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Updated OP edition.

>Where do I get those fan made minis that show up everywhere?
Forumware minis are hard to get. Try Facebook or Tactical Command. Some china-recasters have warhounds and such. If you have 0 epic minis right now just get a vanguard miniatures army.

>Where do I get the rules?
Net Epic Armageddon rules and army lists:

Epic UK alternative lists (same rules, fully compatible with the above):

>What about the cool 30k stuff I see?
The Horus Heresy supplement:

>Where else can I get miniatures?
Ebay for originals

>What's the game like?
Players alternate using parts of their armies called formations rather than moving and fighting with their entire force. Morale and fatigue is represented by giving “Blast Markers” to a formation when something bad happens to it, which gradually makes it less effective and stops more and more units in the formation from acting until they rally. The scale makes units with longer range weapons or high movement speed stand out more, makes maneuvering more important and allows for the use of many units that are super heavy or above in Warhammer 40k such as Baneblades, Stompas, Titans and even Mega Gargants. While still keeping regular tanks and infantry relevant and effective.The new 30k stuff is also great, though development is apparently dead.

>Is there a way play it online?
There's a Vassal module floating about. It's somewhat clunky, but plenty usable if that's the only way you can get games.

>Thread Question
Do you actually play, or do you just like the models?

Previous thread: >>62818076
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I've seen some anons on /wip/ modding matchbox cars to use in gaslands and I've seen a few anons say it is actually, dare I say it fun? so I wanted to know more about this game, how does everything work, what dice does it use? How long does a game last? how do you even get around to converting random matchbox cars? Do you just paint on top of the stock paintjob?
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Best system for pic related?

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What is the most interesting thing about your character?
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what would be some good reasons for a na'vi to join forces with skypeople?
Let's be relatively liberal with the skypeople's tech level and place it a bit over the one seen in avatar.
genocide-virgins need not apply
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How did I do?


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Has anyone here played Earthdawn? It was originally designed as a precursor to shadowrun, set in the mythic past, where dwarves were the dominant race and the world was slowly recovering from an invasion of horrors, with people emerging from pseudo-fallout shelters.

It seems like a very interesting setting and I was thinking of getting running a game for my group with it.
Any advise as to which edition is best? 1e, classic or the new 4e?
Anyone have links to pdfs?
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Hey tg. What’s the closest you ever came to the dungeon and dragons experience in a single player game. Right now it’s hard for me to find a consistent time of the week when I’m free to work with a group and thought I could scratch my DND itch with some vidya.
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I want to have my players face down alternate versions of themselves, from another alltered timeline of their world.

How do I do it justice?

I've already sown the seeds of doubt on the world, with a globe spanning retcon history event that could kick this off. I suppose the biggest hurdel will be the buildup reveal and payoff. I need to plant the dupes, have them appear versimilitudinously, and let the players come to the realization themselves without hamfisting it...
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How would you improve the CCG genre, /tg/?
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