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Maps of RL medieval buildings

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Yo /tg/, I just stumbled upon this and thought I should share.

French gov webside with tons (3779 to be precise) of archived floorplans.

Also online ressources general, I guess.
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Rifts ripoff

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I've heard that a writer at palladium books has struck out on his own and made a rifts look alike. Does anyone know the name of it? Have a sexy cyberpunk DJ as thanks

Titan Halls

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Give me your best concepts for an overworld that is completely encompassed by giant-made architecture, functioning as a palace or city for divine titans with utilities not designed for human scale users.
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3.5e thread - that which is dead may never die

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There's never much discussion about 3.5e here but I know it's still played, do we just know everything already?
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>Dark Vengeance
>subltle mutaions that indicate the status of the model without being overbearing

>Dark Imperium

what went wrong?
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Is this real?
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The PCs world is on the verge of death. How would the PCs stop the apocalypse?

40k Gang creation thread

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Using the creation tables from the Hua Yuan's 1d4chan page, we will make a gang

First roll
>Gang Society (1d100) Category
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>create a complex character with mixed morals and well-written motivations
>the group members see me staring at the sea all the time, seagull noises make my arrogant attitude change to that of a stumbling teenager
>not a sign of caring about teammembers, engage strong enemies to duel them 1 v 1, take the loot from them and threat to kill other party members if they challenge me, leaving my party with scraps from group mobs
>not a single character tried to talk my pc to understand him, his motivation or asked any detail of his biography
The boss fight, the beastman
>run over and kill minion archers with a rapier
>my tank is suffering under beastman chief mauling him
>he throws him on the ground and wrestles him
>stab the beastman in the back
>see the ranger being wounded, tell the priest to come up to her
>hit her in the head, she loses consciousness
>Finish the ranger and tank who are both half-dead, grab all loot, wake priestess up and chain her, make her carry part of the loot, sell the loot and sell priestess into slavery
>everyone in the party butthurt cus I didnt act as a teamplayer
>no one bothered to understand why my character acted like that
Who was in the wrong?
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Whether in post apoc or medieval fantasy, does it make sense for there to be a near endless supply of psycopathic, sadistic, torture raiders?

What's a good explanation to fill the world with rampaging lunatics and rapists.
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