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Warcraft thread, shitposting Li Li edition.
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Why is it that all the characters in Solatorobo are so fuckable /trash/?
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/tap/ Toonami After Party

Post Ryuko's asshole and other girls ad traps and shota I guess.
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/monster/ Monster general thread.

OP is a faggot and forgot to copy/paste the usual header edition.

Here, we discuss our favorite monsters. The creatures too beastly for the furry threads. Post new
moonsters, or circlejerk about old ones. Feel free to try your hand at writing stories/drawing.



(I'm not entirely sure if DistanceAnon has a pastebin.)

Well, that's it for my shitty introduction. Let's get this thread rolling.
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Bat thread?
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'nough said

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Pokephilia thread

Who's your Pokewaifu/Pokewaifu(male)?
What's your desired Pokeharem?
TotT: What Pokemon do you feel are underrated?

All artists and writers welcome, come chat about Pokebutts
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Can we get an anime diaper thread?