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This is the official /tg/-related cat thread of /tg/.

I want every bit of cat amusement that you have available.

>cats in campaigns you have
>animal familiars
>cat centric sagas of adventure
>felinids in a sci-fi or fantasy game

Fuckin’ anything cat related, I wanna hear about it. I love the idea of kitties being something that’s just in the background of campaigns now and then.
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Slaves to Darkness by John French

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Cover Art Revealed
Daemon Angron, Horus, Fulgrim, Perturabo, Lorgar.

What do you think?
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Death Dealer / Doombringer

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There was this great character who was kinda the mascot for Dragon Magazine for a while. I can't remember what he was called, but he seemed pretty tough and scary. He was very similar to "Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer." Anyone know what I'm talking about? Looking for a name...

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How would they fare in Battletech?
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>trying to make a setting
>either end up making some mostly generic high-fantasy kitchen sink
>or I end up going to far with trying to design the metaphysics and lore and end up with stuff that makes it hard to actually create the grounded parts of the setting
Anyone else have trouvle with this. I can never manage to find a compromise between the two.

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How do I get rid of a boner quickly? I had this problem in the last few rounds.
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/cyoag/ - CYOA General

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Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
Previous Thread: >>59334550
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What is Kingdom Death: Monster

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I've been playing games for a few years now and a friend recently gave me a big box which apparently is a game called Kingdom Death: Monster. All I know is that everything inside is still in the plastic and it's only missing the rule book. I have no idea what this game is or how to find a rule book. Any ideas?

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>Making a system about transhumanism
>Need types of transhumans
>Already have genetic engineering, cybernetics, psychic powers, animal DNA, and 'the normal guy'
Am I missing anything?
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Nobledark Imperium Part 55: Bug War Edition

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Well I'm from Argenteus Australis and I say kill 'em all subedition

Welcome to Nobledark Imperium: a relatively light fan rewrite of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, with a generous helping of competence and common sense.

http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/ 59020817/


>Freeboota Blacklaw
>Elysium and the Great Rift
>Nature of Imperial military cooperation and the ancient Iron Minds
>Other odds and ends

>More stories or codex entries for Nobledark Imperium. Anything that gets stuff off of the Notes page or floating around in space and into concrete codex entries would be appreciated.

and, of course...
>More bugs
>More weebs
>More Nobledark battles
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