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Writing exercise for the lazy anon

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Surprise, anon. That 5 hour first session we had planned? Well, it's actually going to be a 4 hours and 40 minutes session, because your lazy ass is writing a 4 sentence backstory right now.

I'll start:

From Daguin's own mouth, he only really started living when he joined the holy order as a monk.

Under the tutelage of masters such as St. Lange and St. Beins, he quickly grew in knowledge and ability, and impressed his instructors with his seemingly unbreakable faith.

Once his training was over, he returned to his home town and its monastery, where he was not taken seriously by those who had been there much longer than he.

The constant ridicule and the lowly and dirty tasks he was given ground at his sanity until, provoked by a reprimand by the high Abbot, he took a knife to the man, who, rather than complain of his wound, sent Daguin away to seek penance and grow wiser in pilgrimage.
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MTG Modern General

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SCG Baltimore Open, GP Coppenhagen, and GP Kobe edition.

>Metagame thoughts?



Weekly Modern Metagame:
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Planeforger 2: Planeforge Harder

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Last thread right here: >>53281568
How it works: Roll a 3d36, the first for color, 1-6 White, 7-12 Blue, 13-18 Black, 19-24 Red, 25-30 Green, and 30-36 is Colorless. The second is for angle of expansion, and the third for the number of hexes filled.

Here's the basic basic gist of what we got so far:
>Plane, named Taoltesh, is half-baked, for reasons unknown to everyone, conflicting creation stories abound, though there is usually a Creator and Black usually fucks up/gets fucked up.
>Magic is done through the art of performance, from music and dance to art and storytelling, main goal of the various factions and peoples of the setting is to gather the Worldsong fragments and shape the world as they see fit.
>Main races are white Dragons and Viashino, black Angels and Humans, blue Hydras and Merfolk, red Sphinxes and Goblins, and green Demons and Elves. Monstrous races are known as the mythic races and generally stay in their color, humanoid races are the mortal races and can go to any color, though the majority stay in their own color. There are also things such as Thunderbirds in white and spirit animals across all colors.
>Colorless is the Unsung, beings and lands of untapped potential and shifting reality.
There's a doc, but it's messy and outta date, so if anyone from the previous thread(s) could talk about the colors and the important characters we have so far, that would be great.
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I like Orcs and things involving Orcs. How do NPCs in your setting feel about Orcs and Half-Orcs (if applicable)?
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Post illusionary/phantasmal creatures.

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Does anyone remember the Scraplootas? One of my favourite /tg/ OCs.
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/tg/ creates a setting

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> Vampires are actually intelligent animated corpses that require the blood of the living to stave off their slow but inevitable decay.
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/wbg/ - Worldbuilding General

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What I'm confused about is how Nicol Bolas lead to Egyptian mythology
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What in your opinion, is the greatest ttrpg ever made?
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