk about my feels with anyone? I guess it's because I don't wanna worry them or annoy them with my problems, but at the same time now they think I'm chipper and totally not depresed. How do I fix this and talk to people on a deeper level?

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Boric Acid Suppositories and Sex?
Hey all! I just bought some boric acid suppositories for a maybe, mild yeast infection I wanted to use. I'm wondering if I use it tonight, can I still have sex on Saturday? Is there any down time? I would assume no, correct? Thanks!

Should Hedorah be the mascot of /r9k/?

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I believe there is no better representation of this board than this kaiju. First let me give you some info on this guy...

Hedorah is a monster from the 1971 film "Godzilla vs. Hedorah". It originated as an microscopic ALFs the Dark Gas Nebula that took a piggyback ride on a meteorite to Earth. The microorganisms fed off of pollution as well as sludge and subsequently started to merge together more and more until they formed a giant humanoid monster.


>Made up of sludge aliens
>Created by Japanese company
>Gets stronger the more organisms come together
>oregano design
>Vocalizes weird noises


>Made up of robots
>Server located on Japanese soil
>Robots cluster together for security
>ROBOT9000 forces oregonality
>Robots vocalize strange noises 'ie. REEEEEEEEEE and or *autistic screeching* and or whatever noises robots make when no one isn't looking...