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how would you play a tribe of orc amazons?
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MTG Unstable Spoilers

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Unplaneswalker edition
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Hey /tg/

What's the best system for playing a god/goddess?
What would you like to have in such a system that isn't already there?
What sort of god have you always wanted to play/play against?
What are the coolest pantheons you've seen in game?
Do you prefer monotheistic or polytheistic settings? [or heck, a combination like in LOTR]
Thanks guys! God bless and have a great day!
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RPG Podcasts

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Give me one good reason this is not the best Actual Play RPG podcast

Also general RPG podcasts thread
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Genesys General

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It's high time we have another Genesys thread.
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Post cute critters and monsters. Stuff that'd fit in a kid's adventure series or in one of the cutesier MMOs.
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Unstable spoilers

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Where were you when Wizards exceeded all expectations?
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Character art thread

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Looking for undead (particularly skeletons) being bro's
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Shit players do

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>Prepare to run a historical or modern day campaign
>One of the players makes a character with a fantasy-esque name

>Inform one of the players, that the next session will be centered around his character
>Prepare session material that dives into issues from PC's past
>On the day of the session player is nowhere to be seen, call him and ask why is he late
>"I was sleeping"
>"Okay, when will you arrive?"
>"I think I'll skip this session"
>For some reason he is nowhere to be seen again

>GM a new system for the party, that experienced nothing but D&D before
>System is somewhat narrative-driven, but rather traditional
>Near the end of the first session one of the players wants to inspect contents of the bag they've found
>"I check this bag for traps!"

>Party is in the situation, where they're trying to negotiate with potentially hostile group of people
>It all happens in a narrow hall, both sides are about 6 meters from each other
>One of the players declares "I try to sneak behind them!"

>Player with a dog companion discovers a chest
>Player wants to examine the chest
>"As you draw near the chest and is about to open it, your pet companion strikes aggressive pose and growls at the chest"
>"No, he's not!"
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Why it hasn't made a comeback?
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