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Hello gentlemen, my name is Constable Benton Fraser of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I first came to chicago on the trail of the killers of my father, and for reasons that do not need explaining at this junction, I have remained; attached as a liaison with the Canadian Consulate.

Now, if you would please, stat me.

Thank you kindly.
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>you automatically pass checks for stuff like inspiring recruits if you make a cool inspirational speech IRL

that is fine, we can all agree
but what about more applications?
>pick a real padlock IRL to automatically pass lockpicking check
>beat DM up to automatically win combat
>fuck DM's girlfriend in a closet to automatically pass seduction check
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>I shoot the lock
>Are you sure you don't want the one with the security skill to open it instead
>nah it's fine
>you broke the lock, you're unable to access the otherside
>wtf dm?
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How would he fare in warhammer fantasy?
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Women in TTRPGS

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>join a game of dnd on meetup site
>session is created 2 days before the date we're playing
>manage to snag the last spot
>start constructing my character and back story
>decide to be a wizard and decide its a good idea to create my own verbal and somatic components for the spells.
>3 hours before we're going to play a girl messages the DM if she can join
>instead of play with 5 PC's he decides to kick the person who lasted joined off

I was actually getting really excited to try the character out, I'm so pissed. not that it makes a difference but there was already a girl in the group, the DM is just a thirsty ass nigga.

so fuck it lets talk about how the presence of women fucks up RPGS
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Which polytheistic pantheon would win in a fight?
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DMs, what are some things that trigger you when you actually play games, because of all the bias you have on how things should be run in your games?

>the first 5 sessions are just trash babby tier enemies who have like 10 HP and can barely even be a threat to the party
>there are no time skips/passes between adventures/quests. entire party just happens to start from lowly level 1 adventurers to level 10 heroes in the span of like a month in-game
>remember that backstory we all wrote for our characters that we hopefully thought would be relevant to the game? yeah the DM doesn't remember either
>the player starts disrespecting the guards and insulting them, and the guards have no backbone whatsoever and take it
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Duel Masters

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Where can I buy Duel Masters booster packs for as cheap as possible? English or Japanese.

Also, Duel Masters thread.
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Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
Previous Thread: >>59345070
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