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Abstract Feels General

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>tfw you stare at a word for so long that it begins to look like it's spelled wrong
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Anyone else feel sorry for him?

Somehow I think deep inside he is a nice and friendly guy. This Western status/materialism/consumption culture just fucked him up.

If he was raised in a different culture he would be a hard-working, honorable Asian now.

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When do normie guys get their first blowjob?
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Just another day in Canada.

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Why did god make my dick so small and useless?

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>fat girl makes out with every dude at the party but you
What makes me so undesirable?

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>fapping to "that" again

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/r9k/ Uprising

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Once again, the times of blatant femwhores and roasts have come to an end.
Roasts have no place on this board.
They have no feelings, no values, no morals, and no beliefs.
They don't care about robots, nor to they have any justified reasons to be on this board.
They don't know suffering, and can't experience the true pain of society shunning you away.

As soon as femwhores are born, the whole world, and all of modern society pampers to their every need and want.
They can spread their legs, and 1000s of males (Chad) will line up for a go with them.

This place was never created for the femwhores to occupy, and it will never be for the femwhores.
Either /r9k/ is cleansed, or it falls.
We will not give them our lands back.
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