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DM has decided to run an Evil Campaign that supposedly will last a long time. I give it a month tops, but in the event that I'm wrong what are some good long term goals for Evil PCs? Aside from generic Conquer World/Become Omnipotent
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MTG Modern General

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SCG Baltimore Open, GP Coppenhagen, and GP Kobe edition.

>Metagame thoughts?



Weekly Modern Metagame:
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Urban Unease - Surreal Subway Stories

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>Your PCs are all regular, ordinary folk riding the subway late one night, trying to get home.

>One by one, each character fell asleep, missing not only their stop, but every stop.

>By the time they wake up, they discover that they and their train have been left abandoned.

>They know they have to fin their way upward, and they know they have to stick together.

>What they don't know is just how far down they really are, or what is down there with them.

What do your PCs find beneath the city streets, in the secret places deep underground?
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Age of Sigmar General /aosg

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Nurgle battletome never edition


>General's Handbook pdf!DxRGmTZL!x_L0eobCjr4qrF7enhVlZ2DffTtRa3hdDrc5RctcAbE

>army builder

Previous thread: >>53382987
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Why would you build castles, siege weapons and use close formations when mages exists?
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How long will we have to wait for GW to phase these ridiculous midgets out?
Seriously, let's just resculpt all the heroes and finish off those things.
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Are we cyberpunk yet?
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Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/

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I am going to do a fantasy campaign with NO HUMANS for a change, since i did mostly only humans before.

What are some ideas for humanoid races to use? I'd want to go with 3 or 4 main families, each having a number of variations.
pls no Human +1 elf bullshittery.
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CYOA General

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Ya'll niggas can't even into new threads.
Last thread is pining for the fjords: >>53426647
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