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HG Thread
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/Cuphead Thread/
Let's try to keep this one alive for a whole day at least Edition
Don't be a pussy, post some porn.
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/npb/ - Mascot General: "I've fallen and I can't get up!®" edition

Time for another round of posting sweaty Japanese men in cartoon baseball mascot suits. Mascots from any other Japanese sports teams or yuruchara are fine to post as well. Stay comfy, and remember to have fun!

>Waifu rune guide:
バファローベル Buffalo Bell
ポリーポラリス Polly Polaris
クラッチーナ Clutchina
ハニーホーク Hawk Honey
リーンちゃん Rine-chan
DB.キララ DB. Kirara
ライナ Lina
ベルちゃん bell-chan
ポリーちゃん polly-chan
チーナちゃん China-chan
船場リリィ Semba Lily
マダム・ロビーナ Madame Lobina

>Links for mascot media
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Endtown thread - Best Dressed Raccoon Edition

Mostly complete comic archive: https://mega.nz/#!rlUGDTxC!Ks4RgV9ITtOw8eJ8RfgV-YSQk8eyBYUqwZ-SAJFYTzg

Previous thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/13456880/
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What are there future sex lives like?
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/npg/ - Neopets General
More uncommon lewds edition.

Previous thread >>13377325

>New to the /npg/ or Neopets in general?
If you have ANY questions, ask and someone should respond. Things are getting active again.
>I remember this! What's changed in my absence?
>Basic guides for newbies:
>Ghoul Catchers
>Play for up to 50K a day.
>daily visits guide
>Food Club Bet page links
http://foodclub.daqtools.info/ (dead?)
>Any new pets?
>Puzzle Adventure Codes
>How did I get RS banned so fast?
Neopian shops now automatically and randomly clear themselves. To check if you're actually banned or not, go check on the Neoboards or go into other shops.
>Why are you guys playing this?
Mainly nostalgia. And to make some in-game dosh.
>Why am I so poor?
Feel free to ask for advice! For newcomers, the battledome is a steady source of income and is a good way to get started.
>Battledome rewards are here, with both per-arena and per-opponent lists: http://battlepedia.jellyneo.net/?go=battle_prizes
Adopt for a stat-boosting cupcake, then dump back in the pound. You can only get one cake a day.
>Thinking about joining? Be nice, and let someone refer you to sign up so they can get prizes!
Add your username to the end of that url to make a link that has you as the referrer!
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Collage age mice girls who go on adventures part two - posting the rest of the images I got boogaloo!
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hug not fug #35
cute foxes edition
the official tumblr
all forms of cuteness welcome
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how can humans even compete?
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