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Character name help

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Ive created a character for savage world's supers expansion.
His name is Icke Mcguinness.
He is a writer for a sensationalist tabloid by day, and uses his abilities to gather information for his stories by night.

His edges are: Attractive upped to very attractive, charismatic, more power points, and twin fisted.
For Hinderances he has Pacifist minor and delusion minor (he believes what he writes but isnt hiding in a bunker from it yet)
He also has 2 majors. The first is bloodthirsty. Violence is never a solution, and it does take a turn for him to pull out his claws. however after he is attacked all rights to that creature's existence are revoked.
His other major is the primary gimmick of the character. With alien form he is a reptilian. From this the character gets his powers.
He can disguise himself and copy voices with chameleon, while being able to stretch, grow or shrink due to also taking altered form. Altered form also gives me a reason to take attached weapon, which comes in the form of forearm and shin claws that take a turn to come out. due to balance reasons he can only absorb flesh to heal when he wounds something.

He disguises his true identity with his powers, and gathers information on this world's supers. its not really for anything sinister other than recording history being made, as he was basically left here akin to a baby at a doorstep. or in this case a garbage dump.

My problem is that I cannot for the life of me come up with a superhero name.

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How come the apocalypse in post-apocalyptic stories always happens in the near future? Why don't we ever explore a world after an apocalypse that takes place in 1945, or the 80s?
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Character Art Thread

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Should the heat caused by the friction of a speeding bullet be enough to damage a fictional creature that is vulnerable to hot temperatures?
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Outsider Page 128

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Rising Storm/Dark Imperium

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Is there a final verdict on whether or not Robby can take off the armor of fate? Rising storm is pretty clear that he shouldn't but dark Imperium has him walking around in a robe half the time.
Whats the deal with that?
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Yugioh Lore

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So, we always have lore threads for everything under the sun, so why not a Yugioh Lore thread? Post your favorite bits of Yugioh-related lore stuff, /tg/.
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/dcg/ Dropzone/Dropfleet Commander General

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Paying a GM to play

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Why in the absolute fuck would anyone do this?
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Character Name Thread

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Post your character's name with no context. Others will respond with images of what they think your character looks like based solely on their name along with the names of their own characters.
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