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You say millenials are no worse than any generation before them but they are. Kids these days are literally worse than any kids before.

One example that we can prove empirically is bedtime. I've noticed that teens today stay up incredibly late even if they had to go to school. Going to bed at 2-4am is considered normal these days and their parents never seem to mind. They get a few hours of sleep and try to survive with that - no wonder they're stupid.

This is all because social media and the Internet fucks up your brain so that you literally can't sleep until your brain thinks it's had enough entertainment for the day. Know that feel? It's a 1am, you're not even doing anything, you just stare at the screen and wish for something fun to happen. This is actually a more serious phenomenon that people realize. The dopamine boosts that social media gives you are addictive.
A friend of mine once proposed that our species will eventually die of sleep deprivation. Each generation demands more entertainment and at one point you can't even sleep because you just want more and more lulz, attention and fun.