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Would /tg/ help me real quick to check if this could work?

Resolution is universal: you check two numbers (one is the active/attack; one is the passive/defence/difficulty) and look them up on a table. The table tells you how many d6 you throw. End.

Also: everything works through primary stats: feats, classes and other stuff is only secondary and helps/works around the stats. So for example, warrior has Power 17, goblin has Reaction 12, you look these number up on the Grand Table and you see that you throw 4d6. A 6 is a success.

Abilities are: Power, Reaction, Cunning, Knowledge, Charisma, Grit.
Ideally, feats and other stuff can give you bonus like "throw again the worst die" or "raise up by 1 point one single die" or stuff like this; or even "whoever attacks you has -1 on the Attack Stat", whatever.
There's gonna be *a lot* of work on feats/classes/backgrounds whatever is secondary, to give details. Because right now I like the idea of including strength and constitution into one stat, and using cunning and knowledge as separate.

My question is, before I even start doing such a thing, would this be possible? How should I proceed?
I want to keep things "universal" (one type of resolution) and I'm not sure how to flesh out this dice pool system. I don't want to use other kind of dice at all, d6 are fun and cool because everyone has them. Also, ideally I don't want to have stuff like 10d6, max should be 8d6 or something, because difficulties and opposed rolls would cancel out and most resolutions, I hope, should be around 2d6 and 5d6.

What do you think? Ideas?
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What is the difference between D&D 3.5 and D&D 5? I've been inactive for a long time and want to start again. My last system was 3.5
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What exactly is “sickdark” and how does it differ from grimdark?
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Cyberpunk 2020

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Lets just have a general cyberpunk 2020 thread
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Character Art

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Character Art Thread

Previous thread: >>63049011

Please help grow the Wizardbooru: https://wiz.booru.org/index.php

If you make a request, please play it forward by filling others' requests.

Gonna post some beefy older dudes.
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If real life was a TRPG

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Obviously almost all of 4chan would be NPC's, but who would be the PC's? Would it be the world's most powerful leaders, or perhaps those weirdos who go off to volunteer to fight in overseas wars? Or perhaps those saints who dedicate their lives to charity and helping others?
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Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/

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Are there any good adventures or modules for mini six?

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How is Traveller?
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