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You fuckers brainwashed me and ruined my life, are you happy?

I had a sweet and beautiful girlfriend for over two years, but in the last months I couldn't stop thinking about her NOT VIRGIN condition, you somehow put me that meme deep into my brain and I start treating her like shit telling things like "if you wouldn't gave away your virginity now we would be married"

Yesterday, all hell break to loose... since I was obsessed with the virginity thing, she drunkenly told me she gave her virginity to a random guy from a club and she will always regret it

I just couldn't stand it anymore, just imagining her laying in bed with other guy, first time naked, that guy dick entering my girlfriend vagina destroying her hymen, the pain and intimacy of that first trust, the drop of blood, her innocence taking away for the first time, was too much, I should had be the one, no a damn random chad from a club...

My heart was racing, I was never so mad and anger in my life, she became a worthless whore in my eyes I hated her so much, I felt cucked, used, abused, an horrible indescribable feeling...

I ended up my relationship, even with her saying "please no, I love you with all my heart, why?" and crying rivers... now I am super lonely again, probably I won't ever find another girl interested in me again, are you happy?