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Rodentfolk General: Revenge of the Rabbits Edition

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Worldbuilding, stories, art, characters; anything and everything relating to ratfolk, rabbitfolk, squirrelfolk, or any other small statured beastfolk welcome.

Time for a Rabbitfolk resurgence; what are some interesting ideas you can think of to base a rabbitfolk culture on?
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What's your opinion on Smash Up? Personally I think it's a lot of fun.

/40kg/ - Warhammer 40,000 General

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Delta Green

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>Agent Briefing / HQ Contact Point

>Communications Directory [Pre-"PROGRAM": Compromised?]

>Operations Log: Introductional/"Casual" Files
$n!p<dot>li /gr9EA
>Operations Log: HQ Archives - C:\Cthulhu Now\Delta Green\...
$n!p<dot>li /Cthulhu

>Content List of Local Green Box
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Kratos is pissed at your favorite pantheon in your setting and is now going to kill them. How do they fair?
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I had a lot of fun with pic related but now I need more. What should I buy next knowing I mainly play alone and with “non-player” friends ?

Age of Sigmar looks great but I feel like I need a lot of background to play it.
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What are the essential elements of a good ninja story?
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/sca/ Sexy Character Art

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Hot chocolate edition

Sexy girls, dudes, cheesecakes, beefcakes, just pretty faces, post whatever strikes your fancy.

Don't be too lewd, keep it blue. Avoiding obscure fetishes and lolicon stuff is appreciated.

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This is anon's room

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We got him these shelves to put his toys on.
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