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Just fucking punch it

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Lets give the best class some love
Post some of your favourite monk related things

Miniature buildings for photogrammetry

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Most of the historical miniatures I've found seem to be fairly low detail. I was hoping someone here could point me towards some high quality miniatures for use in photogrammetry.

Thanks for any help.

Words, phrases, situations and cliches that we love

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It's been some time, anons, and I love those threads, so why not.

>arrive at the last possible moment to save younger, less powerful heroes
>"you did well kids, we'll take it from here"

>fight to change your fate and have possibility to do it, but your family will die
>in one final choice, decide to follow the destiny because you can't let you loved ones die just to prove a point, no matter how important it can be.

>an old warrior desires one last glorious fight instead of dying in his own bed
>it's death that makes the life sweet

Does Int or Cha better complement Str/Con?

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Weird question, I know, but which stat more often go together in popular games: INT with CON, and STR with WIS; or INT with STR, and CON with WIS? We all know "DEX with CHA" reads as "oh you're playing a thief/rogue/face thing" but mixing stats of the mind and body is harder to read for me, someone who's never played D&D. Which combo makes the most classic archetype?

8th slaanesh

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If they are squatting slaanesh why are there lewd bewbs on page 5 of the new book?
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Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/

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Food Thread

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Ah shit! Food thread ahoy!

Post food. Fantasy food. Sci-Fi food. Neckbeard food. Post it.

Specifically I need the baker's dozen screen caps.
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"GM: Your (single paragraph) backstory is not mandatory reading."

Please tell me this isn't as common as this GM makes it sound? I haven't played for very long, but this has to be false, right?
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Are initiative rolls necessary?

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Over the years, I've noticed some inherent flaws in the way that most initiative rolls work in most cases.
>Can't perform actions out of turn, such as someone throwing themselves in the way of an enemy's attack to save an ally.
>Interrupt actions (such as shooting a charging opponent) usually doesn't exist and if it does, it's usually a special ability that can only be used sparingly.
>People who get shit initiative are more likely to "tune out" since they have no reason to pay attention until it's their turn.
>Fights against single targets lose their edge because the party will inevitably get more actions.
>Fights against groups become tedious; either the GM rolls a single initiative for the group (leading to swarms) or individual rolls for each person (increasing the wait time)
>interrupts game flow as the GM has to record each initiative score while rolling for enemies.
With this in mind, would you say that it'd be easier if initiative was something decided through GM fiat?
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>that feel when even if Grey Knights get the Primaris treatment they'll still be no mach for your glorious golden banana men
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