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Male Fatfur Thread: Old Macsot Edition

/trash/ Expansion Booru:
Writefag Pastebin:

FatChat Discord:
Hefty Hideaway Discord:
Don't be afraid to jump in at any time, we don't bite!

>Try to keep a good balance of related fetishes and sub-fetishes.
>No 3D please, there's other places better suited for that.
>Avoid reposting images from the past few threads. Keep it fresh!
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prequel updated / prequel thread
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This is the Off-Topic thread of >>>/vg/tf2g where tf2gs (girls who frequent tf2g) discuss various topics (mostly dicks)
>Last Thread

>Latest Patch

>Official Sites

>Tips and Guides
Class Guides:

>Unofficial Sites
Preview Loadout:
Preview Skins:
HUDs: |
Scripting: |
Trading: | | | |

Game Traffic:
Personal Game Data:
Steam Status: |

>Competitive Resources
TF2 Competitive: |
UGC (Global):
OZFortress (AUS):
AsiaFortress (AS):
Chapelaria (SA):
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Feral thread
>The hunter becomes the hunted edition

Previous: >>16216854
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The homosapien that wrote or spoke about this current line of words forming a paragraph you a fellow homosapien have read does not appreciate the homosapien in which the homosapien writing is currently conversing with, which indicates every other homosapien on this image board meant for posting upon.

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/hfur/ general
Post and discuss your favorite furry dickgirls, herms, shemales and futas.

Contribute to the thread with pics, stories and banter.

Pastebins of stories from previous threads:
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hug not fug #51
pigtails are cute edition
the official tumblr
all forms of cuteness welcome
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Aggretsuko Thread - Fitsuko edition

Previous threads:

Netflix Series:!DKB2VRTJ!YOm6RYvbdC8y4Bw3femmzw!nTpl0Bza

Original Mini Series:!HSJn3S6L!4sN8yL1seOgcR1SdO1d0gA

Sanrio character vote's over, but you can still learn about their other mascots like sentient fish filets:

See the running results of the vote, not necessarily final:

Remember to ignore fairies, trolls and other magical creatures.
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Cuphead Thread! Now that e3 confirmed that cuphead has a new dlc. Post Ms. Chalice! Or anything cuphead related.
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/tfg/ Transformation Thread
Radiated Edition
Last Thread:
Old /tfg/ story pastebin:
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