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Age of Sigmar General /aosg/

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What do you think magical words/verbal components actually sound like? What sort of langauge(s) are they based on or sound similar to in your mind?
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Weeb TCG Thread

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Hey look it's another one of these. Let's talk about TCGs that aren't Magic, Pokemon, or Yugioh. Mostly Force of Will since that's still in spoiler season, but I won't stop you from talking about other shit.

So FoWco fucked up again and misprinted all the Rulers in the upcoming set with the wrong J-Ruler side. At least all the normal-rarity Rulers, not Ubers or secret slot versions. That really sucks. It sounds like they'll be including packs in all the booster boxes with a properly printed Ruler, plus allowing players to trade in the misprints via mail or at tournaments for the fixed ones. It might depend on your region.

On the bright side the announcement for the fuckup also includes Kirik and Shaela's new Ruler sides with their Sealed Items revealed, and they look pretty decent. I'd go so far as to say Shaela is pretty good.

And spoilers are still coming out. Just last night we got an Ayu resonator that can copy your opponent's J-Ruler.
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how would you run a game set in the world of devilman?
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Why are there such social stigmas with so many of our hobbies?

Do you openly talk about how you play /tg/ related games?
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Flames of War: Not Christ but Lazarus edition

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we can do this guys, please post in the day if you can....


Flames of War SCANS database:
---Includes our Late War Leviathan rules!
Official Flames of War Free Briefings:

Current /tg/ fan projects - Noob Guide &FAQ, and a Podcast
Quick Guide on all present FOW Books:

Archive of all known Panzer Tracts PDFs:

WWII Osprey's, Other Wargames, and Reference Books
and, for Vietnam.

--Guybrarian Notes:

Panzerfunk, the /fowg/ podcast. the Azul Division: no longer linkable off the main page

Which army do you play the most?

what actual country are you from?

DISCORD an "i want to get a starter set" for late war.
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Why not let the bad guys win for once? What's the worst that could happen?
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What traits make for a strong, female character?
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MTG Modern General

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>Underrated card?

Current Modern Metagame

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Epic30k & Epic40k General /Epic/

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1st and only rule: don't post caster/recaster information or material.

>Where do I get the rules?
Net Epic Armageddon rules and the updated army lists can be found at:
It's based off of the Epic Armageddon rule set, otherwise known as Epic 4th Ed, with some minor changes and new army lists.

>Well that's 40k, what about the cool 30k stuff I see?
The Horus Heresy supplement can be found here.

>Where do I get those fan made minis that show up everywhere?
You go on any of the Facebook groups for Epic and lurk. If you can you should try and get your own epic army and post updates and ask for ideas about how to paint them. Eventually after you've gained some trust on there you could try and either PM someone you know has forumware or post and ask about it. You could also try posting on the Tactical Command forum. Asking outright as your first message in any of these places will get you ignored.

>Where else can I get miniatures?
There is a lot of old epic stuff on Ebay and some manufacturers produce good proxies, like and

>What's the game like?
Players alternate using parts of their armies called formations rather than moving and fighting with their entire force. Morale and fatigue is represented by giving “Blast Markers” to a formation when something bad happens to it, which gradually makes it less effective and stops more and more units in the formation from acting until they rally. The scale makes units with longer range weapons or high movement speed stand out more, makes maneuvering more important and allows for the use of many units that are super heavy or above in Warhammer 40k such as Baneblades, Stompas, Titans and even Mega Gargants. While still keeping regular tanks and infantry relevant and effective.The new 30k stuff is also great, though development is apparently dead.

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