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Vatnik is an underage B&. Make sure to report all threads he makes. Don't let the mods tell you otherwise, we all know vatnik is underage. If you get banne then remember: MODS=FAGS. Don't stop or let up. Keep thot reports up!
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music for this feel?
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Pic below is your new body /trash/
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Can any kind anons give me a rundown on why this OC is so popular? I mean, Chaos Croc is the equivalent of Robotnik hypnotizing/roboticizing fictional girls & sometimes guys followed by Fulton extracting them to Mother Base via 'superior technology'. Does his artist have some degenerate roboticization fetish? Because I hear in some comic this gecko roboticized EVERYONE in Equestria or some autistic bullshit...

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Pony Thread.
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Humanized MLP/EQG Thread
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Write Faggotry Thread #96.2

Previous threads:
Writethread #96: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/19943834/
Writethread #96.1: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/19982872

>Request stories
>Write stories
>Provide feedback/critique
>Smut not obligatory but appreciated
>All writers welcome

>/d/'s Master List: contains old stories, writing guides, and more

>Fics Wiki: Stories

>Request Dump: Find/Post requests here too

A03 links seem to be working again and you can post them without being banned.

/trash/ has been very fast lately. Let's try to keep this from falling off the end of the board.
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/fesg/ Fire Emblem Slutposting General

Discuss, RP, or fuck your favorite Fire Emblem girls!

Lewd FE Flash Game Archive

nursing handjob edition

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/WW/ Weekly Warhammer Thread 18
Writefag Appreciation Edition


Gay shit:
Alternative Payments

The Dreaded Thirteenth[tf]

A Rat's Ass [cross dressing]

Untitled Gay Skaven [reluctant, and mind-breaking]

A Captive Barber [reluctant, oral]

After Game [reluctant, oral, anal]

The Ritual [comic]

An Unexpected Guest [cozy, anal, oral]

Iktrikk's Experiment [bdsm, musk, anal]

General Filth

The Plague Novice [corruption, disease, reluctant oral]

Lost Traveller [journal, tf]

A game of Catcher and Skaven [hatefuck, anal]

Beastmen Tales
Straight shit:
Mounting Morathi

A Deal With A Demon

Gertrudes Pain 1&2

post skavens, elves, lizardmen, and other things warhammer.

Question of the thread, what's a story you want to request from the writefags lurking in this thread? Lewd or not.
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