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/gas/ general, carburated Teri edition
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/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #59

>Pizza Edition<


By Unitedhistory
>Pity party at the forest

By Alfa_Barf
>Hair of the Dog part 3 (M-Human/F-Wolfess; Intimacy, Finale)
>New Anon in Town (F-Canine/M-Human; 1st Person POV, New Guy)
>Lovely Wings (M-Human/F-Bird; Care and Recovery)

By Fritewag1
>Itsy Bitsy Spider

By LithoCoff
>(This pastebin contains links to others stories/chapters of this author)
>Stipendia septemtrionis

By Strong_Anon
>One Knight of Mercy
>The Price of compassion
>Humanity is dead

By Mister_Smisser

By Mousguy
>Atom Bomb Baby
>Chickenman's wild ride
>Short story bin

By Zombie_Lenin
>Death Metal Panda

By Calmcreek

By Lynx_Deimos
>/Hmofa/ (Female-POV Story) - Dark Kitty

By Sunny_Side_Up
>Your Neighbourhood Spaceman

>>Folder of olds and new pastebins, to make room a new stories in the OP list. (I will try to stay updated with this)<<

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What does he do nowadays now that he's beaten cancer?
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Is he a victim of his circumstances?

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Ear cleaning thread.
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Can we get a best girl ever thread? I think we can. Or general SP thread, w/e...
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Do you have any mental disorders?

I'm very paranoid about everything although that could be from years of being stabbed in the back by folks
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Welcome to /Hellaverse/ Thread.
Why? Well it's about the one-year anniversary of Betty and hellaverse lore.
Figured we make some content, tell some stories, have some fun.
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Lewd Touhou Thread - A thread for lewd pics, lewd text, lewd links and lewd anything else Touhou. Gameplay, music, and other discussion is also more than welcome, but keep in mind this thread will be mostly lewd.

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