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Why did superheroes never take off in quite the same way as fantasy and sci-fi? There are basically two real superhero companies, then like three or four minor ones, then nothing. It's not like fantasy or sci-fi where anyone can start writing and get stuff made. The entire genre rests on the assumption that you're either DC or Marvel.
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how do you simulate large scale battles and sieges in 5E?

>inb4 don't play DND

fuck off i need to know
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>what political systems do your countries use ?
>why ?
>has it worked in their favor ?
>did they ever change it ?

>which political system is the best for drama and intrigue ?
>which is the best for inspiring groups of PCs ?
>which is the best in general ?
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>Write a serious story with hard themes over the course of about 4 hours (including multiple dynamic npcs, and magical loot with interesting effects and consequences).
>Players crack jokes the entire time and don't take it seriously.
>Think about just ending the campaign and writing it all off, delete all of my work and preparations.
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>/int/ is making fun us again

Age of Sigmar General /aosg/

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What are some interesting or noteworthy RPG books?

What are some good examples of layout, content, or presentation?

I'd like to discuss RPG books themselves, rather than the games they contain.
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How do you give your players clues when they succeed at investigation without just telling them "you see a clue"
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Is anyone looking forward to Steamforged's new game? It sounds like it could replace Warmahordes and AoS as it is, especially considering how good the mechanics for Guild Ball are. I am just hoping that the minis are as nice as the renders make them out to be.

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What's the closest thing to a Watchmen type game/setting? By that, I mean comic style heroes that have very little or no powers and are as powerful as someone like Batman at the most. Stuff like stopping your average armed robbery could end in getting shot to death.