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/cyoag/ - CYOA General

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Archives and other resources:
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"3D > 2D" edition. Waifus forbidden.
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Jumpchain CYOA Thread #1521: The Sons of Fate Edition

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Fuck Marry Kill: Nurgle, Tzeentch, Khorne

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Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/

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/5eg/ - Fifth Edition D&D General

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D&D 5th Edition General Discussion

>Download Unearthed Arcana: Revised Subclasses:


>/5eg/ Mega Trove:!oHwklCYb!dg1-Wu9941X8XuBVJ_JgIQ!pXhhFYqS

>Resources Pastebin:

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How do you help make magic feel strange?
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Food Thread

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Ah shit! Food thread ahoy!

Post food. Fantasy food. Sci-Fi food. Neckbeard food. Post it.

Specifically I need the baker's dozen screen caps.
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/tg/ creates a setting

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> Vampires are actually intelligent animated corpses that require the blood of the living to stave off their slow but inevitable decay.
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/swg/ Galactic Conquest on a Budget Edition

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Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada Miniatures Games

Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG System (EotE/AoR/FaD)

Shipfag's Starship Combat Fixes for EotE/AoR/FaD

Other Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Tabletop (Imperial Assault, Star Wars: Destiny and the Star Wars LCG)

Fantasy Flight Games Dice App (Works with X-Wing, Armada, the Star Wars RPG system and Imperial Assault)

Older Star Wars Tabletop (d6, d20/Saga, etc.)

Reference Materials & Misc. Resources

All Canon Novels and Comics (via /co/)

Just What IS Canon Anyways?

The Clone Wars Viewing Guide


Shipfag's hangar

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster, co-op X-Wing campaign
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This is it boyos!
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Tyranids eternally BTFO

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Get in here nid bros, I'm considering suicide as our faction is a fucking joke and will never amount to anything other than Jobbing to chaos and the space marines. What's the point of living anymore when the future of 40k is nothing but Chadmarines and Chaoswank?
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