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Animal Crossing Thread!
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Welcome to Pets of Furries general (or /PoFg/ #36)
Lurk at your own risk

[relevant links]
/trash/ archive if you missed a thread or two:
Previous Thread:

Pastebins and greens
>To Tame a Human
>The Pacific Pearl
>Comfy Short
>Lizzie Origins
>The Smooth Among Us
>Various one shots
>Damaged Goods (Hiatus)
>Stoner Raccoon/Human
>Not Sure What to Name It
>The New Normal (Mit Deutscher Übersetzung)
>Mean Dog
>/skn/ (PoFt/one shot)
>My Very First Human
>Allergy Anon
>There, but for the Grace of God
>Various one shots
>/PoFg/ Human Puppy Anon
>Scalie PoFG or something
> Medieval Anon - Chapters 1-5
>Anon has Powers
>The Mysterious Runaway
>Clever Boy (PoFG)
>Road to Home
>Lizard Owner
If you would like your works to appear here, simply post your relevant Pastebin links and they'll be added (probably)

OP template:
OP template:
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/YEEN/#10- Double Gnoll Dick Edition: anything and everything hyena

[/Yeen/ (Hyena) Fanfic Index]:
[If there are stories or tags that need to be added or changed just link it to the OP in the thread]
-Anon Does A Hyena Porno
-/yeen/ sold to hyena brothel
-Casus Belli (Chapter list)
-Hyenas and Co-Workers
-Schoolyard Crush
-Schoolyard Crush - Halloween Special [m/f]
-Prison Romance
-Snow, Spots, and Snuggles
-Courting Theo
-Alina 'n Anon (CH1-7)
-Anywhere But Here (CH1) (CH 2) (CH 3) (CH 4) (CH 5) (CH 6) (CH 7) (CH 8) (CH 9) (CH 10) (CH 11) (CH 12) (CH 13) (CH 14)
-Sisterly Love
-Kamila The Shy Yeen (IN PROGRESS)
-School Yard Tussle
RAW Paste Data
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FNAf porn thread. Post drawings, SFM, greentexts, and whatever kind of smut you come across.
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New HGW thread
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Marecock thread: Under the desk edition

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>Your Firefox is critically out of date.
>An update is required to stay secure
Oh, fuck off. I ain't touching that upgrade button until you fix your fucking shit
>Automatically Installs update anyway
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Pony Vore Thread

Guess where you're going edition
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Bad Dragon Thread - Sale Edition
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why aren't you creating a Porn Game /v/?
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