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have you ever played a lighthearted adventure despite the setting and system being inherently dangerous and unforgiving?
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AWG alternate wargames general: Japan Rising edition

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Amazing Japanese mini's soon.

>What is /awg/?
A thread to talk about minis and games which fall between the cracks, or people's homebrew wargames. /hwg/ doesn't entertain fantasy (for good reason) and the other threads are locked to very specific games, so this thread isn't tied to a game, or a genre, lets talk about fun wargames.

Any scale, any genre, any company, any minis. Skirmishers welcome. Rules designers welcome.

>Examples of games that qualify
Grimdark Future, Age of Fantasy, Mighty Armies, Dragon Rampant, Of Gods and Mortals, Frostgrave, Hordes of the Things, Songs of Blades and Heroes, Freebooter's Fate, Dark Age, LotR and anything that doesn't necessarily have a dedicated thread (gorkamundheim).

>Places to get minis

>The Novice Trove
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Have you played a game where the setting was a revolution?

/gdg/ Game Design General

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New ideas abound edition

A place for full-on game designers and homebrewers alike. Feel free to share your games, ideas and problems, comment to other designers' ideas and give advice to those that need it.

Try to keep discussion as civilized as possible, avoid non-constructive criticism, and try not to drop your entire PDF unless you're asking for specifics, it's near completion or you're asked to.

>/gdg/ Resources (Op Stuff, Design Tools, Project List)

>#dev on /tg/'s discord:

>Last Thread:

>Thread Topic:
Do you incorporate your game's themes into your mechanics? How?
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Flames of War General: Valentine Lovers Edition

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Flames of War SCANS database:
---Includes our Late War Leviathan rules!
Official Flames of War Free Briefings:

Current /tg/ fan projects - Noob Guide &FAQ, and a Podcast
Quick Guide on all present FOW Books:

Archive of all known Panzer Tracts PDFs:

WWII Osprey's, Other Wargames, and Reference Books
and, for Vietnam.

--Guybrarian Notes:

Panzerfunk, the /fowg/ podcast. the Azul Division: no longer linkable off the main page

Which army do you play the most?

what actual country are you from?

DISCORD an "i want to get a starter set" for late war.

Do you play TANKS? what is the local scene / meta like? (multi)

/fowg/ Discord
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Are human spellswords a thing in Warhammer? Reading up on the lore and miniatures it seems like there's the typically robed wizards and nothing else.
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It's not very fun, is it?
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Are you lookign foward this?


Do you even care about it?
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>This promises to be one of the most richly realised sections of the Horus Heresy series yet. I wish I could tell you what was decided – the twists, turns and unexpected reversals that lie in store for readers of the series. If you think you know what happens at the Siege of Terra, think again – expect tragedy, triumph and revelations galore.

Why won't somebody tell these writers that THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WANT
it's a good story already, you've already fucked it up with perpetual ollanius pious and the like, you really don't need to fuck it up any more

MTG Legacy General

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Ban Deathrite Shaman(?) Edition

Do you think DRS enabling impossible manabases and Leovold making BUG/4c the only viable fair color combination is healthy for the format?

>Active Legacy Forums

>Current Legacy Metagame

>Find/Browse basic lands by their art, by sets, by artists, and more

>Top 5 Breakdown (May 26, 2016)

>Utilizing Cabal Therapy (Old but still good)

Deck Database
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