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This is it boyos!
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Generate a world/story based on the 6 pics I provided

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I'm looking for something along the lines of a desert wasteland full of sci-fi junk, but anything is acceptable...

Here's the first pic
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New Warhammer TRPG will take place in the setting of Age of Sigmar.

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Craeting a card game

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Has anyone here ever tried designing there own card game? I love playing things like yugioh and mtg, and want to make my own game to share with people. But so far most of my ideas for mechanics are pretty similar to these games. Just named slightly differant. But maybe thats not such a bad thing? Force of will is similar to both of these games and its doing pretty well. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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Warhammer Fantasy (Battles) General - /wfg/

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Kingdom Death Monster

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>Email updates at work
>New shit in stock
>Samurai is back in stock
>500 units
>Drive home
>Take a shower
>Check store
>Sold out

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Board Game General /bgg/

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>Last thread


which are the three games that hit your table the most?
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Blood Magpies

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>Be sculpture at forgeworld
>Get the job to make some mini's of characters from DOWIII
>Huge Blood Raven's fan
>Pour's heart and souls into what is probably the "best" character in DOW
>Chaptermaster Gabriel Angelos
>After weeks of work, you're finally done.
>He's beautiful, probably the best model you've ever scultped
>And it better be too, you're the schmuk responsible for the Malcador Infernus
>You thought it was dope
>Corprate didn't
>But now its your time to shine, with this mew mini your status shall be restored
>Turn around to take a congratulatory sip of water.
>Hear something outside, sounds like a tank.
>Huh thats odd.
>Brush it off, probably nothing.
>All that matters now is Gabriel, and the fact that you need to shit, bad.
>While you run off to the loo, the tank gets louder and louder. Suddenly it stops and you can hear the heavy clanking of metal boots.
>You think nothing of it, more concerned with the matter at hand.
>You quickly clean up once you're done, and you head back to your office.
>You go to open the door, but when you look down the handel is a lump of crushed metal.
>"Ah shit how'd thid happen-" you start, gingerly opening the door when your jaw drops.
>Garbiel Angelos is not on your desk.
>Instead some big dude is stuffing him in a bag, held by another dude in red, alongside the prototype plastic thunderbird model and some
other notable loot.
>It takes you a second to realize, they're real space marines, in the flesh.
>The one holding the bag looks up, its a blood raven sgt.
>The other one turns to face you.
>Its motherfucking Gabriel Angelos
>You stare at each other in silence, before he manages to stammer out.
>"Thank you for the marvelous gift," followed by a quite pause. "It looks just like me." He brings the model to his face and gives an awkward smile.
>Its actually pretty spot on.
>But you don't give a shit, you're fucking livid.
>You dive for the mini.
>Jumps out of the way, and koolaid man's his way through your office wall
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/osrg/ Old School Renaissance General

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Welcome to Old School Renaissance General!

> Alice Cleric LVL 6 HP 15
> CHA 12 CON 10 DEX 9
> INT 12 STR 9 WIS 14
> Cure Light Wounds / Purify Food & Drink
> Turn Undead / Delay Poison / Enthrall
> Heroism / Cure Disease / Remove Curse

> Melissa M-U LVL 11 HP 25
> CHA 17 CON 10 DEX 14
> INT 15 STR 6 WIS 12
> Charm Person / Light / Feather Fall
> Summon / Magic Missile / Change Self
> Knock / Web x 2 / Army of One
> Suggestion x 2 / Extension
> Polymorph Self x 2 / Wall of Iron x 2
> Disintegrate

> Flame Princess Specialist LVL 5 HP 23
> CHA 9 CON 14 DEX 14
> INT 10 STR 11 WIS 14
> Search 4 in 6 / Sneak Attack x 4
> Stealth 4 in 6 / Tinker 4 in 6

> Links
Trove (etc.):
OSR Discord:
In-browser tools:

> Old Thread

> Thread Question
By the book, house rules, or homebrew?
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Your Top 5 tg-related movies, please.

>Big Trouble in Little China
>Blade Runner
>Forbidden Planet
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