Where are my images?

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ITT: Post your current character (or your current favorite if you're rolling more than one); other anons critique it.
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How are demons like in your setting?
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Post cute critters and monsters. Stuff that'd fit in a kid's adventure series or in one of the cutesier MMOs.
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Guys where tf our art thread at?

Post cool /tg/-related art here. Be it characters, monsters, environments or other things.

Also request art here, just post what you're looking for and we'll dig in our archives.

Let's start with the theme "red" to get the thread rolling.
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Jumpchain CYOA Thread #1890 Waiting For The End Edition

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My buddy drew his monk in the art box on his sheet.

Does anyone else use that space?
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Would you go easy on your opponent if they were cute?
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