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So i've been listining to the hand of darkness audiodrama and was wondering do the eldar know Isha is alive now?
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>attacker makes attack rolls against AC, touch AC, flat-footed AC, or flat-footed touch AC
>defender makes saving throws with Fortitude, Reflex, or Will

>attacker makes attack rolls against AC, Fortitude, Reflex, or Will

>attacker makes attack rolls against AC
>defender makes saving throws with Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma

Which is the best defense system?

I like 5e's because it doesn't introduce any new and unnecessary stats, it makes dump statting dangerous, you need to spread out your stats to have good defenses in everything, you'll always have a weakness that someone else has to cover, and it always feels better to make a roll to save yourself from a spell than to get hit with a spell you can't do anything about.
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Your party/character finds a neat puzzle box!

What do you do with it?
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>martials can't do cool stuff
>my gm won't let my martial do cool stuff
>my gm hasn't seen anything cool inside his basement so he thinks it can't happen.
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How to make a map look thematic

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So i'm making a map for a sci-fi setting and wanted to know any good ways you know of to make the map look "real" in a sense, like it fits into the world. All the symbols and names are temp by the way so if you got a better name for them then let me know.

Let's make a setting /tg/

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Digits decides the genre of the setting, and once that's decided, we'll jump straight into carving out a world and fluffing the edges.

> Conanesque Sword and Sorcery
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Mutants and Masterminds

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I have a really big battle coming up after several that have already happened: a PL 16 with Reaction Damage linked to Create barriers, an Free Action Heal Restorative, and STR 20 with a dozen portal-jumping limbs. The creature is attempting to revive another PL 16 creature in the meanwhile (if it succeeds it's not an instant gameover but it will require the group to retreat as fast as possible against a PL X villain).

Does this sound too cheap for 5 PL 10s and one PL 14 NPC? Keep in mind that this party has bested PL 16 enemies before (because I go way too overboard with optimization for PCs, I need to stop making characters for players...).

Recasts 40k

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What are TG's opions on Chinese recasting of 40k stuff?

I recently found sisters of battle at $1 USD per standard bolter babe and special weapons/command at $4-5 per fig, so I'm tempted.
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When it comes to conventional human armies vs magical armies, what is the most interesting way to handle it?

>Our weapons are useless against them, our swords shatter and they rise up from death. All we can do is delay and retreat to the last man. We need the chosen one to stop the evil wizard at the source
>They bleed. We can kill them. But there's just so many of them! We need a mcguffin or we're doomed
>This is war! A war we can win. It will be bloody, it won't be on our favor, but our numbers will tell the day as long as nothing bad happens
>Just make sure to have a wizard in your division or some magical weapons.
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Who would win?

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>Got drunk, watched toy story.

It's Andy's birthday and once again he's getting toys. But these aren't the kind that Woody and friends are used to; these are 2000 points worth of Tyranid miniatures who seek only to kill.

You choose whatever Tyranid units you'd like to fight in the battle but the, only restriction is that they cannot be above 2000 points of units/upgrades. Scenarios take place in Andy's room, with Tyranids having just arrived inside their respective boxes.

Meanwhile a 3 million strong colony of army ants on the move has shown up outside on the yard and is intent on making the house into it's home base.

>None of the humans are present for the battle.
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