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Philosophy of choosing a herald

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Seeking philosophical advice from veteran neckbeards

I read the World of Warcraft lore
Warlocks, Mages, Priests, Balance Druids and Elemental Shamans are my guys
Actually play the game and end up preferring Warriors, Rogues, Death Knights and Paladins

I read the Diablo lore
Wizards are my guys
Actually play the game and end up preferring Barbarians

I read the Horus Heresy novel series
Thousand sons and Raven Guard are my guys
Read the table top rules
Find myself wanting World Eaters and Emperors Children

I am most interested in knowing why it is this happens
I am slow to anger, would rather solve a problem with my brain instead of my fists
Would consider myself to have higher intellect than strength or dexterity

I seem to be after the same thing but the fluff and crunch give me two different answers

If you're wondering why this is a problem
It's because I insist on picking the character/army that is most like me and not the one I like the most
And in actual combat I would be the guy standing a way away and giving support instead of getting into the sweaty testosterone fest that is close combat

Help out any way you can please, also pic semi-related

What was the first game you DM'd? How did it go?

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Thoughts on Dark Sun? Anyone here plays it? Played it? Looks like an interesting setting, but I can't say I've seen it brought up here all that much.
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Any good asian settings out there i should be aware of?
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Zombies invade your setting, BUT...

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... they're Return of the Living Dead zombies.

How fucked is everyone?
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ITT we post a picture as a random encounter with 5 words or less describing it.

>Nature versus tyranny of man.
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Can we talk about the Squats?
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How do you write a "dark" character the right way? Pic related is pretty much my benchmark example.
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40k themed Rocky Horror Picture Show who would you cast?

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Witch character from 40k would you cast in Rocky Horror Picture Show?Me parsonaly:
> Dr. Frank-N-Furter-The Emperor(he created a man with blonde hair and a tan and lets be real you all want to see him in drag)
>Eddie-Jaghatai Khan
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try to make the edgiest character possible, but try to make it enjoyable and fun to roleplay
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