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Smug dms

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Every game I join it seems like the DM is convinced from the first second that the players are all retards and must go out of there way to punish them for even relatively normal behavior.

>Player: I'm a barbarian, so I eat my meat rare!
>DM: Heh, make a fort save, idiot. 19? You instantly throw up all over yourself.

Or in more extreme cases the DM will actively goad the players into doing something stupid, and then pounce on them.

>DM has npcs offer a mission involving spying on their political opponents. We accept.
>Suddenly everyone in the city wants nothing to do with us and the moment we even casually mention either party they all get super defensive, saying they don't trust us, despite the fact that we are apparently local heroes.
>After the session, the DM mocks us for trying to get involved in the internal politics of a city that we're not even from.

I'm sure this isn't normal. Why the hell do I keep running into these people?