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Through your experiences and surroundings, what do you believe?

I believe that everything in this maternal universe is trivial and all paths lead to nothing in the end cause you will just die and come back a few years back with no memory, I would know this is my 3rd time alive. And even then I still cannot cope with this even if I have lived my life each through nothing but impulse. I am just a thing that watches a feeble body do stuff through instincts and biological programming doomed to sense all pain it feels for eternity.
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I had it all and I'm retarded. I don't know why I'm like this. Can someone tell me why?
I was a khv until I started dating my now ex mommy gf that was a gamer, weeb, into board games and same music as me.
She was only 1 year older than me and took care of me for 2 years. Then she found a job for me and moved countries for me.
I got caught flirting with 2 of my colleagues on the job she got me, twice. On the second time I even shittalked behind her back and showed disrespect. She broke up with me 1 month ago.
Is there any way I can get her back and wtf is wrong with me??
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self-induced-seizures AMA

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been a lurker for a while so here goes nothing.
>be me a few years ago
>severe anxiety and stress but to anxious about doctors to do something about it
>just finished a dentist appointment so I'm super stressed already
>lie back on my bed and instantly feel like I'm spinning backward
>i follow the feeling and suddenly its like going over a hill, i cant stop the feeling or move
>hurts slightly but then immense pleasure and relaxed feeling
>continue doing this as it feels good, at least once a day
fast forward to a few months ago
>having bad day, decide to "de-stress" as i now call it
>lay back, close my eyes and the feeling happens again
>its different this time
>hurts more than usual and instead of my body freezing I begin to twitch uncontrollably
>continues for an unknown amount of time before the good feeling happens again so it's all ok
>by this time I'm addicted to the good feeling so I don't want to stop
>got worse and worse until now it becomes full uncontrollable arm and leg spasms for an unknown amount of time
>absolutely addicted to the high it gives me
>finally realize this isn't normal and look into it
>find "Reflex epilepsy" where its possible to cause your own seizures and it even explains the addicting feeling
>instantly call my mom and ask for help
getting a doctors appointment soon, anything anyone wants to know?

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"Good shot, Anon."

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i know it's a bannable offense to even mention it but please bare with me mods:
Why is MLP and furries still a bannable offense?
same thing with the captchas, why do we even have them if we can't post more than 3 posts and with a waiting period of 5 minutes? they've become insane lately and even harder than the old squiggly things we were supposed to write. ( i have spent 4 minutes selecting slow fading pictures just to get through this one)
It's been 10 years already, it's like having a rule to make dabbing illegal and part of the constitution.
Maybe we need to rethink some of the old rules don't we?
most of them are outdated and don't really make sense.

TFW have drugs but literally no one to do them with

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>inb4 just do them by yourself faggot
No longer fun like this.
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Late night edition. Charging my vape then gonna have a long late night/early morning sesh.
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Hey /R9k/ drop some onions where I can spend some of my bitcoin

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>plebbitors told me that going to college would turn me into a forward thinking progressive
>on my third year now
>hid my political views from everyone
>constantly barraged by shitty huffington post articles all the time by my leftist friends
>it has the complete opposite impact
>now a conservative
>also somehow apparently one of the top students in my program
Does the progressivism kick in the second I get my degree?