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Did GW miss an opportunity by not adapting Skaven to 40k?
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Genesys General

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It's high time we have another Genesys thread.
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MTG Unstable Spoilers

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Unplaneswalker edition
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What is the worst possible campaign you can think of?
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This fucking game is a bunch of that guys

>crawling in my skin, I need to fight the demons inside me

>edgelord psychopath

>the Red Prince
>I know we're playing from level one, but I'm totes the emperor of everything, famous everywhere!

>(not very) closet furry
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If you have created a homebrew setting, describe it in no more than fifty words.

If you have created more than one, you may describe as many as you like but you may devote no more than fifty words to each one.
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How do you like my new set /tg/?

General dice thread
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Kingdom Death: Monster (KDM/KD:M

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General for Kingdom Death: Monster

Now with over 20 pounds of death and tiddies!

Last thread wandered into the darkness, never to be seen again:. >>56435495
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>I will not fight not!

You had no choice.

>I'll stand beside you.

I stand alone.

>You're still their hero.

Then they are fools.

>This cannot be the only way!

Warhammer Fantasy General - /wfg/

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