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You're now a primarch

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It is the Emperor in all of his golden glorious might standing before you! He deems you one of his sons(or daughter bleh). A Primarch! He has granted you a legion of space marines made of your own genes implanted within them. Go now and spread his light throughout the galaxy! (or betray him you cunt)
>What is your legions colors/heraldry?
>Are there any general designs or unique appearance diffrences/themes in your legion?
>What is the name of your home system and what is it like?
>Are there any spectacular qualities about you (Of course there are you're a child of the Emperor!)
>What is the main tactic/battle plan/strategy of your legion?
>do you have a preferred weapon/vehicle/armor/etc.? if yes what?
>What are your relations with the other primarchs?
>Does your gene-seed have a deficiency or quirk? if yes what?
>What is you and your legions relationship to the Emperor like?
>how do you treat the citizens of the imperium and how do they see you?
>The council of Nikaea is occurring what is your answer?
>Horus has turned traitor what is your thoughts on this and reaction?
>Horus has offered you a spot on his side of Chaos what did he offer you if any and did you accept?
>The Space Wolves have descended upon your home planet as a rumor of you turning traitor or you actually becoming traitor has spread! what is your reaction and how does it play out?
>THE EMPEROR HAS DEFEATED HORUS! But is not without loss he has fallen and is placed on the golden throne. Where are you during all of this? and what is your reaction?
>The Codex Astartes has been jotted down by your brother Roboute declaring that the legions must be divided to prevent to much power being in one mans hands. Your response?
Add additional details down below if you want
Have Fun
Write stories if you're up to it.
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Hey! Let me in! I'm a fairy!

You trust fairies, don't you?
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MTG New Cards

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Can anyone verify these images? I can't find anything about them online.
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MTG Magic The Gathering Ask A Judge - 「 F R I D A Y I ' M I N L O V E 」

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You all know the drill! Ask questions, receive answers.
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I dont know if it is a problem with dnd ,my players or me, but often players break character and start saying stuff from naruto or other anime, or their characters say stuff from real life and thing like that

I just mention dnd because if you dont play with a setting focus it is open to be kitchen sink fantasy

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Hello /tg/! It's the Round of 16 of the 2017 Spring Babby Cup!

>What the fuck is this?

A virtual divegrass tournament run in Pro Evolution Soccer and streamed for the enjoyment of anons everywhere.

>Why the fuck should I care?

Dank memes, top bants, bragging rights, and hype by the bucket load. For more info see

Having crashed into the knockouts and the Summer Elite Cup in the most dramatic fashion on the final day of their group, /tg/ take on /his/ in a Foetus rematch for a chance to advance to the Quarter Finals (and maybe more) tomorrow. Kick off at 18:20 UTC (2:20 pm, EDT).

And right after that, our dear friends /co/ play /wg/ immediately after with the winner facing the winner of our own game.

Right now though, /tv/ are in action against /t/.

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So, this has been going around. /a/ have been doing one, as has /v/ and /tv/. Should we do our own?
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Pathfinder General /pfg/

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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Big Bad Edition Guy:
What's your BBEG like? What makes him such a big deal?

Unified /pfg/ link repository:

Current Playtests:

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Reminder that, as a DM, if you remove any NPC's or change the course of your adventure plans because of PC bitching you're a cuck.
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