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/wfg/ - Write Faggotry Thread #182


Previous thread:

>Request, write, or share stories and provide feedback/critique when appropriate. Tag stories so readers know what they're getting into.
>Instead of asking for interest about a fetish, just post your damn writing/request and see what happens. You might get lucky.
>Complaining about fetishes is dumb and stupid in /trash/. Use that negative energy for requesting, reading and writing instead.
>Nobody can force you to tag stories you share or make. However, people are MUCH likelier to skip a work if there are no tags present.

/d/'s Master List: contains old stories, writing guides, and more

Fics Wiki: Stories

Request Dump: Find/Post requests here too

NOTICE: Pastebin has recently made all NSFW stories private or deleted, yet reversed some of the choices over the past few days. Because of the sudden removal, pastebin is no longer safe for publishing smut stories (or certain stories in general).

Discuss your genre of preference in smut. Rom com? Drama? Mystery? Etc.