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Are we all going to make it?

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>be at a club 2 days ago
>My friend who went from 'fuck everyone and fuck life' to 'i want to meet girls' approaches some random group of people
>I say fuck it roll with him
>there's this one REALLY pretty girl
>now i should say that I am 19 yo virgin who never had a girlfriend in his life, never kissed a girl, never asked a girl out
>somehow say fuck it and act all alpha
>she is really into me
>I make some stupid jokes and her 'male' friends laugh at me while the girl is actually even more into me
>I ask her about her male friends
>she says she doesn't even know them
>all of her friends are going to the dance floor
>'hey you coming?' her best freind asks her
>'I think I'm gonna stay here
>tfw I have the hottest girl in the club deciding to stay and talk to me

Guys are we all gonna make it?