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this is your Wizard
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Magical Girl CYOA

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Previous thread:

Post builds, roleplay, write stuff.

Fully implemented CYOA v1.3 character creation, written in Python (rolls the dice and calculates your stats for you): https://repl.it/BZ5I/33

CYOA Stuff:
Writefag Archive: http://pastebin.com/rSvTGQzP
Char Pic Gen: http://www.dolldivine.com/sailor-moon-senshi-maker.php or http://pochi.lix.jp/k_kisekae2.html
Magical Girl Images (updated 10/09/15): https://mega.nz/#!ccd0lJTL!Eg_BiXe2DjMEC_nD1C1s55FgwhAdzAv8fcH1Gw0mGwY

Character Archive:
Add your character here!

Wiki http://mgcyoa.wikia.com/

RPNP Stuff:
PNP Rules: https://titanpad.com/EDGQ9bwZmn
IRC doc archive: http://pastebin.com/u/MagicalGirlPastebin
Monster List: http://pastebin.com/bd6KD7j0
Summonable minions-of-the-week: http://pastebin.com/zqqXhqaj

Benchmarks for all Specializations: https://titanpad.com/L24yLKk9nD !! NEW !! Trees updated daily!
White Coin Expansion: https://titanpad.com/5jH4AfsEtp
Jayne's System Mods: https://titanpad.com/LWeUkNHMEJ
Fusion Rules: https://titanpad.com/EWco1RvgBU

Tangent's Point Buy System !! NEW !!
IRC on Rizon:
In Character RP Pub: #TheWand&Circlet
IC Campaigns: #MGChronicle
IC Shenanigans: #Overcity

Rolz Roleplay Room: MGCYOA Roleplay

Old Thread OP Text: http://pastebin.com/usMM2EC7
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Song of Swords: Currently undergoing convulsions from fecht-withdrawal

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Last time on Song of Swords: Old German linguistics lesson, literary debate and lots and lots of music. No link because you gits let the chain get broken.

Song of Swords is an upcoming roleplaying game designed to replicate realistic historical combat while remaining quick, easy to learn, and fun. Right now, the game has a solid core of historical things to work with, but ultimately will include historical settings, magic, giant monster hunting rules, and a fantasy setting that's turning pretty kickass and that you can read about here:

Beta's currently 1.9, but 2.0 is coming out soon, followed (hopefully) by a kickstarter.


Custom Horse Rules, hot off the presses from Jimmy:

The Legend never dies, though does suffer from occasional seizures.
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> Complete Scoundrel
> Riddick noted as Chaotic Evil

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How does /tg/ feel about the Riddick setting?
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So, I had never seen any Riddick movie before, and some friends insisted I go see it with them. Said it'd be cool. I insisted on knowing the plot of the first two, and this one, before going to see it. Here's how it was explained to me:

Movie 1: Level 15/15 Rogue/Barbarian is being transported to penal colony. Ship crashes. Survivors rally and work towards repairing a vessel and leaving. Night falls, monsters come out. Turns out the Prisoner was a bigger monster. Survivors die one by one until only Prisoner, Young Girl, and Priest escape.

Movie 2: Prisoner Riddick is now a 30/30 Rogue/Barbarian, is recaptured on arctic hell-world, transported to civilization for sentencing and imprisonment. Civilized world is attacked my cyber-undead zealots called Necromungers. Turns out the only thing their Fighter30/Warlock30 king is afraid of is a prophecy about a man with silver eyes. Riddick overcomes odds, but Priest and Young Girl die in the process. Riddick kills king. In Necromunger culture, you Keep what you Kill. He becomes king.

Movie 3: Riddick gets complacent. Gets soft. Takes one level of Aristocrat. Is betrayed. Is left for dead after being dropped off a 400 foot cliff with several tons of rubble falling after him. He berates himself for getting soft. Retrains as a Ranger30.

So, yeah. Good movie. Has there ever been a game system or setting published for this series?
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Nightly reminder that "servitors" would never be deemed acceptable in a realistic and respectable sci-fi setting.

>using half-machine half-human husks for what could be better and more efficiently accomplished by pure machines
>ignoring that they are susceptible to the whole package of human liabilities such as cancer, aging, infection, having to eat, having to shit, having to breathe
>pretend no one is concerned about how unethical all of this is
>call human beings holy, yet mutilate them, fuse them with machines and use them for parts

Face it. W40K only uses these abominations to please their dark grim edgelord fanbase which gets off to casual atrocities. Real futuristic fiction doesn't touch the stuff.
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Stat me /tg/

Say at what point in which movie, if it changes things
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Favorite sci-fi setting monsters

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What are TeeGee's favorite monsters for use in sci-fi settings?
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ITT: Actors who have done the most in helping make /tg/ related activities mainstream.
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