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Why are meatcucks so short?
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Do you think this will ever become a reality for you, /r9k/bro?
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>Be me 2-3 yrs ago
>passport renewal time
>"Hey Anon, we need at least 2 friends to authenticate you for passport"
>tfw you have to scrounge your facebook contacts and beg to """friends"""" you haven't seen in years just to be an authentic citizen
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oh my god help me help meee
>somehow got a date with an objective 8/10
>21 year old khhv that never speaks to girls
>she seems really into me too
im so fucking anxious

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>be me
>junior in high school
>at someones house for a bonfire.
>don't know too many people there but I do have a couple of friends in the group.
>night is getting later, people begin to trickle off
>only one of my friends is left and he announces his intent to leave
>moments after he does I say the same
>say goodbye to my friend and he leaves
>say goodbye to some of the people I met that night and exchange phone numbers and whatnot
>head to car
>it's about midnight
>get in car and start it up
>begin to drive down the small subdivision street
>15mph max due to the potholes and speedbumps
>only drive about 1/4th a mile down the road
>hear rustling in the back of my car
>reach to turn on my dome light
>screaming from the backseat
>hand shoots from my backseat and grabs my neck
>in one swift motion, unbuckle seatbelt and jump out door of moving car
>hit the ground hard but get up fast and begin to sprint back to house
>behind me I hear
>look back
>my car is in a ditch
>last friend to leave the bonfire is climbing out of backseat
>mixture of anger and relief is overshadowed by different realisation
>I shit my pants
>throw my underwear into the woods
>get a tow
>never hang out with that guy again

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Would you take advantage of a girl who really loved you?
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>tfw mostly interested in dick
>see a girly looking person and hope it has a penis

I'm still attracted to tits, pussy, ass, but not as much as penis.

It's just a statement, I'm not complaining or asking for help.

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>oh thank you, I have you marked as absent for last class. was that right?
>just checking. I hope everything's alright? heh

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I wish I had a girl who was as depressed as I am and hated herself as much as I do so we could be sad and do drugs together and just revel in the sheer chaos of being human disasters
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