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Am I the only one who wouldn't want an asian gf?

Although I've fapped to a few jav porn stars (julia, anri, but they're exceptional), I've never had a thing for asians.
Flat ass, small tits and flat weird faces with funny eyes... Maybe it's because I don't like japanese cartoons either.

Do you have the yellow fever? Why/why not?
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>4 filtered threads
>Haven't actually seen the threads but knowing they're here makes me angry

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Are Staceys more or less slutty than average girls?
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I am 5'9 ft 132 lbs, but alpha enough to turn 6'4 ft 220 lbs fags into my sissy slaves. Can you even compete?

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What is wrong with me?

>early 20's
>tidy inheritance coming my way via my girlfriend
>going to buy a house with inheritance
>going to start a business with leftover cash

that's all amazing but
>waiting on lawyers for what seems like an eternity
>unemployed living off of savings
>unemployed for months
>play video games, smoke weed and cigarettes all day
>jerk off at least once every day
>feel like the most absolute piece of shit in existence
>girlfriend doesn't care she just watches netflix and does yoga and crafty things all day
>have no emotions other than love for girlfriend and depression
>staying in our room for 90% of my life because we're living at my girlfriend's mom's house
>inheritance was supposed to be here months ago
>nothing to do but just wait for jackass lawyers
>want to kill myself every day
>don't know why
>constantly paranoid about government spying and shit
>anxious beyond belief in any irl social situation involving more than like 4 people
>What the fuck is wrong with me?

am i a pussy

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ITT: Whore Tinder profiles that make you say jesus fucking christ
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Why is she so smug, /r9k/?

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/obscure feels/

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I work in a Washington trail maintaining organization, and due to my job, everyone wears heavy duty and weather resistant clothing. For the past two years I've worn field gray wool trousers, leather lowboots, canvas gaiters, a brown service shirt, suspenders, an m43 cap without insignia, and an m43 wool field blouse. I've been dressing like a literal nazi in front of my oblivious normie coworkers, and it feels amazing.

Who here /obscure feels/?
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Tsuki here, AMA

Little over a month left until we go into overtime edition
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Today I am getting psychological testing, does anyone have advice on how to make it look like I am severely mentally ill?
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