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Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

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"Augment: Flesh is weak! Upgrade your Tech-Priests’ limbs with mechanical augments made from the blessed metals of the Omnissiah. Customize your team with hundreds of possibilities, creating a squad to suit your playstyle.

Difficult Decisions: Make tough decisions that will forge the future from your Ark Mechanicus, The Caestus Metalican, and send you towards alternate endings for a truly unique playthrough.

Experience the Noosphere: Use the Adeptus Mechanicus’ evolved human cognition to scan unexplored tombs for valuable data in order to gain a tactical advantage over your enemy.

The Library: A compelling story written by Black Library author Ben Counter, specifically crafted to fit the unique personality of the Adeptus Mechanicus faction."

What does /tg/ think?
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how realisticly do you roleplay killing and dying? not talking about gore levels you idiot
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Significant Power Differences

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Has anyone here ever been in a game where the other players' characters are a lot stronger than yours? What did you do about it? Were you able to power them up or did they wind up dead or lagging in the endgame?
Currently in a super fun Nechronica game where one player has a close range MONSTER who can basically solo bosses and the other's got a badass sniper that can pick off enemies from anywhere and boost dice rolls across the battlefield easily. By comparison my character is just better at putting itself back together and causing mild distractions while the other two do the brunt of the work.
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How good of an idea would a holy order dedicated to knowledge be? Maybe with like 3 sub-factions, one dedicated to archiving and disseminating all currently known knowledge, one dedicated to exploring unknown lands and discovering ancient lost civilizations, and one dedicated to the research of new technologies and theories?

There would be guards and knights to protect the libraries, explore the tombs, and recover stolen technology. Maybe even crusades against civilizations and primitive beings that might destroy such knowledge.

This idea could either be used in a DM's world building, or it could be the long-term goal of an Artificer or Cleric of Knowledge, for example.
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>the T'au gain learn of how to create and train Kriegers of their own
How does this effect both the Imperium and the T'au?
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I was wondering if there is any urban fantasy settings set during the 1950s or 60s. I had an idea for a setting where some occult experiment done during the second world war caused a breach into another world, a world far brighter and more whimsical than ours. It would focus on life in that era with a lot more supernatural creatures, sun dappled glades and otherworldly errands.

Also, comfy thread, I guess. Inns, sleepy villages, stories by a cozy fireplace, wizard's abodes or getting milkshakes in a small town diner... If it's comfy, put it here.
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Cozy Thread

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Post all your cutes.
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Post your dudes.
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>elemental creature/race
>oversized pauldrons and spikey armor
> 15th-century technology yet no guns
>world trees
>meaningless place names like 'valator' because they sound Tolkien-esque
>dark lords
>characters wears sword sheath on their back
>town guards
>standing military
>every soldier has nice armor
>soldiers use swords first with not polearms in sight
>open battles are common instead of actively trying to avoid each other to lay siege
>magic college
>magic is as simple as 'cast fireball'
>plate armor and shield at the same time
>every non-human race is a monoculture
>empire is evil while the kingdom is good
>dwarves live in mountains to mine even though hills were a preferred area for mining
>kingdoms operate like nation-states
>Village isn't surrounded by farmland
>chainmail is treated as light armor vs heavy plate armor
>Everyone wears earth tone garbs
>barbarians all wear furs or "loincloths" and hate magic for no reason
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Is Eldrad actually Hugo Weaving, or is Hugo Weaving actually Eldrad?