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>go to the coffee shop during break
>female coworker asks me to get her a coffee, texts me which one she wants, includes heart emojis
>coffee shop girl flirts with me, telling me about her country and language
>end the conversation in a friendly way and shrug off the flirting
>coworker gives me a lift after work and says it is another coworkers birthday and I am welcome to come to the bar with them later
>I don't say no straight away
>"who is coming?"
>all the girls, one gay guy, one cuck
>"no I'll give it a miss"
>talk in the car about a recent date of hers, which didn't go well, joke about it for a bit
>"I'm serious, I need a boyfriend!"
>"I hope you find one."
>get home and relax
>feel disgusted that women only want to use me because they aren't selfless in the slightest

Should I have acted differently today? I am not sure what I should have done.