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>upload video to youtube
>usually get no views since i have 60 dead subs
>put effort into making a funny video
>gets 10,000 views in 22hrs

this is the only social approval I have received in the last 2 years and it feels go fucking good im going to explode
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I'm drawn to cute, slightly androgynous girls. Anyone else?
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Why don't girls masturbate more?

Asian female

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What makes Asian females ideal?
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Where do you hangout besides your room?
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redpill me on moving to Japan

im a passing tranny btw
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>the color of your lips is the same color as the tip of your dick
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What do you think this guy was thinking when he was getting engulfed by the flames?
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>my cock smells good
>want to suck it
>not gay

explain this fags

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You're all gay and just don't realize it. Some of you jack off to porn of a girl getting dicked on by some other guy like a cuck.

The other guys jack off to anime porn, which was drawn by a guy so technically a guy has made you cum.
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