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Magical Girl CYOA

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Post builds, roleplay, write stuff.

Fully implemented CYOA v1.3 character creation, written in Python (rolls the dice and calculates your stats for you):

CYOA Stuff:
Writefag Archive:
Char Pic Gen: or
Magical Girl Images (updated 10/09/15):!ccd0lJTL!Eg_BiXe2DjMEC_nD1C1s55FgwhAdzAv8fcH1Gw0mGwY

Character Archive:
Add your character here!


RPNP Stuff:
PNP Rules:
IRC doc archive:
Monster List:
Summonable minions-of-the-week:

Benchmarks for all Specializations: !! NEW !! Trees updated daily!
White Coin Expansion:
Jayne's System Mods:
Fusion Rules:

Tangent's Point Buy System !! NEW !!
IRC on Rizon:
In Character RP Pub: #TheWand&Circlet
IC Campaigns: #MGChronicle
IC Shenanigans: #Overcity

Rolz Roleplay Room: MGCYOA Roleplay

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What is it about VtM that makes its player base so infested if not majority SJWs?

Never before have I seen such a large gathering of the most extreme and rabid sort of unhinged SJWs.
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Let's fix D20 Modern

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How do we make this game better?

I've heard a lot and lurked a lot on /tg/ about why this game sucks, but what about it needs to change to make it better?

tl;dr: Lets fix D20 Modern with suggestions.

Note: I know all about the other modern RPGs out there(GURPS, Savage worlds, phoenix command), so if your opinion is to just "Play those instead" then that completely and utterly misses the point of this thread. Stay in your circle jerks.
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Hey /tg/, you guys up for some story time? Of course you are! This is just my experience with a freeform RP a while back, and I think it’s about time I share it. It’s been a long time, so sorry if some details are a bit hazy, but I remember the important bits. Behold, the Ballad of Edgardo!

>Get a hankering for some RP, cruise a couple forums
>Something catches my eye
>Some kind of weird combination of stuff from Dragon Ball Z, Gurren Lagann, Avatar the Last Airbender, and a few other themes from different shows
>Basically animu: the game
>Honestly kind of a cool setting after reading through it. Super-powered dudes wander around doing their own thing, having adventures, and trying to stop evil “shadows” from consuming the world.
>Looks cool, sign up and start making a character.
>Characters had attributes (strength, speed, the usual shit), Traits/Powers chosen from a big list, and Spirit, which you used for doing cool shit.
>Had a certain number of points to spend on Attributes, maxed strength and put some into speed, endurance, and a couple in charm.
>Wanted to try a brawler type guy. I’ll get to why that idea was a bad one later.
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Arcane Monk Quest

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You are a monk of the Order of the Insightful Fist, an ancient sect of martial artists that combine their arts with various forms of magic resulting in some of the most unique and dangerous styles on the planet.

However, before we get into the details of your story, there is one thing that I need to know.

What is your name? (Roll a d10, highest of the first three posts will be used)
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"Have you ever been playing a tabletop game where your character performed an action but the GM thought there was some manner of risk involved? And you'd stand there and you'd talk amongst each other for minutes at a time determining if you could really pull it off? Well fear not for my new game has a revolutionary mechanic that aims to change the RPG industry forever.

It is known as: The Diamond. A beautiful, shining geometric object made from various polymers. Invoking the Diamond's power allows you to perform various risky and downright dangerous actions with a chance of failure and success in one action. Simply throw the impervious diamond against the table and watch as one of the 10 holy runes appears at its top. The rune is a number that you can then add your own characters modifier onto in order to accomplish any feat you desire! In this way The Diamond represents chance, probability and luck all in one.

This innovative new mechanic for my latest RPG will encourage a much more active and agressive playstyle that is sure to take the RPG world by storm."
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/zweigen/ ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous General

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Let's try this.

Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG is an Ennie award winning role-playing game created with low & dark fantasy settings in mind. Think Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher, Glen Cook's Black Company or George RR Martin's Game of Thrones. Oh, and incidentally it also covers Warhammer.

>Official site


>Roll20 resources

Klytus, I'm bored. What Zweihander compatible setting can you offer me today?
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this is your Wizard
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Song of Swords: Currently undergoing convulsions from fecht-withdrawal

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Last time on Song of Swords: Old German linguistics lesson, literary debate and lots and lots of music. No link because you gits let the chain get broken.

Song of Swords is an upcoming roleplaying game designed to replicate realistic historical combat while remaining quick, easy to learn, and fun. Right now, the game has a solid core of historical things to work with, but ultimately will include historical settings, magic, giant monster hunting rules, and a fantasy setting that's turning pretty kickass and that you can read about here:
Beta's currently 1.9, but 2.0 is coming out soon, followed (hopefully) by a kickstarter.

Custom Horse Rules, hot off the presses from Jimmy:

The Legend never dies, though does suffer from occasional seizures.
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> Complete Scoundrel
> Riddick noted as Chaotic Evil

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