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I'm buying my ex a gold necklace for Christmas. Diamond chain. Should I get it with or without the heart charm?


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posting stats
post your stats
post your feels
post your stats mostly
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am gong mcdonad yu gys wnt anthing?
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>Finally lose my virginity

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>First woman I have sex with turns out to be a total nutjob
>Condom falls off inside of her the first time we have sex
>She starts pushing for no condom, I break off the very short relationship over text
>She leaves me messages about how she actually doesn't have an IUD despite what she said, and she's going to take a pregnancy test
>Leaves a voicemail about how she can't remember if we had sex or not because she was """""sick""""" and wants me to call her back to confirm

FUCK this
I'm going back to doujins and BLACKED porn. This fucking sucks

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Why am I able to make eye contact with some women but not others?

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>be me
>get into argument with my liberal sister
>some shit about how offensive I am
>keep calm and don't get heated
>she keeps yelling and gets heated
>she's pissed that I'm not getting pissed
>she tells me all her arguments I disprove them
>chuckle after all her statements just to piss her off more
>she ends it by slapping me, red faced and then walks out

bros it works. if you ever get into an argument with a libtard just keep calm and collect and don't get heated. even if your points are all wrong, they will still be upset. I've tried this on my dad too and it worked. I'm used to the beatings by now