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/Gfur/ - Suns out Guns out edition

Vanilla (no bara, no girlyboys) Gfur and gay chat thread.

Let this be a thread where we post our favorite gay furry porn in peace without alternative niche side-fetishes involved. Post male solo or gay anthros while keeping fetish to a minimum. Talk about things like being gay in general, your ideal relationship or partner, and all sorts of other gay shit.

Romantic pictures of cute loving gay couples cuddling together are greatly appreciated as always.


here are both discord servers to make it fair to the other posters in
the thread and the owners of each discord

The orginal

The new one

Join either one and pick one that you feel most comfortable with

regardless of the servers enjoy the thread as it should be, with cute gay animals
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/sfur/ thread

The thread that's all about those sensuous anthro females.

>No weird porn (go to /d/ and other /trash/ threads)
>no male on male or male solo
>No ponies (there's /mlp/ and other /trash/ threads.)
>No feral females

Previous thread: >>8051288
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Splatoon Thread. Post some woomies.
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Post some sexy kitty cats right meow
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I'm bored, and have never played a visual novel. I think I'd like to try one. Any good ones that are free? Furry, non-furry, doesn't matter. I'd just like to do something.
Pic unrelated, don't have any pics relating to visual novels

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Hello /trash/, have you come to worship me today?
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ITT: Pokemon are real.

What's your favorite Normal type?

The character bin is being rehauled and all characters removed. Only characters played during April and onward will be added, and any canons not played during that time will be available for claiming again.


Previous thread: >>8368143
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/bara/ thread continued

Post bara. Discuss bara. Dump bara comics, whatever.
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Objectophile Thread!

Last one died. Who was your first object crush?
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