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/srg/ Shadowrun General - Mods Asleep, Post Neo-Anarchist Guides

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>Shoot straight
>Conserve ammo
>Watch your back
>And never, ever cut a deal with a dragon

Bored hacker edition. What do you do with your big fancy deck when you're not melting ICE? Do you use fault sprites to bother your bitch of an ex-wife by making her toaster run inconsistently hotter or colder than expected? You've got mastery of a domain few understand but everyone uses it - what do you do to make the time pass?
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Heavy Gear Blitz

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Anyone played this recently? Haven't dabbled in miniatures in a while but apparently there's a new 'living' rulebook out. Is the game (even) funner now?
Also I'm looking for retailers in Europe...
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I'm making a mutants and masterminds character, but I don't want a boring powerful ability.

What are some ideas for a creative, but low level superpower? I don't mean some obscure shit like milk bending, I mean something that has to be used creatively to be used effectively.

I was thinking something like inertia control for a few seconds at a time, so my character can take a hit or give one but only for a few seconds. Also used as a movement ability to cancel out gravity and jump extra high.

Any ideas would be great though.
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Age of Sigmar General /aosg/

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Morathi's original concept art edition

Previous Thread: >>59342956







>Core rules

>General's Handbook 2017

>Malign Portents

>Army and Skirmish Warband builder

>City Generator

>Warscroll battalion blank

>Malign Portents Site

>A Traveller's Guide to the Mortal Realms

>Malign Portents: Behind the Scenes

New books
>Callis and Toll The Old Ways

>The Tainted Axe

>The Witch Takers


>Thread Question
Why can't GW's sculptors make sexy women?
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Fights at the table

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Have you ever had people come to blows or resort to violence IRL because of something that happened in game /tg/?
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Suppose there were a society or ethnic grroup whose average size and strength is comparable to the extreme outliers of average humans (even today). 6 to 7 feet is their norm, and even without training their metabolism predisposes them to be much stronger. In all other regards they are basically of same intelligence and human otherwise.

How much of an advantage does this actually give? In regards to work and labour, but also combat (particularly combat of antiquity and the medieval age but really even today). Would they be the great empire builders of the world like the Europeans became or simply just another nation with different looking people.
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Are Superhero Tabletops destined to be shit forever?
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Due to various complications and timezones changing dramatically, my long-standing RPG group finds itself unable to meet up regularly. Rather than go our separate ways, I thought I'd look into running something persistent that people could drop in and out of as and when, and Discord seems pretty solid for this kind of game.

Has anyone here had any experience with PbP on Discord? What systems would work best for this, when a DM isn't permanently on call, and PCs are often absent IRL?

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If WotC ever introduced a new color, which one should it be and what type of land should produce it?