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>the gods don't even look human
Why would humans worship or even want to serve something like that? There's no context for any attachment or even love or devotion to something so alien.
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Pirates in Hell

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I just came up with a cool idea for a campaign and wanted to hear your take on it, lets pitch this together!

>Pirate Setting
>Objective is to plunder a legendary but cursed treasure
>after the crew managed to obtain the treasure and a whole night of partying on board of their ship, they still sail without finding any land
>after a while, they're entering more and more actually burning seas, at one point even lava - but the ship wont burn or crumble at all
>sky gets darker, slowly turning into a solid stone ceiling without anyone actually noticing until they can hear screams of people hanging on chains from it
>turns out, they died and are now sailing in hell

Basically, its Pirates X Dantes Inferno
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Welcome to the If The Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device Podcast topics.

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Make a subjects for The Emperor Podcasth include the Primarch or Primarchs are in the episode and people the Emperor summing to the Podcast .
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The 9th Age

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>ITT: The 9th Age

Dont Worry Lads I'm Painting Edition

>The game takes place on a 4 by 6 foot battlefield (1,22 m x 1,83 m) where your miniature armies move to engage and fight each other.
>Turn after turn, each player moves its models, casts spells, shoots and fights in bloody combat, rolling dice to determine the outcome along the way.
>Then the next player does the same, for six turns each. A normal-sized game usually takes 2-3 hours to play but you and your opponent can agree on scaling up or down to meet your own desires.
>The 9th Age is a game made to be enjoyed and customized so that everyone can find something to their liking, whether you’re into large epic battles, small skirmishes played on much smaller battlefields, or narrative-driven campaigns spanning multiple battles played over several days with your friends.
>If you have models on round bases, dont worry, there are multiple ways you can still play. One way is for a round base tray that can keep them in rank and file. You can also simple place the figures on top of the correct size square bases in order to simply create a frontage of the models >There are also no model restrictions when it comes to companies. As long as the model reflects the army in an obvious way, it is good to go.
>Ruleset Gold is here!
>Rulebook and Army Book PDFs :https://www.the-ninth-age.com/index.php?simple-page/&s=44789a1a050f3c2672dcf6072651a65753833112
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>that guy who makes ANOTHER fighter-archer trying to make the concept work
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Hey fa/tg/uys. My girlfriend wants to run a game of 5e so naturally I recommended LMoP. For whatever reasons everyone wants to play something different.

What are some recommendations for a level one adventure in 5e? Conversions are fine.
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The Emperor’s Tarot

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I’m considering doing a concept art series for my players of the Emperor’s Tarot, which is apparently pretty unchanged in the 41st millennium.

That being said, there’s so many tarot cards. The Minor Arcana (King, Queen, Knight, Page, and 10-1 of Cups, Swords, Wanda, and Pentacles) get fairly repetitive in concept and that can probably be echoed in design, but I’m looking for any input on good subjects for the Major Arcana.

So far I have
> The Emperor as The Emperor, obviously
> An imperial Saint as The High Priestess
> Adeptus Arbites as Justice
> A stranded voidfarer as The Hanged Man
> The Astronomicon as The Sun
> Khorne as The Tower
> The Officio Assassinorum as Death

Any thoughts or disagreements?
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WArhammer Army Creation Thread

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Continuing from >>63973009
I'll post the summaries for what we have already.

We're missing a necron army that was an enemy, and we are missing some space marines. We'll start with the marines, then do necrons. After that we'll roll for more imperial guard, tau, and orks as the filler races.

To start roll 1d10 to find out when this chapter was founded!
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Hey /tg/ I need some inspiration/ideas.

Here's the TL;DR of the story so far;

- PCs in cute little town and suddenly earthquakes, never happened before in this region
- They hear of a man mining the biggest gem ever seen in this region from the nearby mine
- They find him and he sends them deeper into the mine to retrieve a magical pickaxe in exchange of information about where the gem is
- They do it, kill a bunch of deep gnomes (svirfneblins) and bring the pickaxe back
- He tells them he sold the gem to a Kenku
- Kenku was last seen heading south 2 days ago
- They begin travelling south
- Get ambushed by bandits, chase a runner down into the nearby crypts where they find more bandits guarding a newbie necromancer raising the dead in there
- They kill everything and rescue a man that was imprisoned by the necromancer & cie
- Continue south, kill some kobolds, kill some wolves..

Now they're nearing the town where the Kenku is believed to have been travelling to. It's called Greenbarrow and it's a halfling farming town.

Any ideas what could happen when they do find the Kenku? Him wanting just money sounds kinda boring. What could he want in exchange of the gem?