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/creative/ robot thread/general

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Comfy Thread Edition
These threads have been pretty popular as of late, frequently going to 200+ replies and hanging around for 24 hours or so. I've seen a few recurring characters, but generally a lot of new stuff too. Figured I'd try and put a general together. Open to ideas about information for the OP to pasta.

We are failures, lads. It's in our nature. There is a contingency of robots here who, if they were moots age in 2004, are pushing 30 now. The eternal originalfag walks among us. /r9k/ is clearly skewing younger for obvious reasons, but don't forget: you're here forever. 27+ Generals are evidence of this. It seems as though some of us who are oldbots and haven't an-heroed yet occasionally find more comples ways to cope because we're exhausted greentext as a mode of catharsis. And so, true to our nature, we take to failing at creative enterprises. ITT, we post the shameful artifacts wrought by reaching desperately for our creative goals, however meager.

If we were great musicians, we would be selling albums. If we were great painters, we would be making commissions. If we were great game designers we'd be working for a proper developer. That's not to say Robots can't make brilliant work. It is, however to say, that robots tend to aspire to comfiness, not marketable successes. We aren't the guy on /lit/ whose published 6 horrendous poetry chapbooks. We aren't the fag on /mu/ prattling on and on about >muh contract. We're more like the quiet fren at your local dead end job who is proud of a drawing he did last night but has no one to share it with, or who finally finished a song but has no one to bump it with.

We make things for ourselves, and sharing those things with like-minded people can be a good feel.