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Every few months I drop by to do one of these threads and they're usually pretty popular. I am a Jungian mystic of eclectic paradigms and traditions, and I will be here for the next couple of hours to answer any (serious) questions you may have.

First, I'll explain what mysticism is for those who haven't participated before. In the Aristotlian model, there are three ways of obtaining knowledge: empiricism, rationalism, and revelation. The application of pure empiricism is science, the application of pure rationalism is philosophy, and the application of pure revelation is mysticism. Mysticism, then, is the use of internal, non-logical, unconscious processes to obtain knowledge. This can be in the form of dreams, hunches, intuition, imagination, and so on. It does NOT necessarily mean anything supernatural or paranormal, so please don't say "/x/ is that way" and so on -- although I'm sure someone will, because someone always does.