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How do you justify the use of scientific or otherwise culturally-focused names in fantasy settings. The minotaur for example is linked to the king Minos, which of course wouldn't exist in a fantasy world probably.

For example I use prehistoric animals a lot, but there wasn't a Greece or Rome in my fantasy world so I need to explain why they are named the way they are. So I have decided that the creatures are named after the explorer who discovered them. Pic related was first encountered by the late Pericon Dunkleosteus, a diver/pioneer of some renown. The Tyrannosaurus was introduced to the civilized world by the emperor Joznan Tyrannosaur (saur being a common last name suffix in many nations), who was the first mortal to use one as a mount (which is why the full name of the beast is Tyrannosaurus Rex, as it is the steed of kings).