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Remember the craptaculer film, Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit? It has a sequel that's way better then the first called Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit The Material of Fire. It has a English dub. It's decent, but not great. But the visuals and animation are pretty good. Including the characters.
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Paw thread.

Any gender/species welcome.
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OC drawthread! Nobody else was starting it edition.
Have you hugged your mother today?
-Your own OC's/designs
-Keep canon or franchise characters to the main drawthread
-One request per character, maximum of 3 characters per person. And if you post 2-3, space them out.
-Do not reply to trolls, or drama. Just ignore it and hide the post. No need to make a ruckus!
-Put /r/ in front of requests
-Don't be afraid to ask for critique, or ask another about their OC!
-Bump the thread when it gets low, but refrain from specifically bumping your own requests. Artists have scroll buttons too, and will browse the thread and draw what takes their fancy.
-Related, a suggestion: If your character isn't getting drawn, maybe put them in the cooler for a thread or two (feel free to post a different character for a new thread, if you have multiple)

Optional topics:
>Share a hobo OC
>To those that don't fit the category: What is your favorite part of making an OC?
>To artists who draw their own OCs: Draw your OC in a homeless situation.

Previos thread here:
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RWBYgt Trash General #181 Back from the Dead edition

Previous thread: >>8219261


CYOA Archive:
(Either abandoned or in a long hiatus)

Biggirlquest pictures:
EvaQuest: (hopeful of its return)

Current Ocho-CYOAs: (Now deleted)

JasperQuest: res/32254.html
WendellQuest: res/26362.html [Concluded]
MiMiQuest: red/24431.html
AeroQuest: res/22210.html

Rules of RWBYgt threads:
>1. Be comfy
>2. Be active!
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Webm/Gif thread
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HG / hunger games threads

Baron a shit editon
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Mouse Monday 36: Cheesecake Edition

All characters welcome, but OCs especially so (tell us all about them!).

All genders and orientations are fine. Rats also welcome.

Optional suggestion for this thread: Cheesecake and nude pinups. Mousey and ratty girls (and guys, if you like) in provocative and evocative poses, scantily clad or nude. Bonus points for really classy stuff.

The occasional bump is appreciated (I generally try to keep it in the page 1-6 range myself).

Cumulative mouse thread media folder:!xpckXCLY!6iam1VIqCk0bq85oz8LeNw

Feel free to post comics, stories and image sequences. Please tell me if you don't want something you own added to the folder.

We also have a centralised MEGA folder for OCs and relevant media. This is for the sake of easy referencing, keeping everyone on the same page, and just general interest:!J51XWAyR!E0lkpJxcp_XO7xgo34kSUQ

If you want your OC(s) in the folder, please show me any media you want to include (pics, stories, comics, etc). A short bio is also good, but not mandatory. Won't put anything in there without permission. Will update upon request.

Drawing Tips and References:!twcBCRza!xE0zgmNsvMojh3oITl5CWw

Mouse Stories list:

Standing requests:

Since there are a few artists present, feel free to make the occasional /r/equest in this thread:
>-OCs or established characters, your choice
>-The /r/ is important for easy ctrl-f-ing
>-Please don't keep bringing attention to it - the artists will do as they please
>-Unfulfilled requests go to the "Standing Requests" file at the end of each thread
>-Aim for descriptive, yet clear and concise. Try for something a little bit more than "do whatever" - I suggest at least a subject, kink, etc.
>-Provide refs, for the character and for your idea if it's something complex

Previous thread is here:
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Are there any more images like this? Possession/Corruption thread