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5e DnD Session Story

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I've been lurking /tg/ for a while and never had much to contribute, but now I've gotten myself into a mess that is worth telling. It's ongoing and hasn't gone to complete shit yet, but it's an ever evolving roller coaster.

To preface this, the town I live in is small as hell, and everything gaming revolves around a store that opened about two years ago and is run by the most repulsive elitist type people imaginable. I respect people who get into their games deeply and invest a lot of time and resources, to each their own, but those store owners are a new level of it, and are pretentious to boot. I digress.

The kids from my high school who game were the first generation of people to take up the store's offers, and started having designated days for DnD, MTG, etc. The majority of them also hate my guts for childish reasons, but that's a different story. Suffice to say, the majority of people like me who play games wish I would fucking off myself. Tl;dr version, I have nowhere to play any type of game I enjoy, because what little community we have has ousted me and spread false rumors about me to ensure I don't get involved in their circle jerk.

Don't worry, though, this isn't a pity party, you just need context to appreciate what happens to me.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago at the start of my next semester of college. Until then, I had resigned myself to playing online versions of the games I enjoy, at least until I can move away from this town and find a bigger place with a more open community I can join. It is at this time, just as I'm settling into routine, that I get a strange and unprecedented message from That Guy #1. He claims he has joined a local DnD group independent of the shop that usually hosts sessions, and wants to add me.

Bear with me, you're getting to the real events, and the actual game sessions as well. I'll keep writing up until the end of the first session, unless more is wanted. Pic is related, you'll see why.