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/ftt/ - Fapping Together Thread

Post lewds and talk about fappin n' schlickin

womb tattoo edition

Old thread: >>12167749
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/ERP/ Thread
Early morning sleepy hours. You can never have enough glasses edition.

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Mouse Monday 67: Like Fine Wine Edition

All characters welcome, but OCs especially so (tell us all about them!)

All genders and orientations are fine. Rats also welcome.

Optional suggestion for this thread: Mice and rats that fit the MILF or DILF stereotype. Since actual parenthood can be hard to convey visually, simply resembling said stereotype is good enough for the thread.

Theme suggestions welcome.

Bumps to keep us above page seven are appreciated, but feel free to post at any time.

Cumulative mouse thread media folder:


Feel free to post comics, stories and image sequences. Please tell me if you don't want something you own added to the folder.

We also have a centralised MEGA folder for OCs and relevant media. This is for the sake of easy referencing, keeping everyone on the same page, and just general interest:


If you want your OC(s) in the folder, please show me any media you want to include (pics, stories, comics, etc). A short bio is also good, but not mandatory. Will attempt to keep folders up to date, but might be a little delayed.

Drawing Tips and References:


Mouse Media list: http://pastebin.com/bKa4Rypy

Standing requests: http://pastebin.com/p0J65ciK

Since there are a few artists present, feel free to make the occasional /r/equest in this thread:
>-OCs or established characters, your choice
>-The /r/ is important for easy ctrl-f-ing
>-Please don't keep bringing attention to it - the artists will do as they please
>-Unfulfilled requests go to the "Standing Requests" file at the end of each thread
>-Aim for descriptive, yet clear and concise. Try for something a little bit more than "do whatever" - I suggest at least a subject, kink, etc.
>-Provide refs, for the character and for your idea if it's something complex

Previous thread is here: http://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/12058093/
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Official Pony Thread

I hope everyone is having a good night tonight.
Stop by and chat if you want, it'll be fun. Probably.
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/ZTG/ - Zootopia General: The Special Ingredient Is LOVE edition

Pastebin: pastebin.com/iYDU8g2T
Thread journal: https://pastebin.com/GiLL5kAS
ZTG Creator List: derpy.me/ztgcclist

Archives: www.ztarchive.com / desuarchive.org / archive.b-stats.org
Previous thread: https://archive.b-stats.org/trash/thread/12173255
Previous thread: http://www.ztarchive.com/trash/thread/12173255

Current TT Theme: Halloween (Submissions due Oct. 26)
More information on TT: derpy.me/trashthematicthursdays

TT Archive: t3event.tumblr.com
TT Pastebin: pastebin.com/gudYsYHL
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/sad/ - Satyr After Dark #101: Disguise Day Edition

Previous Thread: >>12073291
Satyr Abomination Thread: >>>/mlp/31199402

>What is the 'Satyr After Dark' thread about?
A satyr is what happens when a human and a pony (or any other sort of creature) decide to get freaky and end up having a child. This thread is dedicated to the art and written works about the steamier and lewder affairs of these lusty abominations. Yes, even hand holding. Especially that.

>What are the rules?
There are no thread specific rules, do what you want.

>What is the continuity (world/characters/attributes)?
Whatever you want it to be. Everything is a variable, there are no absolutes. Characters, names, genders, personalities, relationships, backgrounds, writing style, genre. If you want to know the common headcanons of certain characters, read some stories or ask the thread.

Searchable Archive:
Story by Parent:
Author List:
Satyrs by Parent:
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>amin in every fucking episode
cant wait until that faggot gets aids
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#Hunger Games
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Share inspiring quotes with your fellow /trash/men.
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