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John Carpenter's The Tabletop Game

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I'm hoping to run a horror one-shot based off The Thing for my group of players.
>be on space ship hurtling through void
>find something of possible alien design
>bring it on board
>shape shifter escapes
You know the drill. I'm thinking of using Unisystem for it (All Flesh Must Be Eaten) as that's the best system I know for ease of use, lots of options, and lethality.
Though I'm sorta stuck on how to keep the paranoia of players possibly being impersonated by the shape shifter when they meet (NPCs are easy). I'm thinking of when two or more PC's are in a general area I hand each of them a slip of paper with either "you are yourself" or "you are the Thing *insert goal*" written on it. If they get the latter when meeting with someone then they can try to lure them into letting their guard down, finding out about other survivors, etc. Completion of the goal or the possibility of being found out and I will take over and transform the character into the Thing. Of course this has its flaws. So straight to the point - what are /tg/'s suggestions for handling this? Ideas, better systems, ways to keep paranoia, etc