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How many Old School Renaissance games have you played/read?

>Lamentations of the Flame Princess
>Dungeon Crawl Classics
>Red Box Hack

Which one did you like the most?

Fantasy Location Art

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Need an image of a mage plundering relics (books, preferably) from an old library. Also, generic art for locations in a D&D (or other fantasy tabletop) game.

Selling Magic Cards

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I am looking to sell off my Magic card collection to an online retailer. Who would be the best to sell bulk quantities of mostly common and uncommon cards? Rares of actual value are going to the FLGS instead. Pic semi-related

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Very weird issue I need help with, /tg/.

>Playing homebrew pathfinder setting
>Making necromancer wizard
>race has a gimmick revolving around exotic weapons
>free exotic weapon proficiency
>stipulation is both of their hands must be occupied for them to be comfortable, so they either use two handed weapons, double weapons, or have to dual wield
>get some free minor bonuses to each attack on top

I was kind of thinking of strapping a quickrazor to each hand like a shitty Ezio, that way I can have my hands open to cast spells freely, though is there some double weapon in some exotic splatbook that would be better for a guy who isn't going to be in close combat if he can help it?

LEGO Wargaming General 2: Nexo Balance Edition

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For discussion of all varieties of LEGO war games, including Warbrick: 40Studs, Bricktech, and BrickFleet Micro (both Pirate and Space versions) and real LEGO wargames like Mobile Frame Zero and BrikWars, if you want
>Previous thread:
What do you guys think of Codex: Nexo? Do you think combining elements of both Space and Castle into one codex is too powerful?
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PDF Share Thread # 60

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Tzeentch > Nurgle > Slaanesh > Khorne

Prove me wrong.

Protip:You literally cannot.
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What system has the most realistic combat? Did 5th finally get it right?
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I accidentally gave myself cancer. Post Konrad to cure my cancer.
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So, how the hell do you find a Hero System game? It's a long standing favorite of mine, but I haven't played since HeroCentral closed awhile ago.

I've tried looking, but there doesn't seem to be many around.