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CYOA Refuge Thread - A thread for posting any and all CYOAs unpostable in /tg/'s /cyoag/ (and occasionally ones that aren't).

Previous thread:

/cyoag/'s CYOA archives and related resources:

And remember: If the CYOA calls for rolling (or you just feel like leaving something up to fate), use (or physical dice, or something else that isn't your postnumber).
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What's the point of a Vento Aureo adaptation? We all know what's going to happen. I'm more excited about Dragon Ball Super because it's new and ongoing.
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Hello. I'm a hobbyist furry artist and new here, wanted to know if anyone would like to suggest what I should draw next for September~~
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Furry femdom
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IRL fat females thread.

No skinny bitches allowed.
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/ZTG/ - Zootopia General: Sweet Dreams Edition

Thread journal Backup:
ZTG Creator List:

Archives: / /
Previous thread:
Previous thread:
Previous thread:

Thematic Thursdays:

TT Poll closes in two days!

TT poll link:

TT Archive:

Additional notes: Since is inexplicibly down, all shortened URLs through the site have been replaced with their respective direct links.
Any suggestions for an alternative service (That doesn't trigger 4chan's spam filters) would be greatly appreciated!
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Teratophilia Thread:
How monstrous do you like your monsters?
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/tlhg/ - The Loud House General
Treasure Edition



>Thread Archive:






>Paramount making The Loud House Movie due 2020

>New Books & DVD Announced


Upcoming Episodes:

Future Tense
>When Mom and Dad meet a new accomplished family, they worry that their kids aren't doing enough activities to ensure a successful future.

>The Loud sisters need help from the "master of persuasion", AKA Lincoln. He will teach them how they can ask Mom and Dad for money.

Friend or Faux
>Lisa gets her kindergarten report card back to discover she’s gotten an F– in social skills. To bring up her grade, she must make a friend.

No Laughing Matter
>When Luan realizes how her siblings complain about her jokes, she gives up her passion. But the others feel bad about it, so they have to show Luan that she is funny.
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Roast me /trash/
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/nitwg/ - Night in the Woods General

Rear-Naked Choke Edition

Trust only these MEGAs

>Fanart compilation (updated June 4, 2017):!lBkGnLbK!bRW-RXT6iEKuObZY8kcEpXf5uNIZG6nzxd2aiH1WJDU

>Write Bin

>Art Booru

>Game Script
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