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/tlh/ The Loud House Thread
Discuss worst sister here, and why she needs a helmet,
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Warcraft Thread, Lets get back to some basics here.

Post your Li Li's
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Is there a reason why Telemonster threads just stopped appearing?

Was the show canceled / ended ?
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>tfw no qt hylotian gf
also starbound thread?
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/bcb/ - Bittersweet Candy Bowl thread
because some stupid nigger on /co/ made the thread hit bump limit far earlier than it should've and we all need our daily dose of drama cats
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Holy shit new board
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OC Drawthread

Thanksgiving edition!

-Your own OC's/designs
-Keep canon or franchise characters to the main drawthread
-One request per character
-Put /r/ in front of requests
-Bump the thread when it gets low, but refrain from specifically bumping your own requests. Artists have scroll buttons too, and will browse the thread and draw what takes their fancy.
-Related, a suggestion: If your character isn't getting drawn, maybe put them in the cooler for a thread or two (feel free to post a different character for a new thread, if you have multiple)

Optional topics:
>Compliment others OC's, or say what you are thankful for !
>To artists who draw their own OCs: Draw your OC doing something related to this holiday
>If your OC was at a thanksgiving feast, would they eat most ?
>To non Americans: If your OC is any holiday theme show

Previous thread:
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diaper fur thread
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