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What are you guy's thoughts on the Gatewatch?

Personally I don't like them and I think they're a step in the wrong direction for Magic the Gathering to be taking.
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Character Art: Elf Edition

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Character Art, elf edition. All types of elves allowed and encouraged.
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Evil gone good

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What do you think when something with the Always Whatever Evil alignment or Evil Subtype goes Neutral or Good?

Love it? Hate it? Don't care one way or another?

I know Fall-From-Grace is the big one people bring up and some times Eludecia but are there others?
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>'Our way is not that of the wall! Sigismund's oath is paramount. We are crusaders, not wall troops.'
>'This is different, my lord.'
>'It is not! We have the Iron Warriors at bay, we cannot allow them to dig themselves in, or we shall never pry them from their hiding place. We have to strike now. When they are finished, we shall embark upon this new crusade.'
>'Magneric, your feelings are blinding you.' pleaded Ralstan. 'Vengeance is noble when enacted for the good of the Emperor. You seek vengeance for your own sake. You should rest. Frater Astrotechnicus Baldon told me that are you are six months overdue a maintenance sleep.'
>'So you speak for the scullions of Mars now!' boomed Magneric.
>'You do our Brother-Techmarine dishonour to speak of him so.

God I fucking LOVE dreadnought chapters in BL novels

I hope he's ok and still plodding around in the 41st millenium

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>enter new town
>none of the peasants seem to understand us
>DM has distributed languages geographically rather than racially and has made not everyone on earth speak common
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Best/Worst Player Names you've encountered

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decided to list the names ive encounted GMing in the past few years, mostly Adnd and 4e

>Aryan the White Knight (kid was like 16)
>Count Knight Sir Robert (guys name was robert)
>Lord Fraghtin, Son of Jorn Fraghtin, Once-Hand of the Northen King Olav (literally printed a custom sheet for to fit it and insisted the full title be named when referring to him, i told him to fuck himself about it)
>Lord British (fucking original)
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"I uh...I get off the cart."

Have you played with anyone who've made terrible decisions?
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Lets make a Science Fiction Setting

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In the far distant future, humanity is scattered across the entirety of the milky way. While several large states compete for control over significant portions of the Milky Way (Most Notably the Orion Confederation vs the Galactic Periphery League), humanity is not centralized.

Though many parts of the galaxy have been explored, few sentient alien species have been discovered, and of those discovered, fewer can easily communicate with humans. With humans scattered across a variety of planetary environments, and with cultures evolving and changing based on stellar location, the most alien thing many humans encounter are their fellow humans.

Technology varies wildly among human territories. Some have regressed to medieval levels, while others have advanced to levels once only written about in science fiction. Most sufficiently advanced societies use a similar method of FTL, known simply as a jump drive. These engines allow access to the natural FTL slipstreams between stars. This leads to routes being formed, like the old highways on Earth.
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Let's Make A !Not! Europe Fantasy Setting

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A !Not! Roman hobgoblin empire rules a third of the known world. It is an advanced slave-run meritocracy, ruled by a hobgoblin militaristic oligarchy. Hobgoblins have more status and are generally on a class above other races, though accomplished non-hobgoblins are able to earn respect and honorary status through military achievement.


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ITT: True Neutral characters done right
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