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So, Emperor of Mankind. He is a complete and utter unfeeling asshole in the current canon, but I think this grossly oversimplifies his character and makes him kinda boring. It is one thing when his personality remains ambiguous, his plans mysterious and his acts great and it is completely different thing when he is portrayed as totally unsympathetic douche who seemingly cares about nothing and no one. I get that he is the ultimate being and all, but can we have just a little bit of conflict in him? I mean he used to be so full of compassion, he couldn`t even kill Horus the moment he saw him, but I bet now they will re-write that iconic scene into something horrific and unrecognizable. Hell, I don`t even like the Big E that much, I just want him to be more of a complex character, I think the fucking Emperor of all people deserves it.

So tell me about the Emperor of Mankind, /tg/. Do you like the current canon? What would you change? What is your Emperor like?