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can we get a made/played thread going
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L5R Advice and General

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So I just got The main rulebook to L5R and the books on enemies, the great clans and the Book of Air. I love the setting and the game seems incredibly fun and interesting, I was inspired by javascript:quote('52364366'); and am planning on running a game for my group soon. I am planning on giving the campaign a sorrowful, mournful feel, as though what is great in the world is slowly fading away while incorporating a large amount of dynastic politics from the clans, but keeping a blood speaker cult as a main enemy throughout the whole campaign. I was wondering what advice you might have for me and any useful tips that you might have for a new L5R GM.
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Christian Cosmic Horror Worldbuilding

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How would you go about making Christian Cosmic Horror, /tg/? Like Werewolf the Apocalypse type shit. Demonic gods and eldritch abominations rising up to consume the world. Only Crusaders, knights, and priests are able to stand up to the tides of darkness, but in the end it's all hopeless. That kind of thing.
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>tfw Gorkamorka will never be rebooted
>tfw they will never make a Gorkamorka survival video game like Ark: Survival Evolved or Conan Exiles
>tfw you and yer boyz will never be able to form clans in a wasteland, constructing crazy vehicles and forts and fightan them other boyz and humies in the desert

feelz zog lad

Commander/EDH General

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To be honest fuck the copypasta edition.

Question of the thread: Are you going to fork over $30+ for Masterpiece Invocation Premium Mythic Rare God cards?

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>The kingdom is ruled by a Dark lord who Studies Dark magic
>The Dark Lord new government is founded on meritocracy instead of Nobility, modernize the economy from an agricultural base to a manufacture and service base, castle towns were developed as the center and basis of local economies, And ending the Civil war That Plagued His Country.
>The Rebels asks a group of Paladins to deal with the Dark lord
What would you do?
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humble Bundle Horus Heresy novels

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/wbg/ - Worldbuilding General - Leadership Edition

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On Leaders

/wbg/ discord:

On designing cultures:

Mapmaking tutorials:

Random Magic Resources/Possible Inspiration:!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ


Sci-fi related links:

Fantasy world tools:

Historical diaries:

A collection of worldbuilding resources:

List of books for historians:

Compilation of medieval bestiaries:

Middle ages worldbuilding tools:

Describe a leader in your setting, whether a king or just a particular interesting parent. What makes them uniquely capable to lead others in your setting (or uniquely awful at it)?

How have past leaders influenced the present? Do people remember these leaders?

How are leaders chosen? Divine favor, popular vote, technocratic cyborg leader-building?
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Does anyone have artwork of alien or alien looking beings in medieval clothing?

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ITT: Times when YOU were

>that guy
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