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Redirected Aggression

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Does embracing your identity as a male mean you will have more success with a female, or are women's expectations too high nowadays? What do you guys think is sparking this gender war? How can men channel their anger in more appropriate ways?

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What stereotypes do you have about black women?
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How does it feel to let men use you freely like a fleshlight?
I need to know for reasons.
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Look at how he intimidates the interviewer into giving him respect despite his grotesque appearance. Take notes, bois.
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What's up nerds? Are you living with suicidal thoughts pushing you to the edge almost everyday? Do you feel like you're the last trash of the planet? Do you feel isolated and unwanted by anyone? Do you want a girlfriend?
Then make your own! Look it up in detail and put your mind to work to create your own inter-dimensional girlfriend of your likes. At first you'll just need a healthy dose of imagination, knowledge and dedication and depending on how much you believe in it, it can take you from as little as a few months to as long as whole years. And I didn't say it necessarily has to be a girl, or even human. It can be a boy or a trap, if you're the type. Some of the more exotic ones can be demons, succubis, vampires, furries, monsters, angels, but they are also very hard to conceive and create.
Once you've got the experience and methodology, you can try and make even more (you can delete them anyway) - you can create your own harem of tulpas, if you want. You can put penises on them and make them rape you while you're dreaming, if that's what you wish for. I strongly advise you also master lucid dreaming techniques as it will allow you to have amazing sex.
Have you ever felt like someone is watching you, or maybe you were in a room alone and you felt like someone is standing behind you, or even in front of you. But you didn't spook out, you felt relieved/relaxed. Yes? Then you're a person whose brain has created his own tulpa since a fine age, and you may truly be a master of the mind and thoughts, in which case you should start creating just as the Gods only do, gain experience and become a real wizard.
Don't hesitate to ask questions, or ask for sources, I will gladly help you.
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You should only be allowed to post on 4chan if you can link your posts to your FB account. Why do we need anonymity nowadays?

Trump signs Incel Registration Act

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How the fuck could he sign this? Look at this shit:

>Section 3 (b) Adult male virgins MUST register with their local Police Department within 60 days of their 18th birthday or face incarceration

>Section 5 (e) Adult male virgins are required to submit to both random and monthly psychological evaluations with a licensed councilor

>Section 11 (g) Adult male virgins are required to wear Incel Designation and Identification Armsbands to ensure that the public is aware of their status

This is unbelievable. How is this even constitutional?
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Itt: big healthy milkers
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Suicide pact anyone? I live in Sweden. You provide the method, I will provide company.

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I'm going to be on a major news network tomorrow night speaking as an """incel"""
besides placing the blame entirely on reddit, what would you like me to say?
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