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/wbg/ Worldbuilding General

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/wbg/ "is this magic realm?" edition

Online map-making community:

On designing cultures:

Online map designer software:

Offline map designer software:

Mapmaking tutorials:

Random Magic Resources/Possible Inspiration:!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ


Sci-fi related links:

Fantasy world tools:

Historical diaries:

More worldbuilding resources:

List of books for historians:

Compilation of medieval bestiaries:

Middle ages worldbuilding tools:

Thread Question:
>If your setting has magic, is there distinctions between different types of magic? (i.e. divine magic, arcane, primal, or perhaps split among schools)
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Why is there never a standard thread?
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Why dont normie eldar produce more eldar in vats like edgy dark eldar?

Are there more dark eldar than normal eldar?

pic related will never be your waifu
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Heaven as Freedom

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Whilst I was not much a fan of Panty&Stocking, it did have a neat idea:

Heaven as freedom. Usually, Heaven is portrayed as a force of law, even when it's portrayed positively.
Here it did something interesting, by portraying hell as the one that wishes to force everybody to live by hells law, whilst heaven is very live and let live.

I'm more of a fan of this as fantasy cosmology because I find "Angels are just law and hell is just chaos and no good or evil is involved, or angels are secretly evil, and everybody sucks" kinda overplayed.

What does the rest of /tg/ think? Neat or crap?
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T'au Disscusion Thread Edition V

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R2D2 Edition

Thread question - which model is the most fun to paint for you?
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Can a siege be exciting?
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What do you think of half-dragons?
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What Lovecraftian god would your character worship?
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/btg/ BattleTech General

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Thunderbolts on a Thunderbolt, edition

The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/!

Old thread: >>54444189

BattleTech video-game Beta gameplay


>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Overview of the major factions?

>How do I find out which BattleMechs a faction has?

Unit Designing Softwares
>SSW Mech Designer
>MegaMek Lab

>/btg/ does a TRO: spam)

>How do I do this Against the Bot thing? (old)

2017-03-03 – (Against the Bot)
Current 3.21 rule set is included in the mekhq package

>Map of /btg/ players (WIP):

>Rookie guides

> - BattleTech Wiki

>Megamek - computer version of BattleTech. Play with AI or other players

>BattleTech IRC
#battletech on

>PDF Folders

/btg/'s own image board: - (2017-07-20 - Still getting worked on & now has 14085 pics!)

More goodies! (Rare manuals, hex packs, TROs, discord server, etc.) Last updated 2017-07-19!
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Does Slaanesh have a future?
Will Games Workshop really kill Slaanesh?
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