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Old memes that you kinda miss

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Why aren't you RPing Anon?

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It's comfy I promise.
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Zeemaps Thread

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Make some robot friends- put down your pin, contact others, and this is NOT necessarily a meet up map, location can be irrelevant if you're okay with being online.

Also- success stories or failure stories with this map? I've met a few robots (online) from this map about 5 months ago and still talk to them to this day.

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I'm a stay at home househusband who gets fucked by our dog when my bf is working
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So, you guys wouldn't believe what I did tonight.

But I actually went out and bought a pair of ballet tights--the men's kind.

I had never intended on doing this but when I went to therapy, but my therapist told me lack of athletic actvites could be what's hurting me, and that given my social anxiety, I may be be better off in groups that attract only girls.

She recommended dance, and I started looking into it. While I was most averse to ballet from the outside, I was actually most drawn to it by the end, because at least it wasn't full of Chads.

Anyway, I still haven't started lessons yet, but I can say this without a doubt:

Thsee simply *ARE* the best athletic legwear ever made. They're much more form fitting than most spandex cause they pull up all the way to the waist. They're nearly as transparent as women's pantyhose, yes just as lightweight.

To sum it up, its all the advantages of spandex and hosiery in one package. Call me a faggot if you like, but I think i'm buying a few extra pairs of these, they're gonna be my new lounging clothes.

Pic is related it's me during this faggotry. I couldn't get that effect ballet dancers have where the tights ride all the way up their butt, how do they do that?

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>tfw thinking about deleting that folder again but never do because it would not make any difference to my life
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Its amazing just how much society has wronged me.

They simply cannot be allowed to get away with it.
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>it's another "Anon can't sleep and is in constant panic so hugs the 4chan screen all night" episode

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Is this appropriate gym attire?

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So I've been making some eye contact with a girl who sits on the other side of the class. Is she interested in me? How should I approach this?
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