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/CofD/ & /wodg/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General

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Warhammer 40000 General /40kg/

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blandonia 2nd thread

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yesterday we rolled up a forge world called blandonia II here's the important stuff

>it's a regular forge world that makes guard weapons in bulk with augmented guard style skitari
> as forge worlds go it's very run of the mill
> pretty much text book
> completely unremarkable
> in fact it's almost to unremarkable
> at least one inquisitor is super suspicious of how normal it is and is convinced that the forge world is hiding something big
> it's not
> it's really not
> this supposition attracted curios chaos space marines which in turn attracted more inquisitorial suspicion
> now their are multiple party's convinced BLANDIUS II is hiding something under its irregularly regular guise
> it's not

yesterday we rolled up the forge world now lets roll up the other partys
the nine is because we rolled a irregularly large amount of nines last thread
but that was probably just a coincidence
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Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2069: No Mistakes Edition

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The group hears rumours of a dungeon in the wilderness. Louis asks around and finds that the area is owned by Baron Greenfield, who is an ally of Baron Summerland, but whose seat of power is far from the dungeon. The players safely loot the dungeon and return to town with 100gp each. They spend the loot on meat, horses, and donations. Baron Summerland hears that his vassals have far too much money during peacetime. He shows up with a bunch of knights and interrogates them. While Louis and Albrecht are spared torture, Honorius is beaten nearly to death (below the waist, because he's a wizard), and Gwendolyn is hung from the nearest tree. The Baron finds out about the dungeon and the looting. Fearing war with Baron Greenfield, he revokes Louis' grant and title, and sends him with an armed escort to Baron Greenfield's seat of power to be tried and executed as a commoner. Honorius is kept as a battlefield mage and never trusted again. Albrecht is dispatched to the Bishop of Six Falls who severely chastises the poor priest and threatens to defrock him.
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Would you do it, /tg/?
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The Best Worst cards.

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The best of the worst cards across all card games. I'll start with this classic.
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d&d morality Memes

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I Know its a dead meme but still I like it
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Game Finder

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Gamefinder Discord:

>System Preferred
>Times Set (with timezone!)
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
>Voice or text
>Contact Info/Discord Room Link
>Additional Notes
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