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Hey do any of you guys know some good safe products to strip paint on models with?

We dont have simple green here in Denmark, so do any of you have any alternatives?

Thank you in advance.
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Jumpchain CYOA Thread #1759: GOJIRAAA! Edition

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/cyoag/ CYOA general

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Comfy edition
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Competitive Modern General

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Please unban Twin and Pod edition

Spicy Tech?

>Comprehensive Rules

>Current Modern Metagame

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/CofD/ & /wodg/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General

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ITT: Post Bad Settings that You Like

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It's a hilarious trainwreck of sci-fi cliches. I can't hate it.
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Character Art

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Anyone got any female trolls (not the WoW variety)?
Bonus points for cow tails.
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>Unconventional inn ideas
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They are indeed murderous.
But do they cuddle well?
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