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Is it a good setting? How does one even go about comperhending that absolutely terrible excuse of english translation?
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/dcg/ Dropzone/Dropfleet Commander General

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Why do nerds and people who don’t know anything about fighting think Kung Fu is cool?

Is it because of that manlet Bruce Lee? He was, and I cannot stress this enough, an entertainer not a fighter. He would have gotten his head bounced off the pavement in a real fight.

Monk should be retooled to use grappling, Thai kickboxing and western style boxing as part of his fighting style aka stuff that actually works IRL instead of Meme Fu.
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Which D&D class tends to have the best kind of players? Which class tends to have the worst kind of people that fall in to or close to That Guy territory?

Bards vs Warlocks in my experience.
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I’m gonna be running D&D for a first time player, longtime gf. I understand that it’s gonna be a lot different from running for a group. Has anyone here give any tips about:
>1) how differently the game flows
>2) how combat was handled
>3) any other tips that I could be aware of/be beneficial for to solo nature of the campaign

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>An interstellar civilization decides to invade present-day Earth for common minerals and water, or for geothermal energy, or for slave labor, or for a specific protein found in human bodies, or for the Earth itself as habitable square miles, despite all those things being obsolete or unfathomably abundant given the advanced alien technology they are shown to use.
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I'm having my party heading to a village in the desert with leopards with leprosy. I'm out of creative juice. Any ideas?

pic unrelated
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>the elves completely ban metal in their lands
>anyone caught bringing metal into their lands is killed
>they use hard and lustrous resin from magical trees in place of metal
>they use fiat currency
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How would you combine Cyberpunk and Steampunk?
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>The Communality are the Good Guys!
This is Eclipse Phase all over again. Fuck these people, they're literally a consuming plague upon the galaxy.